The Weakness Of Strength

I wrote this some time ago, So I apologise if It is poorly written!

In the current world, we place a great deal of value on strengh, or being more powerful than someone else. But over the years I have noticed something rather strange.

You know those people who have had thing taken from them? Perhaps their sight, or a limb? But rather than it destroying them, It defines them. It’s quite facinating. like what happens when one is blinded, for example. Your senses become more attuned to compensate for the loss. Or perhaps the blind seer, or the wounded healer?
These are very old archetypes that most should be familiar with. Ask yourself, would you ever have learned empthaty if you didn’t know pain? I think not. The other thing is that humans are lazy. the more power they have, the less they give it their all. so when someone says: “look how well they are doing in spite of their weakness/disadvantage, you all should be ashamed of yourselves!”
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that said. But it is because of it, not in spite of it. let me tell you about video games and how I think are a great way of understanding reality. After all, If this Material Matrix Is an illusion, what better way to understand it than to enter another?
So many people play these games and are desperate to make sure they are as strong as possible (min-maxing, Dedicated “builds)”. But strength makes you complacent, lazy. It will be your undoing. The sin of Pride, I suppose. That is another timeless tale, of the pride and the fall. So many Motifs and memories. Memes and all these thing. The Collective unconcious is littered with such tales.
But I digress. Let me tell you of a game I used to play. It was a free to play game called warframe. And Well, in it your had these Cybernetic suits called Warframes (big Suprise, I know!). But there was one in particuar called Rhino. A strong, Tanky Character that had an ability to put up a shield to absorb incredible amounts of damage. But the strange thing was, That it had no time limit, no downsides to it. It was entitrely benificial.Brizingr5-_Rhino8
Well, on paper, that is. You see, when I used it, I became Slow and sluggish. Unwilling to exert any more energy than I needed to. And Because of this, It did have a price. The price of no price, which is a price in and of itself.
Like when something is free. Everyone is suspect of it’s quality and no longer value it as much. So let me quote myself and whoever said it before me: “Everything has a price, including none at all.” Although Other players did not seem to be as affected, because I am a gentle soul, and every time I try annd kill in a game I feel resistance and always apologise. So I don’t play them anymore.

So maybe remember to hold back a little, in whatever you do. It might help you in the long run. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you all in your endeavors.


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