Do we really “know” anything? (Warning, Heavy!)

Before I start, If you think the idea that the “Illuminati” existing is silly or absurd, you probably should give this a miss. So without further ado, let’s begin.

That might sound silly to add, but it really isn’t. so, let me give you some historical context. the current religion of our time, is science. don’t believe me? they have laws, for crying out loud!. and they will immediately dismiss something if it contradicts said laws. sounding kinda restrictive, isn’t it?

So yeah. People today have Substituted God for this “Science says” mindset. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss. I’m sure my more boring counterparts can do that.

We have much more important things to discuss. (so Arrogant!) up. :D. Rather The Differentiating mindset that this materialistic, Atheistic, nihilistic world-view has created.

So as a teenager, I had a “brief” (you know, relatively!) moment of being an atheist. say, 4 or 5 years, tops. before that I was a Christian. Because my family was, you know how it is. Anyway, here’s the important bit:

I found this place sorely lacking in substance. I was like: that’s it? Surely that can’t be everything!

“Just be born onto some giant rock hurtling around some giant fusion reactor at tremendous speeds, which in turn was created by some great cosmic coincidence. and the only reason you exist is to reproduce, and eventually die.” So what’s the point? it really is a valid question. if indeed, any of that is true.

Let me tell you how I got to where I am. Perhaps It will help you to understand what I am trying to say. Rewind to about primary school. I would read encyclopaedias from cover to cover. do you know what was always at the start? the “evolution of man” you know, “homo-erectus” and all that mumbo jumbo.

So eventually I got sick of that. and went to the school library one time. I found 2 books: one on ghosts, and the other on aliens. I was immediately curious. but there was this voice that reminded me: they said it wasn’t true.

And another. That casually reminded me that that really didn’t mean anything. And the only thing I had was their word. and thus I began to question things. I shelved it all for a while, until I started watching videos about one of the space games I used to play. Naturally, Some of the related videos were about aliens and UFOs. At the time, I was still curious if it was all real. and scared. Terrified of being visited/abducted.

After all, who wouldn’t? But were they aliens? (I’l just let that one sit for a while.) I have only recently realised just how influenced by society my perceptions were. I’l just leave this quote from an Oculist: “Today they call them Angels and Demons, Tomorrow they will call them something else. – Aleister Crowley”

Sure, you might roll your eyes. How Primitive! Almost Like when people thought the earth was flat! Hah! right? Yeah. no. I’m afraid you’ve been duped. Don’t believe me. or them, for that matter. Especially them. By them, I mean anyone other than you. As has been said by many, look inside for the truth. or simply trust your senses.

I’m not going to try and explain why, It would take too long. But what I can say, is that the heliocentric model of the world is almost laughably implausible to me now. it literally makes no sense, and is riddled with holes. And considering the alternatives are things like glass skies and flying turtles carrying elephants holding a disk, that’s saying alot. Anyway, if you want to read more on alternate earth theories:

But yeah. Back to talking about my little journey down the rabbit hole. so unsurprisingly, aliens and conspiracies are somewhat related. and so I started watching videos about the so called “Illuminati” (enlightened ones). and demons, 911 controlled demolition You know, the usual conspiracy stuff. Oh, I almost forgot! Our Shape-shifting Reptilian Overlords! . But I already talked about those. Have this hilarious image instead:sleestaks


So. The Alien Scene is pretty crowded. you have: The “Orion empire”, The “Sirians”, the “Greys”, the “blonds”, The Draconian Reptilians. Gosh, there is so much stuff lying around on the internet. talk of ancient astronauts seeding a primordial world. This world. And Cosmic conflicts. (it’s too much!)

But you know what? none of it matters anymore. Because once you are no longer certain of where exactly “here” is, for all you know, your ancestors were right, and those Draconians are Demons, The Blonds are elves, and so on and so forth. It really is rather facinating.

I don’t expect most of you to understand. Actually, some of you are probably going: wha? I’m so confused right now. Which is completely understandable. I’ve had years to be able to make jokes about and  just not take it all very seriously.

So why does it matter what shape the earth is? you’ve heard people these days. “what’s the point?” “Y.O.L.O!” this big ball of rock takes us from being divine and important to a place of nihilistic indifference and being cosmic coincidence. And that changes the way people act. Some people decide if it all means nothing, why bother?

And I can’t say that I can fault them for it. Anyway, I should wrap this up for the moment. (sleep is good). So. I will continue this in another post. Otherwise I will never post anything! and that would be boring.



4 thoughts on “Do we really “know” anything? (Warning, Heavy!)

    1. Lyrical style? I didn’t realise I had one. But perhaps you are right. But as for this post, ignore that horrible flat earth nonsense and focus on the hollow earth. In the past I foolishly tried to reconcile every piece of information I acquired.


  1. O.K. I will remember that. You do have a lyrical style. It is beautiful and I derive a near physical pleasure from reading it. You have already taught me something about myself. Both unpleasantly startling and refreshing at the same time. Perhaps I am beginning to understand why I am so drawn to your style. Regards.


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