Is Science rapidly becoming just another religion?

(Please note that I have no religious Affiliations before reading!) Morning Everyone, How’s it going? enjoying your ride on this big ball or rock? . Do want to hear a funny story? About the Time Copernicus Was alive. The things people said about the heliocentric model are positively hilarious! But hey, it you want an atmosphere literally glued to the world, who am I to argue? Maybe I’m crazy for trusting my own senses rather than your so vaunted Scientists.

Which seem to have replaced priests in our society. technocratic Authoritarianism, is the term for it, I think. Also, If you don’t even know what theology is, I’m not sure why you get the idea you know what you’re talking about. But it doesn’t stop droves of people ignorantly bashing all religions based on solely Christianity, and their very loose grasp of it.

The Best part is that according to current Scientific paradigm, Humans Have no souls, and everything that makes us us is contained solely in our Noggins. And there is apparently no evidence for god or souls, despite the fact that just about every religious person I’ve met has told me some really wacky story about supernatural events, more commonly known as a miracle. Want some Examples? People Levitating Things, Possessed People Speaking in ancient Languages like Hebrew or something like that. I personally Had a rather interesting encounter with Something.

I Still have no idea what actually happened. It was late at night, and I woke up at exactly midnight. I was worried about aliens (you know, being abducted!) being around. So I went into the lounge, saw a strangely hard shadow at night, and Ran back into my room. I felt like I was being followed, so I closed the door. Here is where it gets really strange.

The Edges of the wood started to Actually Distort and bulge. along with the strangest feeling. oh, and I should mention, I was in a kinda Christian (hey, I was raised that way. it rubs off on you!) phase at the time, so I demanded it/they leave in the name of Jesus and all that. And it stopped. But Then there was the strangest warm/heat sensation on my upper chest. and A Huge Rush of adrenaline. My heart went Crazy! and then after a few minutes. Nothing. Well, Apart from me shaking, that is. Because The things I know to be true now are not beliefs. I know that The Christian “God” exists. But he’s only a “Planetary Logo”, and is kinda a terrible parent. You know what I mean.

And I also know that this world is made up of energy, and everything here is a thought form, or a vibration. Your Voice is also a vibration. This is how Spells work. or rather, Magick. yes, I spelled it right. every word you utter is a spell. that’s why it’s called Spell-ing. Or En-Chant-ing. Curs-ive (Curse-ive) You have sentences, you know, like in a jail or something. Language itself is a form of magic. Stuck in the Weak-Daze, waiting for the Weak-End. There are spells cast upon you all though En-glish. (En-Glyph). And You know the Gregorian calendar? with all of its weeks (Weak-s) Months (Mon-moon) And that’s why Monday is the first day: Mon-Day. Mono, one.

Anyway, What Is a thing? Stuff? Or many other Synonyms for the same thing? A thing is a noun! Things only exist in language. Tell me, why is it that a rock is considered part of the earth but you or a tree isn’t? But the rock is a part of it, you cry! And Again, why isn’t the tree? have a think about that. That’s what people actually mean when they say everything is one. (well, one of the things…) The separation between all these things exists only in our own minds.

Take your own body, for example. It’s considered a singular, whole thing. right? But it also has like, a Dozens of different pieces, which in turn are made of hundreds, and so on until you get to the billions and trillions. And Earth is no different. We are a part of it, in the same way that Your Blood Cells are part of you. Wait, Am I getting off topic? Who cares? this is my blog, I can do what I like with it! and that’s kinda my thing. Being not so Serious about it. More detached. It’s Refreshing, if you ask me. I always enjoy writing. But yeah.

Let’s Discuss the “placebo Effect” And not bother to reference anything, Because I’m sick of that mindset. Like, the scientific method is really horrible. it basically postulates that one must guard against pesky emotions and if we let ourselves get remotely exited we therefore must be wrong. Of course, the scientific method goes out the window whenever they research anything that could be considered remotely metaphysical or magical. Also, Do you realise how stupid it is to want tangible evidence for the intangible? that’s really dumb! So Having Been an atheist once,

I understand the mindset rather well. But what I find Most intriguing about the Materialistic Beliefs that people like that hold, is they worship logic and reason. And Actively try to suppress their emotions as much as possible. Because in their eyes, they are only electro-chemical states in the brain. Which Actually makes literally no sense. That mindset Creates Gems Like this: Believing there are no beliefs, Thinking there are no thoughts, and so on. Or Consciously stating that you are not conscious. I’l see If I can find the link.

Eh, Oh well. It was a really good article, anyway. Yeah. You are not your Brain. Okay? Also, your heart also has A Capacity for thought. Now we’re getting into some real science! Yay! not that stale stuff where they lament their lack of progress because they refuse to budge. PDF here: Sadly, I suppose many of you are not interested. But for those of you who are, let’s continue. There is a significant number of non-religous people, who are Furious with literally anyone and anything remotely religous. Naturally, they only rant about Christianity, and how the man in the clouds is so stupid.

Not that anyone said he was. That likely was an idea taken from Zeus. and artist’s impressions. And not just that. Many atheists will demand that they be “debated”. Perhaps they want to believe? Of course they do. You long for it. It seems to be the way we are wired. Stop for a moment. ask yourself. am I divine? a voice will answer you. Yes! well, it did for me. perhaps you will too. The real question is, will you listen?

And As I said earlier, they engage in Hypocrisy. While they claim they don’t “Believe” because it makes no sense and all of that, and how the religous people are so brainwashed (ohh, the irony) the reality seems more like this: Something happened to them in the past that made them Bitter. “why would god make such a cruel world?” “He didn’t answer my prayer” Why is he so cruel? Well, it might seem that way, but That’s only from your Limited understanding of Reality. Ask yourself. would you ever learn empathy if you didn’t know pain? no, you wouldn’t! And if you that notion and apply to other things, then perhaps you begin to understand. I explained in a previous post. which may contain Crazy. just a bit.

And this Fundamental understanding has been lost on people. Sayings like:you can have too much of a good thing are now lost. People have forgotten. In the West, we are in danger of being spiritually dead. after the purge of the inquisition (you know, the witch-hunts?). Only now are we getting some from the east. And oh boy, do we need it! So yeah. There are some who make sure to insist that the placebo is not magic. although, it actually is exactly what magic is. the power of words and thoughts. your power.

So when someone says it’s not magic, it’s just the placebo effect, I laugh, Because that is precisely what magic is. But That fact is lost on them.

And the Human body is much more resilient than most people give it credit for. it can fix itself, when not being poisoned 24/7. which it usually is. Now, I’m not trying to convert anyone. Rather, simply offer you a different perspective. Because I’ve seen so many arguments between Evolutionists and creationists, Atheists and Theists, And all the rest of it. Naturally, it doesn’t even occur to those in either party that perhaps not everyone fits neatly into them. and just may be watching with popcorn. Cause it’s either that or cry. It’s a sad sight too see. Instead of trying to understand the mysteries of Reality, you argue over petty things, never realising you are trapped in a false dichotomy.

Whatever gave any of you the idea that science and religion were incompatible? Fusion instead of Fission, Let there be a synthesis. caduceusLeft and right, inexorably entwined, Forever opposed, they Dance till the end of time. They seek to climb, gain on one another, failing to see. one without the other, they cannot be. I hope that wasn’t terrible. I like poetry. I’l continue this later.


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