Is Gender Really Just a man-made Concept?

What An Interesting Question. I’m not exactly referring to it in a strictly sexual sense, as in male and female, but rather masculine (Positive) and feminine energy (Negative). So, Let’s Begin.

I have noticed in recent years that some people get the idea that perhaps it is merely a man-made notion. as well as the notion that the world is indeed actually polarised (which it is). But The Thing is, that If one looks a bit closer at things, the notion of gender, or Polarity permeates everything in this reality:

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on planes.”–The Kybalion.
But I’m not interested in flowery phrases to convince you. I want to point out why ideas like yin and yang are not just antiquated notions. Like in eastern medicine, many illnesses are “believed” to be caused by an imbalance between these forces.
Silly, right? Not really. Everything in your body just about works that way. your heart has a rhythm. Pumping the blood. and So many problems people have these days are related to Ph imbalances in their stomachs or wherever. and guess what?
Ph is Acidic or Basic, right? And In Chemistry (Or particle theory) If something is acidic It has Lots of Ions running round it? And those Ions are “negative” or rather, Feminine. Think About it. What Happens in chemical reactions between elements? They often have “Electrons” entering another atom to create something new. Sound Familiar?
Like, the Sperm Entering the Egg? I know. How gross. Not. And that’s another thing. In recent Years people have begun to Sexualize everything. now a woman with a banana is considered phallic (like, seriously, why?). the banana is masculine, sure. But that has absolutely nothing to do with sex.
Gender and sex are not the same. Sex is a manifestation of gender, not the other way around. This world is Split in 2. that’s a fact. From memory, Some of the Taoist writings talk about it in great detail. although, chances are, you’ve never even looked at it. or maybe never even heard of Taoism. But they were the lovely bunch that brought us The Ying-Yang Symbol, If you didn’t know.meaning-of-Yin-Yang-symbol
That one even explains some of it. How Nice (enjoying my condensing attitude?). Sorry. Anyway, I Find it important To Point this out, because There is this terribly infuriating “Progressive” mindset going on at the moment (yes, I’m getting onto a tangent!) Which Seems to Stem From the Idea of constant Progress. And Linear time. All that stuff about Cavemen and dinosaurs. Which probably is a rather convenient way of sweeping monsters under the rug, isn’t it? yeah. I have to wonder, How easily could one make a dragon (among many, many other things.) with so called “Dinosaur” Bones?
I Imagine it wouldn’t be very hard. And how does anyone actually know how the skeletons go anyway? most of it is guesswork. Or deliberate deception.  And Let me tell you, Most of these dinosaurs Look Very “Wrong“. But let’s end that line of discussion for now. Have a think about it.
Okay. Progressive mindset. I guess it is a product of the Darwanistic Mindset. Growing Economies, Advancing Technology, And All of that. Increasing Profit. Ah, But where does it all lead? When does it end? And That isn’t the way life works. This Linear mindset, if you haven’t noticed, is wreaking havoc in the biosphere. and people’s sanity.
It’s a sick perversion of life. Always seeking, never finding, Always Wandering, Never arriving, Always Wanting, never having. I could go on and on. But My point is that life, and Nature doesn’t work that way. it works in cycles. Beautiful memorising cycles. like the double helix. or day and night. The months. The year. The Great dance of the Spheres (planets). if you believe that sort of thing.
I see so many people lament that all is in decay. “Everyone dies”. “The Roses wither” The Earth is in a constant state of decay. Well, that is true. That which is beautiful only exists for a moment,  a blink of an eye. and then it’s gone.
But Just As the Roses Wither, So Will it bloom again. That fair maiden may grow old and frail. but her children will be fair too. And So the wheel turns. or Dharma. Not that I can quite recall what it means. Oh well. I’m sure google will serve you well in that regard.
Cycle of life
Anyway, Have you watched the lion king? There is one song Call the Circle of life. It’s Actually pretty good. You know, talking about how the deer eat the grass, they (the lions) eat the deer, and then eventually die. which feeds the grass, which feeds the deer, and so the wheel turns (again).
None of that linear nonsense people are obsessed with these days. Gosh, I sound old now, don’t I. Sorry. I probably am. Not physically, mind you. not even close to 30. (the horror!) anyway. Now you can disregard everything I say! isn’t it fun?
What’s with that anyway? Oh well. I think I’ve said most of what I wanted to say. and longer posts tend not to be read. So Bye. Thanks For Reading.

3 thoughts on “Is Gender Really Just a man-made Concept?

  1. I really like the way you segue. Do you write more? Can I find it online. I do realize I’m late to the party but I enjoyed this entry quite a bit.


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