Atlantis:Just a Legend, or something more?

Well, As you are probably aware, time is considered a linear thing in our culture. The Universe supposedly began with a “Big Bang”, although recent research suggests otherwise. and I’m not supposing that the world is only  a few thousand years old.  I won’t bore you with the details. But Let’s Talk about more substantial things. in mainstream (like, not esoteric) history, people see a linear increase in understanding and technological sophistication, with obviously the exception of the dark ages in Europe. the rest of the world didn’t have that period. But go back further, into the realm of “legend and myth”.

Just about all of us have heard of the tale of Atlantis. and the flood. or demiurge. and all the rest of it. but these Legends are not isolated to any region of the world or culture. they are universal. sure, the names change, but the story seems to be mostly the same. And in our linear understanding of history such a civilisation would have no place.

Great Weapons that made the earth tremble. Fire raining from the sky. Continents Swallowed by the sea. Flying machines. (called vimanas in Sanskrit writings). And for some reason, people have decided that all of this was created to explain things that people didn’t understand.

Or is just fiction. But I don’t really agree with that. And then people often point me to all of the Fantasy of today, saying how imaginative it is. But in all honesty, It really is just a rehashing of old myths and legends. (so much even has the same names as the old “Fiction”! None of it is really original. You know, the Greeks said there was only 4 types of stories that can be told. (or something like that). I’m inclined to agree.

Ever Heard of homer’s Odyssey? Well, Its Considered  the first work of “fiction”. That is because, obviously it has Gods, Giants, Sea monsters, a Cyclops, and so on. But The way in which the tale is written, there is no real blur between the real and fake. It’s fascinating. So I have often wondered if it indeed was fictional at all.

Naturally, this seems an absurd notion. But only from a limited understanding of a greater period of human history. The Evidence For A Civilisation Described in many Mythologies That spanned the world. A Great Empire. Call it what you will. We Will be calling it “Super Civilisation A”

And According to many Esoteric And Occult Sources. (and channelled entities) This civilisation was approximately 100 years more advanced than us (and couldn’t be called strictly human, for that matter). now, you might think, only 100? bah. But as you know, technology advances at an ever-increasing rate. So when people assume things like Human Animals Hybrids (Harpys, Centaurs, Sirens, Mermaids, et cetra.“)Chimera_Apulia_Louvre_K362 are fictional, I have to stop and wonder. People have made such things even today (eg: Sheep Spider Hybrid). and that’s only the things they have made public. But What the things we do pale in comparison to the perversions of nature the “Atlanteans” were capable of creating. *shudders*.

Goodness knows what they do behind closed doors. Now, Some people make a ancient-alienswhole lot of noise about ancient aliens (Ancient Astronaut Theories) when talking about this topic. The Summerians “Annunaki” “Sky Gods” and Gold mining, and the hybridisation of the native species with them to create workers, Et Cetra. But That isn’t what we are going to discuss. It simply isn’t relevant. And takes credit away from our ancestors that accomplished Such Feats. Have a meme of it.

What we are discussing is the Cyclical Nature of time, and how that allows for high civilisation in the past. And Concluding that these sky gods were aliens only shows how much your perspective on the matter has been shaped by the culture you have been brought up in. I have begun to wonder if indeed this so called Planet is even a planet at all. Or that Monsters and strange Structures from a bygone age Still litter the earth. But none of us ever take the time to leave our roads and cites. We really wouldn’t know. It’s a quite Bewildering though, isn’t it? Kinda like the TV. They Could Literally make up an entire narrative about something and you wouldn’t know any different.

Oh. Wait. They already do that. My Bad. But I shouldn’t say that. I might Upset OurReptile President Reptilian Overlords :D. I stopped taking most of this seriously years ago. But There is certainly something otherworldly about the Forces that Govern society.
Anyway, let’s continue our ramblings.  And You can’t Know until you go Out into the middle of no-where. Which I won’t do, and neither will you. So It’s the same as the old God fallacy. Many think they can’t disprove the existence of god. you can’t. You could say you find it unlikely, but disproving it is impossible. And why and when did God Become such a loaded word? I don’t know.

But I want to talk about the modern Perception of the earth. We Supposedly Have left virtually no stone unturned in regards to what we know about it. Apart From the oceans. vast Swathes of the Amazon, Africa, Antarctica, and I could go on and on. But If there really was such an advanced civilisation, why isn’t there any leftover structures? Well, there is. Many of them are not known to the public even. Did you know there are dozens and dozens of pyramids in the Amazon jungle? they only were able to find these recently with laser scanning. (yay, found the image)piramundo08_01

But what fascinates me the most, apart from the fact that many ancient “Megalithic” sites being arranged in a geometric grid in relation to one another, is the way in which they are constructed. First is the fact that most of them are constructed From Massive Stone Slabs, Which are Arranged with astounding precision. And Some of them Clearly Show Signs of Machinery Being Used to make them. Have a look at these images:

Cyclopeean Masonry In America
Cyclopean/Polygonal Masonry In America


Here is Easter Island. Same Kind Of Strucure
Here is Easter Island. Same Kind Of Construction
Here is The Same in Delphi, Greece.
andes5 cusco2
And This Picture Is Quite  Famous. It shows A Block which is touching 5 or 6 others. It simply is Absurd to presume this was made with hand tools.
Can't Remember where I got the Image From, Sorry.
This is one of my personal Favourites. It looks like it has been cut with a machine saw. Can’t remember where it is, though.

Anyway, To Those of you who suppose they were made by known native cultures, here is a wall with an old section with a new bit added by the natives later:andes5 hatun2

We see these Peculiar Handles again. And it is fairly clear that it doesn’t even hold a candle to the existing structure. You can find them All over the world. It’s rather strange. Anyway, I Will Show A few more images, and then wrap this up.A sense of the scale.

Look! Giants. Oh, let’s explain it away as well. Yeah. Cause There isn’t literally Thousands of Accounts of them across every culture in the world…

I’m Only Looking at the tip of the iceberg here. Like, there is much cooler stuff that people have found. Like Finding Crystal Pyramids at the bottom of the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. But That could Be a load of nonsense. The Stuff I have, Is All Very Real and substantial. I guess I will Continue This Later. (and Probably not end up doing it). Thanks for reading, I hope it made you think.

Oh, and one more thing: why do people wonder where Atlantis was? it called Atlantis, come on! it was clearly in the Atlantic ocean! like Plato said. People Confuse me sometimes.


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