Understanding the left and right-hand paths.

The 3 Pillars Of freemasonry

You know, I get really sick of people just assuming things are “evil” or satanic without actually taking the time to do the research. (well, some of it is rather “dark”) For reasons unclear to me I’ve mangaged to gain some insight into what makes the occult world tick. and to be honest, it really isn’t that complicated. (or evil) Most of it is simply about division and the synthesis of the opposing forces to create something new. (mental alchemy)


Lately I have been thinking about the one-eye symbolism that people never stop raving on about on conspiracy websites. and I must admit I find their interpretations rather amusing. (you know, “Satan” just solves everything, doesn’t he?)

I have a suspiscion I know what it means. Mind you, this is only an educated guess, so take it with a grain of salt. But it makes sense. Now, most people are familiar with the eye of Horus, or the eye of RA. Notice

third eye-pineal

the way this image has 2 mirrored eyes? Well, It got me thinking about something.

There is the right and left hand paths of understanding in the occult world. Now, they could essentially compared to the different hemispheres of the brain. In all honesty, I get the impression that secret societies have already long discussed the concepts that we now consider new and contemporary. I’m not sure if some of you are aware that hypnosis (and psychology in general) has occult origins? Mesmerism was the name back in the 19th century.


I’m starting to think the one eye symbolism is a way of saying we only have one eye open as a species. have a look at some of the images. It seems that they can’t decide which eye, but it seems to be more common to cover the right in the west, and vice versa.


And some of you who are more familiar with the esoteric paths is probably shaking their heads right now. Okay, fine. I will explain the path. To put it simply, you can follow either the path of mercy or severity. the path of mercy is the left, and severity the right-hand path. Tough love would be the best word to describe the path of severity.

But one must understand before looking into this is that The Left hand paths is not necessarily one of the greatest good.

Say one solved all the puzzles their child ever attempted? would that help them? No. they would never learn to solve it on their own. Unfortunately this sort of understanding is all but dead in our culture. I’m sure if you think about you can see how helping can be harmful in certain situations (and vice versa).

once the concept clicks, the esoteric world starts to make sense. and you can apply it to practically anything.


It reminds me of people asking why god would let murders and rapes and all the rest of it happen? free will. but people also have a problem with that one as well. they argue what about the free will of the victim being violated. isn’t that more important?

In case you were wondering, (Jung Was A Psychologist) I.e: the founder of Jungian Psychology)

Well, I hate to break it to you, but good and evil are a mixed package. you can’t have one without the other. and people who have had extremely easy lives tend to be, for a lack of a better word: Bland or lacking in personality. They haven’t learned anything from it. that is what the darker “black” magic paths are all about. well, in theory. I’m sure some people are just sadistic. and naturally, there is a balance between these 2 extremes. that is harder to explain and define. mainly because by definition, it is something that both is and isn’t. mean and kind, fair and indifferent, and all sorts of contradictions. It can’t be explained in words, I’m afraid.

And in all honesty, Secrets are secret for a reason. and I would like to keep it that way. (and I don’t think I could explain if I tried.) I think that should about sum it up. Just don’t shy away from negativity. It is a tool to be used, not shunned. That is really what I wanted to say.


One thought on “Understanding the left and right-hand paths.

  1. I really like reading your articles. We have a lot in common in many ways.
    But in this article you wrote that “good and evil are a mixed package, you can’t have one without the other” and I think that you are wrong in this conclusion. Darkness or false light can’t exist without the pure divine light, but the light do not need darkness. There is no need of balance between them.
    See “the war of essences” on http://www.xeeatwelve.net
    And free e-bok Homeless souls, by Amitakh Stanford

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