Should One Speak or stay silent?

Actually, these conspiracies are hilarious! They are so, what’s the word? Well, it’s just the stuff they make up, so you don’t make your own. That’s all I’m going to say.

You know, There comes a time when one must learn wisdom as well as knowledge. Let me tell you a little story. a few years ago I started getting really into conspiracies, aliens, magic, you know. that sort of thing. and every time I had found something interesting I would tell people about it. I was so exited to share what I had learned.

But Guess what? no-one wanted to hear about it! How shocking. Of course, I didn’t realise that at the time. It’s a bit like trying to tell people that fluoride in water is harmful. It doesn’t matter if you referred them to a scientific study done of it. they still wouldn’t believe you.

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.-Lao Tsu

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.”–The Kybalion.

Maybe some of you reading think the same thing. That’s why I haven’t posted anything much lately. And Life is crazy. moving, and many other things. You know, I’ve also been somewhat humbled by the fact that I feel a burning inside that words can’t quite describe. You know what the funniest thing is? people can’t feel it. they really can’t tell. and neither can I.

I am disconnected with myself. My spirit could be likened to a puppet master, moving the flesh around. it really feels rather strange.

Let me tell you some more about my life, for some context. I have no friends. I have no job. What fun that is. And people, upon discovering such things, often decide that they don’t want to listen to you any more.

Most people only see the grotesque parts of this symbol. perhaps take closer look? I suppose that was the idea. See the sacred flame. The Kulandi Serpents. The Unification of opposing forces. It is all there to be seen.

kundalini serpents

The east and west teachings mirror one another. (funny, that!) The Hindu “Chakras” Merged with the Hermetic Staff.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the topic at hand. You know the secret societies that people like to talk about with disgust? oh, those Satanists! sacrificing virgins and worshipping the devil! So many Christians (and others) are like that. Do they want to take the time to actually begin to understand any of the teaching these people practice? no! of course not! Just assume things.

Why do you think they are secret in the first place? Because the majority (exoteric circle are not ready of capable of understanding what they do) Oh, and 32 views of my last post? very funny, guys. (there are 32 “official” degrees of freemasonry) Seriously, Good one. But I no longer have any associations with any esoteric groups. Like the hermetic Order of the golden dawn, for example. or the Freemasons, The Brotherhood of the snake (now that’s an old one), or anything like that. but they are all on the internet now. The other orders, where the real business goes on. Not the public face of it all. (and that is where they will stay.)

I had a dream is a school once. But it was strange. mainly the Wrist tattoo I had with some strange and beautiful language (it was almost like runes or something) and wrapped around the whole wrist. And I felt more like a memory than a dream too. things were substituted with modern things, though. I know it wasn’t normal dream though. it was too coherent.

My actual dreams usually involve much wackier things. like Giant Battles with Various Mythological pantheons battling for literally no reason. (that was last night) it was a Napoleonic battle with cannons before that, but whatever. rain on my parade, why don’t you?

Everything is actually really simple (this is the fundamental teachings of the esoteric circles). The world really can be divided into black and white (I’l get to grey in a minute!). Is there any tasks that fall outside the realm of creation or destruction? find one. Video games are a good way of demonstrating that point. most of them are about destruction. you know, murdering things with guns and whatnot. And yeah, they really do make you more aggressive.

I know. I started playing them again recently, and I feel so wound up. A fire that will not be sated. Actually, there is one more thing one can do. Explore things. But that will only sate you for so long. Eventually the world begins to feel lifeless. Just watching the wheel turn, the great serpents dancing through the void, heedless of those carried along the way.

The Pleasures of the world lose their allure. You begin to feel the dull pain of indifference. You can’t be sucked into another world when watching a movie or a book. Sweets actually taste terrible.

Actually, I’ve been wondering for some time why I seem to be immune to the influence of many things. Like I said, books, movies, Games, and all the rest of it don’t suck me in. I’ve never experienced the so called: “tetris effect” before. Or this “Immersion” gamers speak of. Honestly, not many things actually phase me. I am suspicious that there is some kind of block or seal that is preventing it. if any of you know anything about it, I’d love to hear about it in the comments (yes, you can do that!) Not that anyone has yet.

I suppose when I say something, there isn’t really much room for discussion. But I can’t change the way I am. and If no-one wants to read this, then so be it.

But I’m tired. Terribly tired. We all have worked through the ages, Carrying the sacred flame. But we are weary. we all are. and now we hand the torch to you. The question is, are you ready? Is Modern man worthy to wield the sacred flame, tended through the ages? I don’t know. Only time will tell. But I’m done peddling it to people.


“0, let not the flame die out! Cherished age after age in its dark cavern–in its holy temples cherished. Fed by pure ministers of love –let not the flame die out!”

I don’t want to it to become like the chakras and sacred geometry. have you seen the new-age movement? it’s a darn shame, really. and many of them are following the false light. But I will certainly continuing to discuss other things. Just not things that most do not wish to hear. I will talk continue to talk about sacred geometry when I get the chance. I hope You enjoyed reading this. I always enjoy writing these posts.



5 thoughts on “Should One Speak or stay silent?

  1. People are generally indifferent to conspiracy and esoterica in my experience. Everybody will discover their true selves in their own time whenever that will be. Keep writing, exploring and find the seat in your own imagination. That’s all that counts. Peace out.

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    1. Thanks for your words. But just out of curiosity, whatever does you avatar represent/symbolise? or does it not mean anything. Sorry, but after all the things i’ve seen, I can’t help but be curious.


    1. Thanks!But Giving up on writing is a terrible idea. Maybe Most people don’t understand, sure. But There are others who follow the same path. and for the few of those people, It is worth it. And Writing is cathartic. A kind of release. You can let it go.

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