Sacred Geometry and the “False Light”

By the way, If you are not familiar with sacred geometry or the “new age” Movement, this probably won’t make much sense. so read on and run the risk of being terribly confused! I decided to write this after reading a few articles over the years, such as this one: Why I am no longer a lightworker, along with a few articles on the Gnostic notion of “Archons” and the demiurge. That brings me to David messanic’s Book: The ancient secret of the Flower of life.

The book begins by mentioning the dogon tribe, and the extraordinary knowledge of astronomy they would never have acquired by primitive means. The dogons were interstellar travelers from sirius- albeit aquatic ones. He also meets some angels during meditation, who eventually send him to meet an alchemist turning mercury into gold. While meditating with the man, a man claiming to be Thoth appears. HE asks a question, then vanishes, only to reappear a few months later. He wants the information Mesanik received from the angels on geometry in in exchange for his knowledge about geometry.

This is where he loses me though. Absurd ideas like building pyramids from the top down start appearing, and it gets worse from there. I’m all for magic, not abandoning common sense! I’m not exactly sure what kool-aid this Thoth impersonator was drinking, but I didn’t buy it. Was he a powerful spirit from the past? Most likely. But I’ve learned to never take things at their face value.

I’m pretty sure that the angels he meets are genuine, but it’s hard to be sure. Dealing with spirits is like being on the internet. you can’t believe most of what you hear, especially if if’s nothing but meaningless platitudes

For starters, you have to remember that there are also fallen angels. Demons don’t have horns! They look just like they did before they fell.

Have you ever seen those angel cards? I’ve found some of the depictions to be incredibly creepy. And there is also the risk of ending up in contact with astral beings and tormented souls, which are quite nasty and only want to harvest your energy. There is a book called the siren call of hungry ghosts that explores the phenomenon.

Truly good beings tend to not try and show off, and generally clothe themselves in human form. A bit of discernment never hurts, I say.

Stay safe my friends.



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