Sacred Geometry and the “False Light”

By the way, If you are not familar with sacred geometry or the “new age” Movement, this probably won’t make much sense. so read on and run the risk of being terribly confused!

I decided to write this after reading a few articles over the years, such as this one: Why I am no longer a lightworker, along with a few articles on the gnostic notion of “Archons” and the demiurge. That brings me to David messanic’s Book: The ancient secret of the Flower of life. To be honest, the supposedly sacred flower of life just feels wrong somehow.

So I did a little digging. And I figured out it didn’t make sense because It’s something I like to call parasitic or ‘metatronic’ geometry. It’s a product of the corrupt demiurge that rules this world.

The book begins by mentioning the dogon tribe, and the extrodinary knowledge of astronomy they would never have aquired by primitive means. The dogons were interstellar travellers from sirius- albeit aquatic ones. He also meets some angels during meditation, who eventually send him to meet an alchemist turning mercury into gold.

While meditating with the man, a man claiming to be thoth appears. HE asks a question, then vanishes, only to reappear a few months later. He wants the information mesanik recieved from the angels on geometry in in exhange for his knowledge. He claims to be immortal, lived millenia, and yet never managed or can’t contact angels himself? Alarm Bells are ringing here. Thothdoes honor his word, and leads him to the flower of life.

This is where he loses me though. Absurd ideas like building pyramids from the top down start appearing, and it gets worse from there. I’m all for magic, not abandoning common sense! And Immortality? Maybe this ‘Thoth’ is another energy vampire?


The Thoth’s Tree of life overlayed onto the flower of life. Notice how there is a point missing. It’s knowledge.

Much of the geometry shown therein is Dualistic- in other words, not divine. Now I’m not saying that this geometry isn’t ancient or that it can’t be found all over the world.


is the one at Abydos, Egypt. It is burned onto the Wall. Not carved.


It certainly does look that way. But why on earth would anyone want to do that? It’s no secret that atlantis fell. But most people don’t realise is that the survivors were systematically exterminated. Ever been to jordan, petra? Half the rock is melted. Ever wonder why?

We were fighting a war- against what I couldn’t say- and losing badly. I think it’s a reminder that this world is an illusion- Maya. As beaten to death as the matrix analogy is, I believe that’s what this symbol represents. A fake world.

And those foo dog statues, draconic beings lording over the construct?

Maybe. So that brings me to archangels and spirit guides. I really must emphasise that like the internet, you can’t believe most of what you hear, especially if if’s nothing but meaningless platitudes.

For starters, you have to remember that there are also fallen angels. Demons don’t have horns! They look just like they did before they fell.

Have you seen how incredibly creepy some of the angel depictions are? And you can also end up in contact with astral beings and tormented souls, which are quite nasty and only want to harvest your energy. There is a book called the siren call of hungry ghosts that explores the phenomenon.

Truly good beings tend to not try and show off, and generally clothe themselves in human form.


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