What’s the Secret?

The Ouroboros. Or the serpent chasing its own tail.  A very fitting Allegory in this context.
The Ouroboros. Or the serpent chasing its own tail.
A very fitting Allegory in this context.

Ahh, This Question (I get tired of it). It takes many forms. I’ve asked it many times in the past. People always seems to want an answer to a question, that in my opinion, doesn’t even need to be asked! “What’s the meaning of life” is the age old question. its kinda like asking whether when a tree that falls in the forest and no-one is there does it makes a sound? Sure, you could think about it for a terribly long time. But you know what? Quantum physics (there are certain relativistic arguments that one can make) aside, does it really matter that terribly much to you? No! of course not!

And therein lies the problem. While you sit and think that surely, Yes, there must have been some great secret that has eluded you, because it seems so easy for everyone else! Have a look at some of the half baked ‘poetry’ (I suppose it might not quite qualify) I made some time ago:

People are strange things sometimes
Frozen with fear.
Always wondering if they are going the right way
Stuck as their own prey.
hunting down their dreams.
Sighing as they lament their own inadequacies

You know feeling when you go to do something.
But you tell yourself that you can’t.
Any excuse to not try.
And then you have the gall to complain that you never do anything.
Sitting down, staring into space.
Feeling your heart sinking.
you wish you could just act.
Wondering if there is some great secret that you have been denied.
But something holds you back, a voice that tells you not to bother trying.
You make some excuse.
Telling yourself that you don’t have the time.
As you sit by your window and watch the days roll by.
You realise you are just wasting your time.
Thinking about how it could be done.
Then it dawn upon you.
That there is no great secret.
Other than the lack of one.
And in knowing that,
You can simply act.
It’s such a great feeling, it’s a shame we forget such things so easily
just like the wind, so very fleeting.
And you wonder how just yesterday it felt so easy.
As if you could do anything.
Anything. It terrifies you.

I hope my moody teenage poetry isn’t too cringe-worthy. But Hopefully you get what I mean. No pinching my poetry! That’s mean… O_O well, yeah. I just hate seeing people trapped in circles. Because do you know what?

That’s the real secret to life. there isn’t one. You just do it. are you tired? well, go to bed earlier (I’m not being mean.). don’t waste all of your time lamenting your inability to do that (it has taken me weeks!). just tell it all to get lost. trust me, it isn’t easy. But would you really want it to be?

And Right now, Having gotten plenty of rest, I feel like a god incarnate, the golden Ichor (the blood of gods and immortals) flowing through my veins. seriously! it’s scary! (although that might just be my “ADHD”….) Writing comes naturally to me. it isn’t a chore (I really enjoy it). I can write at the speed I can think. I don’t even have to construct my sentences. they come ready baked, fresh for use. That’s flow. Passion. So to any of you who can’t find that, perhaps you are simply doing the wrong things. I used to do heaps of drawing and 3-d animation (that’s where my avatar came from). I suppose I ‘kinda’ enjoyed it, but it never flowed for me. It felt like a constant challenge to continue. but this? As easy as breathing.

Well, yeah. I should get back to the topic at hand. That is another thing. Why is everyone so darn harsh on themselves? like, personally, I can’t stay focused on a single topic without inevitably getting on a tangent. but I just let it happen now. Just go with the flow. But that statement probably has some negative stigma now. I feel the need to point something out about it. You see, Going with the flow means going wherever life takes you. Not to just let it happen by itself. to do nothing. to put it in this analogy, that would be just standing there, fighting the current. Not really flowing at all. doing nothing is a choice in and of itself.

But going with the flow would be walking forward Up the stream. Ah, but life is but a dream. opps! my bad. Well, I’m not really sure what to say. oh, let’s talk about the meaning of life. and trust me, I’ve asked that question to death. I even found the ‘answer’. shame it didn’t mean anything after the next question. let me put it like this: Most people ask: Is there a creator? Are we alone? Now I ask: Which creator was it? were they divine or what? Were they the prime creator? Are those aliens actually inter-dimensional entities, more commonly known as demons?, etc.. You see, the problem is that reality doesn’t like you figuring it all out.

So it makes that previous answer irrelevant. Which is why you really are better off just making peace with the fact that you don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on, and you are okay with that. oops. I got off topic again. I suppose I should stop soon then.

But one more thing. Are you familiar with the notion that belief is important? that it will determine the result of something? well, to some (like teenage me) people, when told this, see it as the final death blow. because, of their negative mindset. And Sadly, they are stuck in it for some reason. It really is hard to explain. I never really fixed my problem. I just let go of everything. including myself. Let me tell you a little story. Growing up, I was very fussy with what I ate. Extremely, so, I might add. there was a time when I would have frozen pies for tea every night. I couldn’t even eat vegetables without gagging and throwing up.

A Year or so ago I made a decision. I said no more. I drew that line in the sand. And I told myself that taste was subjective, as was texture (yay for practical philosophy!). And that my reasoning for hating vegetables and fruit was absurd. It actually grossed me out. eating a plants ovaries? Eww. But is partaking of an animals flesh any less gross? no. of course not. But until one examines what one thinks, that sort of silly notion can be left unchecked.

Well, I guess that about sums it up. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Snack time! Aww, no conspiracies this time…. Shucks.






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