Anonymity and the internet.

I haven’t been posting anything to here for a little while. I’ve been struggling internally with a few things. Firstly, When I created this website, I had a certain audience in mind. the people who are actually reading it not who I had in mind.

So do I Change my content for the audience (however small) or just do what I please? Also, many of my earlier posts are very different from the later ones. They drip with pretentious arrogance and condescension , and me trying my hardest to appear like I knew what I was saying. And I discuss conspiracies. Honestly, I sound rather unpleasant. and

recently the reality that real people have read every single word that I have written here sunk in. To everyone else it is just numbers. Not people. But just about every single one of the people who has read my posts has a site of their own. and I have briefly looked at all of them. And you all are so different, and honestly. I have no idea how you ended up here!

But apparently some of you like what I have to say. Personally, I’ve been hiding under the table going: a-are they gone yet? I wish I hadn’t said some of the things I said. And sure, I could go back to those and alter them. But I try to keep my writing as a stream of thought. otherwise it you can feel it has been stitched together. well, some can. A former friend of mine always used to call me out on it. How irritating 🙂

And one more thing. Should I tell people who I am or stay anonymous? Because In all honesty, we stay that way because we are afraid. I know I am. I’ve been telling myself that I don’t need others approval, that I don’t care what everyone else thinks.  But that’s a lie. I get really depressed when no-one reads my posts or doesn’t ‘like them’ not that it means anything on the internet. but for some reason, we care. And admitting that is important.

So I will stop this nonsense right now and be honest with all of you (whoever is reading) that’s another weird thing about the internet. you’ve never met any of the people you are ‘talking’ to.

Let me tell you about myself. actually, this is kinda hard. huh. I kinda like being the snacking sage, dispenser of wisdom. and Snacks! (the important part) hmm, snacks. It’s kinda silly how I come up with the name. People always quipped that I never stop eating (I’m getting less hungry now), and are always hungry. Also, I thought it was really dumb, in a good way.

I can't believe that is actually a thing!
I can’t believe that is actually a thing! Also, Burgers are terrible. But not as bad as ‘Aussie’ Barbecues. Charcoal. Charcoal Everywhere. 😦

Kinda like Movies with copious amounts of explosions and over-sexualised women (Michael bay films are a good example). Most people pretend that they hate them, but it is a guilty pleasure for many. personally, I never saw the appeal. I usually get sucked into things like romantic comedies and can’t bear to leave until they get with the right person. Come on already! Waah! No! not that guy! it’s the other one! (you know, the one at the start of the movie?) *ahem* this is why I don’t watch these sorts of things.

And does that make me any less worthy of respect? It certainly shouldn’t. Or maybe How Old I am? I’m “only” 19 (but to me, that’s just the age of my physical body). So what? I didn’t want to people to dismiss what I say simply because of trivial personal details. but they do. and probably will.

What prompted me to say all of this? well, I just spent today at a Psychic fair. I had no idea it was on until seeing a sign for it at random. It just happened. I just kinda brushed it off, deciding it wasn’t worth it. my parent’s disapproval (Yay for religious parents.) certainly doesn’t help.

But this morning I went to investigate. I eventually found it. It was at a masonic lodge. how fitting. I went in, And felt a little lost. Eventually I ended up walking towards one of the desks. And got a taro reading. And it was so accurate! Painfully so. I was almost in tears. They said I needed to learn to say no. I needed to Just go and do things. And other things that are more personal.

And Someone mentioned a Counterpart to rei-ki, Saphrim (I probably spelled it wrong) or something. Yeah, I do that sort of thing. Kinda. I haven’t really gotten that far into it to be honest. I get the feeling I was meant to heal through my words, not though spiritual arts.

And bought crystals I probably didn’t need. 🙂 but they wouldn’t let me put them Turquoise and Blue Tiger eye. The tiger eye is so pretty... *stares*down! Anyway, there was some workshops being held there. The first one was about chakras. bla bla bla 7 chakras rainbow etc.. the usual. that system kundalini-serpent-poweris really misleading. And why does everyone insist on using the eastern system? the Western systems are good too! I wonder what they call it in the west?

There was heaps of people selling all sorts of things too. I suppose I could mention that. One guy had a little table selling things for geo-mancy or something. stuff like protection radiation and electromagnetic pollution. and all that. it was hilarious. he tested me too sell me something, only to discover I was mostly clean. Ha! I don’t need your Technology! I have My Fluorite. (it lives next to my bed) don’t feed after midnight.IMG_0238
There were even people who could talk
(well, they claim too) with the dead. I always wanted to do that. I usually have a problem with some of the things these people say. this image probably sums it up in a nutshell:


Love and light my foot. :P. Sorry. more like misleading nonsense. just look how perfect they look! And that is one of the tamer ones. And don’t get me started on the people who are all like: Our Space BROTHAS ARE HERE TO HELP! just wait. really. they will be landing to fix everything any second now… Oh wait. Nevermind. 😛 any second.

Opps, I’m getting off topic. Right. (psst, you still here? wow, I’m impressed.) the second workshop was about intuition. we pretty much just picked out a taro card by feeling it out. that was alright. my awesomely sensitive  subtle senses didn’t really help much. they all called to me!

See the missing point? That’s knowledge missing on this tree of life. Or rather, The Third eye of your energetic structure. Seeing. Knowledge. Enlightenment.

And the third one was why I had my little mini rant before. “healing with angels and universal divinities” Metatron and the others can go and stick it. I want my tree of life fixed. Now.

No? fine! be like that then. *pouts* *mutters something and storms off* The first few were pretty standard. but the last one was sound healing. they had this hugee crystal bowl. And they went through the usual stuff about sound and vibration. But it was wierd. they could sing in tounges. they just channelled it. It was beautiful. I cried while they sang (don’t tell anyone). the language sounded So familiar. But I have no idea what it was.

My goodness, I felt so much. It really was something. It felt like I was back somewhere. I want a hug… O_O. I suppose today I’ve used this Post as a sort of diary. I hope no-one minds. Well, I guess I should finish telling you about myself instead of getting out of it. If one more person at that psychic fair went on about me being (physically) male, and how that was odd, or how my energetic structure was different. I was going to strangle them. Only in the flesh. and Do you have any idea how difficult it is to live this way? Heh, It feels so good to just be honest with people. maybe you should try it?

Thanks for reading. Oh, I found the funniest video. have a look if you want: How to be Ultra Spiritual (funny) – with JP Sears



4 thoughts on “Anonymity and the internet.

  1. I enjoyed reading! It’s nice to know there’s someone else out there to relate to. Writing is so hard for me, but every time I write people tell me how good I am. You’d think the encouragement would be enough, but there always seems to be pressure to write what you think people want to read rather than what you feel you need to write. Thanks for just rambling and posting what’s on your mind. 😀


    1. Thank you! Writing is hard? do you mean that you are always afraid it isn’t good enough? Yeah, I know the feeling. I really hope I didn’t ramble too much. But when I get started, I kinda lose track of time, and then I realise I have a 1000 words of me rambling. Opps…

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  2. If one more person… For some reason I had pictured a female was writing this. I ran into a silly study years ago, and it was designed to guess if your writing style is female or male. Sense then I have always wondered why people picture a gender when given writing with no he or she. I wish there was another option of s/he in the English language. Why is it so important to know everyone’s gender? Why do we randomly pick a gender when given no evidence? I tend to picture a female because I am female… I guess

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    1. Hmm. You picturing a female at that point makes perfect sense. I can sound really female or male at different times. especially when it suits the situation (or when people would be really confused by it). So I suppose I am he and she (not he or she). (hence the obsession with duality). which makes little sense. so hopefully I can find a different option, yeah. Language certainly has some annoying limitations.
      But I guess it is strange that people are so obsessed with knowing which gender someone is. Actually, that’s what I was going to write about next! Black and white thinking, or bivalent logic. but hey, me simply existing shatters that silly notion. :). can you see the switch again? tee hee.
      Picture a female if you want for me. Sometimes being a guy makes me want to scream. other times I just don’t care. Thanks for commenting.


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