Is Freedom an Illusion?

Hi again. I’m sorry that it’s another heavy topic. I have many other things in the works, but I’m kinda fickle like that and this is way more interesting. So Due to the really weird happenings of late, I’ve begun to suspect that my choices in life are being reacted to by some unseen force (I’m fairly certain now). It’s rather creepy, really. Let me clarify something: I’m not arguing that one has absolutely no choice in anything, but rather that weird stuff happens if you go the wrong way. It could take many forms: A dog suddenly appearing on the side-walk (and being rather hostile), or a bird swooping you (both of which have happened to me). or even someone randomly getting sick for no apparent reason.

those are rather mild forms of it. It reminds me of playing a video game. I believe the term for it is “railroading”. Yes, I play video games (very rarely). Big deal. the whole thing is toxic. Forget them making people more violent. It makes them reward orientated. what’s the point? where’s the reward? that is the real problem.

Back to what I wanted to say. Now, My mental state is rather unstable (understatement of the year.) at the minute, you see (I probably shouldn’t tell people this, but this example is really good). I was going to go and see someone on Tuesday. However, the people doing that never actually got asked me about it or got my permission. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the ‘law’ of free will, so I’ll explain. It is one of the “Universal laws” that govern the universe/multi-verse or what have you. If anyone or anything attempts to defy it, bad things can happen. The people (if you can call them that.) who run the planet somewhat get around this by as it were “manufacturing consent” it’s kinda weird. but that’s not relevant.

But suddenly the morning before, the person who was going to take me to see them rang and said they had injured their back, among other things. It was rather odd. Almost like life didn’t want me to do that. Also, angel numbers. those things have been showing up like crazy lately. “new beginning, you need to make changes to your life, and so on.) I honestly thought that sort of thing was a load of nonsense. but now, I guess I can’t. Maybe it has something to with one of the crystals I got. Lepidolite or something. The person said it was an angel crystal. I was just drawn to it. 🙂 logic is overrated.

Actually, everything lately is getting weird. I actually almost feel like I’m perceiving things differently. After asking someone I knew about it, Apparently I can now project my consciousness to points in space. it’s really weird. everything looks different, but the same. Clearer, Bigger. And not through your eyes. Maybe I sound mad to some of you. eh, I thought the same thing when I started all this. I suppose I was jealous of people who had advanced ‘further’ than me.

Oops, getting distracted again. Where was I? Well, I suppose this isn’t really a new Idea. Ya know, destiny and all that jazz. yeah. You have a road to follow and life ain’t having any of that derailing. Sure, go ahead. but will it really alter anything? I don’t know. I’m terribly tired of this world. I feel like I’m not really learning anything here. Just remembering things I’ve forgotten. heh, re-membering . if dis-member means to take something apart, then doesn’t remembering mean putting it back together again? how interesting.

Well, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Is Freedom an Illusion?

  1. I think freedom is one of those paradoxes that you could get lost in forever and end up going mad because there’s just no answer for it. You kind of have to just make peace with whatever concept of the universe makes sense to you, and those concepts will no doubt change frequently, but seek peace above everything. Don’t let these universal paradoxes drive you insane, just accept what the spirits are teaching you and learn. I believe our freedom in this life comes from the knowledge and wisdom we aquire to make decisions that align with the forces around us, i.e. magic.

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    1. Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I Kinda Have come to the same conclusion. But to me paradoxes only exist from a black and white perspective. Take the classic Chicken or egg paradox, or glass half-full or empty. If one no longer assumes that one must be so and the other not, then the contradictions no longer exist. it is all a matter of perspective. that kind of freedom reminds me of the Christian god who basically says you are free to choose, but will go on a murderous rampage if you say no. 🙂 Anyway, I’m rambling again.


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