It’s Just a “placebo”?

Hi there. Guess what? The world hasn’t ended! (23/9/15) (But in all seriousness, C.E.RN’s “testing” is worrying me) yay! take that, evangelical Christians! maybe next year? (I don’t mean you, honest.) Have a look. Get your popcorn. and have some fun.

Now, where was I? 

Have you heard that argument before? it seems to be almost automatic for any kind of materialist/Reductionist to level it any anything they don’t believe exists. or the classic hallucination argument often used against ufology (It was just a weather balloon! totally. Swamp gas, yeah. Who is in denial here?). either one works, really. Or: “It’s all in your head.” So they attribute all of the success of things like homoeopathy, Energy healing, Acupuncture, And Magic to this hand-waved “Placebo”

Personally, I find that hilarious. Because they are right, in a way. Magic is just placebo, or rather placebo is actually exactly what magic is. Basically, I get the impression that  the Universe is a mental construct, while they believe it is like some great machine. Take Affirmations, for example. People these days are becoming aware of the fact their thoughts are very powerful. If you think you can, you can, and vice versa. now, that’s all well and good, but take into consideration your thoughts on the external world.

If you take the idea that the world is a mental construct, rather than a physical thing, then your thoughts can reshape it. And that, my friends, is what magic really is. I guess that why people say faith can move mountains. Words have power. Why do you think they are called spells? Eh, Spell-ing? Curse-ive? Sentences? like a jail sentence? The Human Race, like a bunch of horses at the track? I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

It really does require you to believe in it. not just pretend to believe, like most people do. This is why you cannot do any kind of objective test with anything in this area. I suppose to them this is a cop-out as well.

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion.

Now, I haven’t just taken anyone’s word for it.

It certainly is easier to cry as well. But Back to the subject at hand. I feel like people have tried to make magic more mundane than it really is. People say they practice Witchcraft, and all sorts of things but they try and paint magic in some kind of modern light, as If it is no more than prayers or affirmations. It reminds me of materialists trying to explain away supernatural happenings in religious texts as merely allegorical or what have you. Having heard many stories of things like levitation, possession, among other things, I can’t really say that I can agree. Seriously, best. Art. teacher ever. 🙂

It is good to speak from personal experience, isn’t it? I wasn’t really sure that there was anything beyond the physical a few years ago. Now I am. Have you ever wondered why children believe in magic? people don’t tell them about it, do they? I get the impression that we only pander to it, the idea is already there.

And the confusion when they are told there are no fairies or imaginary friends is quite telling. Well, why are we so sure we are right? It reminds me of the recent backlash against anything remotely spiritual in the last few centuries. It is not rational or logical.

And to be honest, people that would say it isn’t so never bring any actual facts to the table when dismissing anything. Only their opinions. It seems we are wired to just assume it to be that way. And why is that? I don’t know.

Well, I hope I haven’t said something I shouldn’t. Thanks for reading.


12 thoughts on “It’s Just a “placebo”?

  1. You are very clever and intelligent! And there is something MORE than magic and spells and all the supernatural stuff that is both good and evil in the world of human beings…there is the highest Spirit of the Christ of God, the highest authority and power in all the heavens and earth; who is all-Good, all Light without any darkness at all, causing no harm to anyone, ever, and when Christ is in us, as we are in Christ, we go beyond magic of the world, beyond the mind of the world and we ENTER the Mind of Christ, a field of PURE LIGHT, the true Light that enlightens all human beings and raises us up to be the image and likeness of God as his Christ lives in us and through us! THIS I pray for you as you are precious, honored and God LOVES you more than you could ever love yourself or your biological family or friends or lesser spirits! You are awesome and Jesus wants to draw you out of the world and away from the dominion of darkness into his kingdom of the Son (in your innermost heart) where the natural is SUPER-natural and is extraordinary and simple, yet pure Higher Wisdom and Power of the REAL God and Father of the REAL Jesus! I enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for reading my comment! ~Yvonne

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    1. Love your handle “snacking sage” 🙂 From personal experience I can’t agree with your current place of “awareness” of “KRYST”, but Jesus the ascended Christ of God comes and meets us right where we are! So my past experience: I tried “it” all and did all the spiritual practices of all the so-called mystical levels of dzogchen, advaita vendanta, sufism, kaballah, mystical christianity, etc., also qigong, tai chi, yoga, jin shin jytsu, etc., every ilk of meditation of every type, and they all gave me the “buzz” the “good feelings” that we associate with “God” or “oneness” In the various flavors of spirituality we are told we are on a spiritual journey up a mountain and all paths lead to the top, and other such things, all the while we go up and down on a karmic wheel and always “seeking” that spiritual high or power or peace or whatnot at the top of the mountain…it is all CRAP! Or a Paul said he considered it ALL dung after the REAL LIGHT of Christ Jesus BLINDED him and he was knocked off his “high horse” of self-righteous belief that he had all the answers and the “right” belief for justification for killing in the name of religion and jewish cultural beliefs of what was clean or unclean. When he encountered the true LIGHT he was blinded and then transformed in 3 days and had the REAL Power and Wisdom: the Spirit of God (masculine Power and feminine Wisdom of God. Same thing happened to me when the REAL Jesus, not the jesus of religion or christ of counterfeit spirituality, came to me and my life transformed and I woke up to the realization that it is ALL already done and ALL we need to be completely satisfied and fulfilled and complete, perfect and lacking NOTHING is the REAL LIVING LIGHT of Christ Jesus who IS, was and is to come AND really IS the NAME above all names. Those who come in the name of religion are counterfeits; and everything but the real Light of Christ is a “knock-off counterfeit”! Everything that disguises itself as light but gives good AND evil or duality or continues duality, is a counterfeit of Jesus the Christ (tree of life/nondual) and will keep those who follow a counterfeit on the karmic wheel going up and down and around the mountain on the many paths that are filled with pitfalls and dead ends and switch backs and thorns and thirst and hunger and poverty and climate change and enslaved souls MEANWHILE all the time, with open arms of TRUE Love, the real Christ, the TRUE Light, patiently waits for all to just come and be enveloped in True Love and Real LIght and bask in the finished work, beyond karma, beyond the wheel of suffering. It is DONE! It is FINISHED! Christ IN US is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth IN US. WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending Love and Blessings to you! ~Yvonne


    2. Hey! One more thing! All counterfeit spirituality and false religion is not only a placebo but worse of all, they are all NOCEBOs they cause harm along with their “good” so the only all Good is the Light without any darkness at all: the God and Father of Jesus the Christ! WORD!! TRUTH!!! Life!!!! WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hey, I don’t follow religion or any nonsense spirituality. eh, when I meditate, I lie on the floor. I’m kinda boring. Screw all that other pretentious nonsense. And We seem to be in agreement, even If you don’t realise it. What I am referring to is essentially same thing. However, I am curious that you would take so much time to write all of that. I personally find that you are contradicting yourself. You say all religion is rubbish but align yourself with Christianity on some level. I personally find “God” aka the “father” to me is kinda like a parent who wants their children to never grow up. and that isn’t how things are meant to be. I personally enjoy hearing The Luciferian Perspective on the matter. You should Have A read of one of my older Posts:
    I think you will find it interesting.


  3. Great post!
    To continue on from your point about the word ‘spell’ and breaking apart it’s meaning further…you cast a spell and also spell a word. The word you spell will only be as good as your spelling skills. If you used your words and spelling to ask someone nicely for a glass of water…chances are you would receive one. If you spelled the wrong words (because you lacked the necessary spelling skills) and it appeared that you had asked rudely, you would most likely get it thrown over you. The same applies to magic I believe. “The art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with will”.

    I notice you have the caduceus as your pic. I had produced a short writing briefly covering the subject on my blog and it would be great if an experienced pair of eyes could give it the once over to check I’ve got all the facts right (I assume that since you have it as your profile pic you’re probably a bit more clued up than me).


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  4. It seems I cannot simply ‘like’ a post because I am not a blogger. It is either leave a comment or nothing. Since this is a Post I particularly enjoyed, it has to be a comment. Thank you for sharing. Magic (in my view) is the employment of Forces or Laws of nature that are not yet understood or are not yet widely known. Yahweyist religious systems are Demonic or ‘Saturnic’. Just look at the results! Mark Passio teaches that if you (we) are in any system that has a Diety or a ‘Guru’, then we are in the wrong place. (Are you able to expand on the form of magic you mentioned above?)
    Also, is it all in the mind (The Kybalion) or rather do thoughts become ‘Things’, that is, take on a physical presence (Tsarion)? I have not read the Kybalion and neither am I feeling persuaded to do so from the few snippets I have so far encountered.

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    1. Well, Yeah, magic is kinda like that. But in order to use it, one must cultivate the will. I hate to ask. but why are you so infatuated with mark passio? Doesn’t that make him your guru?
      I ended watching the lecture he gives on natural law. All 8 and 1/2 hours of it. didn’t really learn much, other than the word nescience. (and he is ignorant on some subjects, I noticed)
      Have you watched it? because he spends a considerable amount time explaining the hermetic laws found in the kybalon. (along with a generative principle as a 8th law)
      This art of magic I’m describiing Is actually Alchemy. Coming from egypt (Khem is another, older name of egypt. “Mental Transmutation” might explain it better. What do you mean by ‘Yahweyist’? There is an entitiy that flooded the earth as far as I know (and all that shall remain of your great legacy will be writings on the wall. A sort of planatery god, But it’s all jumbled up and distorted with some hebrew sky god and goodness knows what else!
      The ALL is mind principle is something people have discovered in science as well. Here’s a good quote from a quantum physcist:

      “As a physicist, that is, a man who had devoted his whole life to a wholly prosaic science, the exploration of matter, no one would surely suspect me of being a fantast.
      And so, having studied the atom, I am telling you that there is no matter as such. All matter arises and persists only due to a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate, holding them together in the tiniest of solar systems, the atom Yet in the whole of the universe there is no force that is either intelligent or eternal, and we must therefore assume that behind this force there is a conscious, intelligent mind or spirit. This is the very origin of all matter.”
      -Max Planck
      It’s really hard to explain. But we are fragments of the Godhead, the eternal All. And as such, we have Creative Power (the Sacred fire). Matter is merely mental energy in a concentrated form, obnoxiously dense. As such infuencing it is a difficult task indeed. Like stirring concrete.
      Well, I apologise for my inarticulateness today. I hope It helped.


  5. Well thanks for the detailed reply. Firstly I have to acknowledge that you are much more versed in these subjects than am I. The term Yahweh was being used for the name of the Deity of the Abrahamic religions.

    To consider Mark Passio as a Guru of any kind would display a complete misunderstanding of his teaching. He has no special status beyond what he does. There is no initiation so to speak, but yes, I do respect him greatly. He is a man who knows, teaches and practices things I want to know. I can follow his logical progression. His seminar on Natural Law was a mixture of some things I had worked out, some other things I suspected to be true and much that was new to me. It sounds trite but he explained the difference between ‘a ‘Right action’ and a ‘Wrong action’, in a straight forward way that is applicable to pretty much any situation I can envisage, including not just the Right to self defence but the Duty of self defence, a duty which cannot be abrogated. This was important to me because I had, for many years been trying to make Catholic morality work, at least according to my own lights, which led to a kind of moral confusion and having rejected Catholic morality by this stage, his explanation was refreshing, complete in it self and workable. (I certainly have watched it all) So he supplied me with a unified, understandable, workable moral and political philosophy at a time when I was looking for one. (He introduced me to Tarot as well.)
    I follow a few others too, and I don’t agree with any of them on everything. But those I choose to follow, I do so because they have something to teach me and I guess that is individual to us all.

    I am not trying to suggest that everything in the Kybalion must be wrong, but I am just not ‘simpatico’ with the couple of quotes I have seen. Things can be ‘true’, but arranged in such a way as to be misleading.

    As to the quote from the physicist, I just think (feel) he is wrong. He is (let’s say) observing the border where material or substance becomes vibration (or to reverse that, the border where Vibration become Material) and then concludes consequently that there is no substance. But what is back beyond the vibration? I am guessing it is Thought. And if so, does that mean there must also be no vibration? Matter is real and vibration is real or so I see it at this moment. Being able to experience vibration as Matter maybe a curse and it maybe a gift. I don’t know. I do not see how his conclusion was in sequence with his premise.

    I do know, however, that I am well out of my depth and will finish here before the hole I suspect I am digging gets even deeper.
    Best wishes.


    1. I wouldn’t say you are digging a hole for yourself. This is where you are at the moment. I’m in a different place. So what? I pay for my understanding of the metaphysical by being wholly ignorant of the “real” world.

      I think mark passio is alright, just not particually useful to me. It seems I was ingrained with natural law from the moment I drew breath, or at least as long as I can remember. It’s a great semminar If it brought clarity and sense to you and others.On the other hand, he fails to understand there can be a system that has a leader rather than a ruler and tribute (a system also abused in later years) rather than taxes (not paid under duress/Violence), and there are no ‘laws’ as such.)
      As you say, It is an individual journey. And yet, the truth never changes. So the seminar on natural law gave you clarity and understanding where there was none, in the face of confusing christian beliefs. Well, the kybalon did this for me.
      Opposites opposed to one another. How can something be both ying and yang? Something must be one or the other, I thought. Then I read it. It explained that opposties are identical, and merely differ in degree, and that paradoxes can be reconciled, along with some other stuff. It probably took me months to really ‘get it’ though.
      Later on they would split, and my personality became highly variable. Maybe you have noticed it going through my blog’s archives?
      But If it doesn’t call to you, then don’t read it. It’s not that complicated. I don’t have any recollection of asking anyone to actually read the darn thing. (correct me if I did.) I’ve never read the whole thing personally.
      You are reffering to half-truths? Yes, there are many of those around.

      Funnily enough, The Kyalon might actually help you here. It mentions this exact thing, The notion that reality is an illusion.
      “The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws–
      such are vain and presumptuous fools, and they are broken against the rocks and torn asunder by the elements by reason of their folly.”
      It goes on to explain further, but I have already spoken at length. It’s not like I’ve formed my belief system around it, rather I see these concepts mirrored everywhere now, in all religions, all teachings. This is your path. I’m not here to tell you where to go.


  6. Thank you again for the reply. We are not quite understanding each other just yet and I want to leave that because a chain of clarifications is just going to seem competitive.

    I did notice, but it is not that relevant to your content, You are the best placed to make decisions about your self.

    I am actually more interested in another aspect. I have been carrying a burden and never, until now, realised the situation. It is a ‘game changer’.

    You asked, “Have you watched it? because he spends a considerable amount of time explaining the hermetic laws found in the Kybalon.” The answer is yes, I watched the whole, enthralled, and replayed the parts I was not clear on until they were so. But the Hermetic Laws, just evaporated! They also were discussed in a book on Tarot History that I have almost completed reading, and again I retain almost nothing of that section. Now knowing as I do, the extraordinary chain of events that led me to your blog, and the gems (or maybe rough diamonds) I have found here, I know I should read the Kybalion with some application and diligence. And thank you for that.

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