Anyone Else Find Things are getting super weird?

You Know, Last night was a full moon. But not just any full moon. It was huge! and a blood moon (I really wanted to see this one.. :(). I was too scared to go and see it. Lots of weird stuff has been happening to me lately, relating to Aliens, and various things (I will get to that in a minute). And I was kinda just sitting on my bed making wards because of the most unnerving sound outside. Figures it would be on the full moon that all the weird stuff happens.. I was too scared to even move for the longest time. well, let me rewind a bit. a few weeks ago, I starting researching the darn things again. I was reading a document  called “Blue Planet Project” It is a rather interesting read, I bluepl1must say. It also paints a disturbing picture. Apparently our governments Actually LET Them Experiment on Humans.) they terrify me for some reason. I can’t even look at the image results for searching “Aliens”. I MUST look away. It has always been like that. Actually, that way why I stopped researching the topic in the first place (it was years ago). It makes me a nervous wreck.

So I won’t put any images of them here. So I read that document. Pondered on it for a while. Maybe By doing so I allowed it back into my reality. how foolish of me. Things were pretty normal for a while. 2 or 3 weeks ago I was walking to go see a friend, and These “people” (none of it made sense) they were driving past. I’m pretty sure were going slower than they should. but much older. As they drove past said something like (I’m terrible at hearing what people say): “It’s Him” or “It’s Them” And I suddenly felt this pain at the back of my neck. I would suspect they activated some kind of implant.

I was wondering If I was just being paranoid, and shrugged it off to me mishearing. But my neck feels strange, weeks later. in the same spot. so make of that what you will. Fast forward another week. I had A ‘Dream’ I say that uncertainly because It was rather strange. I was in a room, With 2 Greys (they were really short, and kinda nice looking.), and a human. well, there was others in the background. I was helping them make something. Some of the people who had been brought there were complaining. They wanted to know when they could leave. one of them I recognised from school. I wasn’t exactly happy about it either. let me read my diary. hmm. and the aliens even made weird small talk. Do I have any brothers or sisters? wow. really? you too?

But all that abruptly came to an end when something arrived. I knew it was coming, somehow. So I hid behind something. All I heard in a deep, predatory voice was: Time To Feed!, Or FEED! I can’t remember which. And then I just suddenly opened my eyes I wasn’t scared. It was like I had been transported away. It was probably a reptilian or something. It didn’t feel like waking up.

But what can you do, eh? So, back to last night. Turns out it is kinda a religiously significant date as well. I was kinda curious what the moon looked like, so I went outside. And guess what I saw?Little Spheres in the Sky buzzing around. That was eerie. I wasn’t sure if they were stars that just seemed like they were moving because of the clouds, but soon enough, they decided to leave. So I went inside. Tried to forget about it. Then There was this sound. It Was a deep, resounding pulse. The only thing I could think that It was would be that “thing” the Americans made. What do they call it? HAARP. There are many People talking about it. But I had never experienced it myself. Personally, I like to keep what I hear and what I actually experience separate. This video has some that sounded vaguely like what I heard (I was inside, so I suppose that might be why?). But they are all a bit different.

People laugh when some say the world is ending. But with all the weird stuff happening, it certainly isn’t going to stay the way it is for much longer. After all, isn’t an end a beginning anyway?

Well, It’s getting late, So I’m going to sleep now. :). I hope you enjoyed, Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Anyone Else Find Things are getting super weird?

  1. The most essential thing is to let go of fear and remember your own power. I used to have that kind of hearing too. I think when bad hearing and fear combine the mind fills in what it thought was said with thing about you. If you cannot believe in your own power, find someone like Angels you trust until you can. Ask for their protection to get you out of fear. Best to you.

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    1. Letting go of fear. You know, it is really strange. Most things don’t even phase me. Even most of the other things I am afraid of I can push aside and rationalize. but this actually scares ME. Most of the time it is only a physical thing. But you are absolutely right. I try and remember that they cannot violate my free will. And It seems to work. I get the feeling That my fear is actually creating these things. I kept seeing 1111 (angel number.) for a bit. I guess I’m making it real. “When Angel Number 1111 appears repeatedly it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality. The message is to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires. Do not put your energy into focusing on fears as you may manifest them into your life.”

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