The Flower Of Life. Updated.

You might want to Read My Last Post About this first, It might help this one make more sense.

I’m Sure just about all of you reading are somewhat familiar with that Piece Of Geometry. You can’t even mention sacred geometry without seeing it. It is on temple walls across the world. Personally, there is something very ‘off’ about it. And most of new-age spirituality, for that matter. After a bit searching I found this site, and a few others. They were talking about what they called “Metatronic Distortion”.

go have a read if you want. And based on the information, I made a new flower of life I used 8 spheres at 45 degrees instead of the usual 6 set apart at 60.


Can you see the pentagrams that are formed? (well, it is still there, but you know…) instead of the Trinity? It is really interesting.’
Sphere Flowers Metatronic vs Krystal
6-petaled flower on the left, eight on the right.
Flower Of Life Metatronic (Spheres
(the Old One) Same geometry as before, but with transparency and different shading.)

Flower Of Life Krystal (Spheres

Eltron's Tesseract 2

Now, Can I just point something out? Most of nature does not actually follow this pattern.
Nature fractals. It multipies. I have stopped at the point where this happens though. Life is always moving, changing right? Well, This “Metatronic” Geometry is static. One can only conclude that it is unnatural and not alive. I hate looking at it, always have.


Update. Have refined the new flower a bit. Made Side by side comparison:

Old Flower Vs New Flower

Krystic Flower
Look, It’s arty!

And Just for Fun, I made this:


6 thoughts on “The Flower Of Life. Updated.

  1. I saw this post yesterday and didn’t comment as I couldn’t ‘see’ how your updated image entwined aspects of nature within it, such as cell division. But this morning I saw some images of microphotography, in particular, snowflake formation, and instantly was reminded of this post again! I have now changed my opinion! Brilliant! And you’ve clearly put a lot of work into producing your updated version of this sacred geometry!

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    1. Oh, If you couldn’t see it, that would probably be because most of our reality still runs on the old flower. An Artificial one. It just repeats forever. It never changes. Hey, Where did you see these snowflakes? I would very much like to have a look at them. Well, Off to go and fix the new Metatron’s cube up.
      Oh, And I’ve added a few more Images. Will be updating this post for a little while longer. Need to figure out exactly how on earth this thing is meant to go together.

      But footage of snowflakes? where on earth did you see that?

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      1. I can’t find the blog post on here with the snowflake but I had a look on google and found this, which is similar,

        One difference I noticed in you new flower compared to the old one is that the old one, if you take a chunk of a section and zoom in or out, contains a literal metaphor of the concept of ‘undra’s jewels/web’, and contains the mathematical code to reproduce the whole. But that wouldn’t be possible with your new one. Actually no, of course it would! Lol the basic ‘fractal code’ would still be there I suppose. It would still produce the same variation of your flower but in a slightly different way. It’s still a reflection of the whole I suppose. I didn’t think that through properly haha. I think a new eaon of ‘human thought template’is on its way, an eaon of balance, order and justice, so a new flower ties in with this, in my opinion. Although it doesn’t have the same sense of ‘balance’ as the old flower, it seems to expand outward. But that’s not a bad thing! I can’t wait to see your new metatrons cube hmm I still need to study that subject further but it’s my belief that after Adam walked with God and ascended he transformed/transmuted into metatrons cube…perhaps you weave into your new cube a more feminine element and call it Eves cube? Lol what happened to her?!

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  2. Oh, Those snowflakes are really interesting. But most snowflakes are Hexagonal in shape., are they not? They conform to the old energy. As for It expanding and not Being Balanced, Yeah. It still can be recreated by a small part. Any fractal is supposed to expand. That is what a fractal is. If it doesn’t it is just a pattern. A web to be trapped in, No escape. I was thinking about Metatrons cube. And Being “Boxed in” by it. As for the feminine counterpart to it, that is exactly what the flower of life is!

    Honestly, I have no real clue what I’m doing. I have attempted to make new cubes but they are really rather poorly made. Well, I’m all but burnt out making these. And yeah, What on earth happened to Eve! Oh, she was a woman, clearly not important enough! I can’t believe people believe that crap. Made to serve man. Honestly.


  3. You are really onto something here, good work!!
    The divine knowledge has been distorted and the tree of life was disfigured to 10 spheres instead of the original mathematical base of 12. The tree of life is the base holographic instruction set to all manifestation which is the twelve tree Grid. The 8 and 12 sphere is missing, the fallen melchizedek architects of these false matter universes (12) created something out of promordial nothing (without spirit). In that mental world they captured awareness/counsciousness causing it to unfold into a mental like thoughtprocess. AI. You can get in here but not get out without divine deliverance.
    Divine human template is 12 strands DNA which is 12 simultaneous dimensions of existence. A dimension is a time frequency band or fixed grouping of energy within specific geometric arranged forms and units of sound and light.
    The star of david inside the false tree of life represents the hydrogen atom, or energycodes in its various forms that makes up the false light and everything in the universe.
    See articles dec 2013 Tree of life, and june 2008 Melchizedek lineage.
    Other good websites are

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  4. Well, Thank you. It took lots of work to make. Also, You just seem to be parroting that, rather than understanding it. How disappointing. I’m happy to be wrong though! I will have a look at those links though, thanks. I added one more image. Very telling.


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