The limitations of the Chakra System



Let me get my soapbox. *Scraping Noises* Phew, that thing is heavy. And now I’m going to just let it sit there. Because I’m rewriting this because the last thing I wrote was immature and childish. Have a better one.

I don’t like the way it makes people fixate on certain points in the body. If you only focus on those 7 points you are going to miss a heck of alot of blockages and problems.I personally often end up with a great deal of buildup in my feet and legs that I often forget to clear because of this mentality. Sometimes you shoulders need some work. Maybe it’s your wrist.

The spine is much like the trunk of a tree. But it also has branches jutting out at regular intervals that need pruning and preening every now and then. Just like any system, It is important to be mindful of the fact that it only exists to make a formless system understandable to our structure orientated mindset.

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “The limitations of the Chakra System

  1. I like this post too. Your logic is good, “…exactly like asking god for forgiveness”. How does that compare to ‘seek and you shall find?’ And purple is usually sickly, at least in large doses. Is purple the colour of tyranny? I do like Polytheism (Paganism) though. (I am trying to resist commenting on every post, but they are usually just too fascinating and stimulating.)

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