The Taboo On Pagan religion and It’s symbols.

Why is it, that now that spiritual things are no longer so taboo, that pagan religion and it’s respective symbols is still so hush hush and not discussed?

I’ve been seeing a disturbing trend of late. There appears to be a concerted effort to wipe out western spiritual practices and culture, and replace them with cheap imitations of the east.

After the purge at the inquisition, Western spiritual Traditions Survived, But they went deep underground. after that, Even Medicine had to start again. from scratch, drawing from arabic expertise.

That brings me to the pentagram. I never really gave it much thought until recently. It seems that people have discussed the Vesica Piscis, the Trinity, But not the Pentagram. It is Sacred Geometry as well- It just has a stigma attached these days.


Clear as day, isn’t it? It makes sense. No need to circle the square, find the centre, draw 6 million lines and then say this means who knows what. It is self-evident. the body is based on that geometry. Same thing. 4 and 1.

I feel like there are so many people who just have no idea what they are saying, just parroting what they heard.

These elements also are associated with various parts of a person. Air is the intellect, water is the emotions, fire is the Sexual/generative side, Earth is the body, and Spirit, is your intuition and Divinity.

So that’s the Pentagram. As for its inverted counterpart, I’m not entirely sure. Is it evil? bad? It certainly has been used in such a manner, to place the physical above the spiritual.

It would be silly to assume that the inverted counterpart is An “Evil” Symbol. Sure, Satanists Use it, as a goat’s head, but so what? People have used shovels to kill people. Does that mean every man with a shovel is going to kill someone? If a symbol has bones and skulls in it, perhaps the group doesn’t view death in the same way?

While there are Blood drinking monsters in some circles, not everything is as it seems. And yet, so many people just go missing and are never found. There are twisted people, with connections to people in positions of power. I find it’s Best not to dell on it.

Old yaweh and his followers have done a pretty good job, I have to say. You wouldn’t want anyone honouring the real creator, or the divine feminine. I guess we still have a ways to go. But in the end, We all believe in the creator, no matter what words we clothe it in. Maybe it’s time we remembered that?

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