Eight, The Number Of Infinity.


(Edit- Disregard the hate of the triangle. I was just processing new information. There isn’t anything innately wrong with it.) But A hexagram is kinda Dualistic in nature)

Hi There. I’ve Been thinking about Geometry, Numbers, Sacred Geometry, Creational Patterns.

While Things like the Trinity and Hexagons have gotten lots of attention, Guess what we build everything out of? Oh, yeah.

Squares! Oh, don’t mind him, he’s crying in the corner. He desperately needs some attention. That Reminds me, Have you ever noticed what Microsoft’s Logo Symbolises? The Four Elements (can be the seasons as well.). It is just sitting there, in plain sight. oh, apparently they have a new logo:

Fire (Red) , Water (Blue) Earth (Green) Air (Yellow), Makes the Elemental symbolism even more blatant. I think I like the old one better. 😦

So why all the attention to the Triangular Geometry then? It is as If we have been thrown a red herring. Some people would say I don’t understand what I’m talking about. In  a way, they are right. But I can see the forest for what it is, while they endlessly examine trees.

Cmon, People! Do We Live In Triangles? Even The Pyramids at Giza have 8 sides! (long story)4

NO! We Live In Squares. Not  Hexagons either. Actually, a hexagon is imbalanced, Isn’t it? The Sides have more points than the top and bottom.

Also, I find it Extremely difficult to draw. It isn’t natural for me. like, Why do it that way? it just feels wrong. just a feeling, really.

Pinched This From Somewhere. Don’t Remember where. oh, nevermind. Here: http://www.hiddenmeanings.com/Sermon6962112009.htm

Are Squares Exciting? Interesting? Of Course Not! but honestly, Something About The Star of David/Hexagram Cheeses Me off. It looks boring. (and Dualistic.)




The Octagram just is. I can lose myself in it. Also, The Heck does a Heptagram/Septagram represent? (7). You know, Going off on your own is exhausting. No sources to cite, no Test to pass. Liberating, But tiring.

Maybe on of you people reading this knows. It would certainly be appreciated. 🙂

Anyway, Now that’s out of the Way, This is what I wanted to talk about. eight. or 8. Unlike other numbers, It is complete, closed. Finished. actually, the more I think about the number sequence the more I see them moving towards that shape progressively. looping around themselves more and more.

I never really thought about it much before. And Honestly, 60 Degree Angles?. 45 degrees is where it’s at. always has been. As I just said, Look around you! There is the proof! you are reading this in a electronic box, sitting in a giant cube, sitting on a rectangular road!

Also, in music, you have octaves.

oh, that sounds kinda dumb now I’ve said it. but the moment when the penny drops, and you go: Ohhh, yeah. I totally forgot about that. is priceless. Reminds me of this one time a friend pointed out that the weird rectangular blob monument outside the library was in fact, A suitcase. I’ll never forgive them for it!

I liked it better when It was just a blob. I guess there is no turning back once you see, is there? Still, Some things are better left for people to find on their own, lest it be abused by the wrong people. Also, the Train of thought for thinking this out was rather terrifying. I wondered if I had gone mad!

 (Hex)6 is 3+3, Tri and Tri. Three is an odd number. inverted on itself. Even now. But still odd, but cancelled out by each other. 8, on the other hand is 2+2+2+2 or 4+4. Still even all the way through.

Eight-Petaled Flower
I decided Not To Edit it this time, this is just a screen-shot Cropped From A 3d Modelling Program. (Autodesk Maya)

That’s Just a tiny bit of the mental gymnastics. I don’t know If Some of you went and looked At my flower of life page or not, So For interests Sake, Have a look at my new eight-petaled Flower of life. *Disclaimer* I am in no way qualified to know anything. Proceed with caution. 😛 Anyway, That’s All I wanted to say, So thanks for reading!


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