Why Should We Only Focus On The Present?

I’ve heard it again and again, from many different people  and cultures. Forget about your past, don’t worry about the future. The Present moment is all there is. Which is true. It is also true that the past once was the present.

That’s a bit of a mouthful. While there is merit in doing this, it is yet another half-truth. (like all truths) if not paired with it’s opposite, you can’t fully understand anything. Can you see a white square on a white background? of course not! but you can on a black one.

And this holds true here. personally, I’m sick of hearing that one should ignore the negative things that have happened to ourselves and just live now. In my opinion, the only way to actually do that is to go back and deal with those issues!

whether they be from this life, past lives, or simply a part of the collective Issues that mankind has accumulated. We need to deal with the past, and make peace with it. not insist that it doesn’t exist.

Are you familiar with mindfulnesses? It is a new fad in mainstream culture. In all honesty, it is a mockery of Buddhist practices. The whole idea of mindfulness in it’s oriental context is to observe the mind, and eventually realise that you are not your mind. Because one cannot watch yourself. how do I know that? well, I did the research. I listed to philosophy lectures, listened, learned. My personal favourites are the Alan Watts videos on you-tube. they are great.

Take all of that spiritual aspect away from it, and what is left? an abomination. “No Judgement“. I’ve heard people who practice this say that. “Don’t be negative.” “observe your thoughts, your body. be aware of it.”

Well, should you be conscious of you heartbeat as well? Control it? Every movement you your legs as you walk? Every breath? Every blink? Waking Consciousness can’t focus on so many things at once. This state of mind they describe is nothing more than narrow minded, literally. as in, honed to a fine edge. It’s a farce. you can’t be consciously aware of all of it. and you don’t need to.

It’s funny, really. In Buddhism they promote a kind of intelligent mindlessness. to act without thinking. Like a flower grows. It doesn’t think about it, it simply does. there is no internal monologue that wonders: “Oh, Will I grow right? Do I deserve to be here? and so on.”

It simply grows. And that is the way things should be. Well, thanks for reading.


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