Do we hate people because they mirror ourselves?

Before I begin, I’m still baffled as to why people enjoy reading my posts so much. Why? I-I just don’t get it. Sigh. Well, you might as well stay along for the ride, eh?

I got rather annoyed with someone’s comment as well. It was weird. I ended up being like: “Who the hell do you think you are?” But It confused me. So I wondered why. And I realised that perhaps I was projecting my own self-hate onto them.

I see it all the time. psychological projection is the modern name for it.

They spoke in riddles. People have often complained that I do the same. Why do we do it? because we do not wish for the knowledge to become corrupted by those who are not ready to understand it.

This isn’t my piece, But still similar.


And That my ego was flaring up again. It ranted and raved about it’s lineage and lost power. Priestess of the moon, huh? (Atlantean) interesting. But in all seriousness, do you know how awesome it was? oh, dear. those robes. and jewellery (the one on your brow is the most important!) adorning my slender frame. And My goodness, so Proud! But kind and honest to a fault nonetheless.

Mind you, the jewellery wasn’t just for show. as it turns out. Silver is one of the best conductors on the planet. (thanks, yr 11 chemistry) And These “Gems”, Or Crystals Emit Electricity. Get my drift? Don’t believe me? well, A word of warning.High energy Crystals are to be used with caution. They can, and will “burn” you. I’ve had the sensation linger for hours after holding a piece of tormilated quartz for about 40 minutes. The nerves can’t handle it.

Putting pressure on A quartz crystal will produce electricity:PIEZO

Makes me giddy just thinking about it. Okay. And such power (which aforementioned things enhances). Let me ask you a question:

Say you have psychic powers? You can fly, you Possesses Telekinetic and Telepathic Powers. You can even harness the life-force of the environment to sustain yourself. Do you need advanced technology any-more? no. you don’t. I really, really miss it. telephones? internet? why bother? tools? no point.

And imagine if you had it all stripped away. how would you feel? To be like a bird stripped of its wings. Sometimes I’m walking along and I just feel like taking flight. I’m mentally prepared and all, and Then I remember. I’m sure I’m not supposed to talk about these things. But I never cared about the rules. To hell with it. The window to leave this plane is rapidly closing, so why not?

If you wish to tell me I am deluded, I as you this? can you feel the pain embedded in the text? is that not what truly matters. seemingly deluded or not. And one would be a fool to discount another’s experiences as pure fable.

We are Nearing the end of the Gregorian year, are we not? People are on edge. Grumpy. I guess it’s starting  to sink in for some people. I’m getting the feeling I’ve wasted the entire year. Apart from starting this blog, All I have done is start a garden in the backyard. But hey, those strawberries were yummy!

And I still have to figure out how I’m going to dig up those potatoes without impaling them.. sigh.

Sure, I’ve learned alot. But that doesn’t mean stiff cheese for most people. You would not believe the backlog of Information I’ve gotten. It would take Months to read all of it. Sigh. I better get started. I really, really would love to remember more of those memories too. that would be nice.

But at the same time, I feel disconnected from it all. there is another voice. That scoffs at “her”, as I would put it. It’s hard to make sense of. Well, I have nothing more to say. Sorry. To get an idea of what I am talking about, have a look at this.

Memories Of Atlantis.

Well, thanks for reading.


One thought on “Do we hate people because they mirror ourselves?

  1. Opps. My bad. I got all sorts of different information mixed up here. Hey, by the way, most people in Atlantean times couldn’t fly. Many of the priesthood could walk on water though. :). For some reason, I get the feeling I was rather childish. heh.


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