on the subject of’Sexism’ in video games and media.

Hey there. I’m sure most people are sick of hearing about sexism. But I find many of these “feminists”  have never even touched the things they are complaining about. Aka, the Ones who hate being feminine. Oh, the hypocrisy. You know, on the internet it seems that some silly people have gotten the notion that a group of what was the term? Oh, yes *Ahem*: “Social Justice Warriors!”

oh, and the internet is apparently infatuated with a lady called Anita sarkisian as well. Who makes videos about this stuff. I personally find them to be alright, but infuriating. No Anita! That was a subversion of expectations, not sexism. You should be happy! No, Anita. Stop! So if people disagreed with her a bit I’d understand that. But her mere existence seems to send some into a violent rage, for reasons that elude me. I find that a little bit sad, to be honest. I’m just a person of the feminine persuasion who wants some form of media that doesn’t make me feel extremely uncomfortable and perhaps appeals to me on some level.

“Oh No! We can’t share with girls! That’s horrible!” Some people actually say that. Isn’t that kinda silly?And playing video games with one hand surely isn’t worth the effort?) People call it fanservice. And surprise surprise, fanservice is subjective! Who would have known?

As in, If there is a ‘fanservice’ scene in which a woman is seen undressing, I’m probably going to yawn and or roll my eyes. and conversely, If there is a male character I’m going to look away and be embarrassed. Others might squeal and enjoy it. It don’t know. The point is, that’s their business. Not mine. what is my buisness is that in order to find something I enjoy with things that pander to my tastes is like moving mountains at times ! And find that that hypersexualisation isn’t healthy for anyone. Be they male or female characters!

Porn exists if you wisht to access it. I see no reason to taint other forms of entertainment with such things.It isn’t just that I dislike it. Whatever media we consume affects us subconsiously. I’ve discovered this on numerous occasions when I’m saying a certain phrase or using a word out of the blue. And then I discover it was from a game I was playing. Perhaps you might think I’m a prude for saying this, But I don’t really understand why showing more skin automatically equals attractive and hiding it makes one prudish and lame. As they say, wanting is better than having. When nothing is left to the imagination where’s the fun in that?

I genuinely don’t get it. And you might not get why I feel that way. But enough about that. People seem to think that girls or women doing fighting in fiction is somehow ‘unrealistic’, or not historically accurate (my research seems to indicate women did fight, but it hardly any  of it isnrecorded/survived because people didn’t want it to be known) And physical power’s importance is overemphasised. Speed and agility grants its own power. Yes, in a head on confronatation you are screwed! but in the words of a certain pirate: “You didn’t beat me. You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I’d kill you.”
“Then that’s not much incentive for me to fight fair, then, is it?

I just hate the idea that women are weak, and frail. It’s bullshit. I guess when people think of women they just assume they are petite, short and frail. Women can be much taller and stronger than that. And often are. But people don’t want to date them for some reason. Because of cultural stereotypes. I’ll be blunt: If you are so tough then why is someone merely being taller than you make you insecure and threatens your masculinity? why is masculinity so fragile? (cue eye rolling *sigh*)

I went through years of destroying my ego. It was hard. But in the end I realised that sometimes being tough makes you fragile. That’s why you can destroy diamonds with hammers. sometimes we need to learn to bend. Otherwise we simply break. Feminine energy is elusive and intense. Our culture would have us believe women are docile and demure and all that rubbish. And we can be. And sometimes we get angry. As they the old saying goes: “Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

More often than not a female character is simply there to look pretty and provide advice/emotional support to the main character but is mostly devoid of any real personality.

I have been watching this show, super-girl. Pretty average (the show sucks most of the time). but it appeals to me. There is a scene I would like to share: Supergirl 1×06 supergirl vs red tornado fight scene #3 supergirl defeats red tornado

And in it, you can feel a raw, unrefined energy. It got to me. I cried my eyes out. well, duh) so . But that energy is as something that we have shunned and denied.  Before this scene, Supergirl (kara kor el) tries to deal with all of the suppressed emotions she has. it isn’t socially acceptable for women to get angry, she learns from her mentor. But she needs to find the real problem. She’s from krypton and she actually grew up there. So she is prettymuch living a lie on earth every minute of every day. That scene is kara expressing that anger. And If the clips of movies that people choose to upload are any indication, Most people don’t care about the emotions and character motivations and are only interested in the Cool fight scenes. To me action happens as a result of character, not for its own sake.

And in it, you can feel that raw, unrefined energy. It got to me. I cried my eyes out. I’m beginning to suspect the changes I’m going through are affecting my mind. (well, duh) so I’m really sorry if the quality has declined. But that energy is as something that we have shunned and denied. Okay, I’m just mad because Something like One-piece or Bleach has like, 500 episodes and the stuff I like never gets a second season (like Akatsuki no yona or Natsume yujjin Cho). Except when they do. which is really rare.


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