The “Force”: Fact or Fiction?

Recently I watched Star Wars: The Force awakens at the cinema. And The way they presented the force in the Movie got me thinking. (Mind you, I used to be obsessed with star wars) Also, Why is star wars suddenly cool again? you used to be called a nerd for discussing it. People are so fickle these days.tfa_poster_wide_header

Do you remember the trailers? It begins with: ‘There has been an awakening, have you felt it?’ for those of us who are spiritually inclined, that seemed like a message. there has been an awakening in recent years. a huge one.

And The Second Trailer, asks: Who are You? this is a question that has been asked so many times: “Great master, who was I in a past life?” to which the master replies: “Who is asking the question?”

To me there are messages in every Movie made by Hollywood. Some more blatant than others. By universal law they must tell us what they are doing in some shape or form.

Just the way the Force is presented in the new movie gave me shivers. without spoiling too much, it begins on tattonin-*ahem*-I mean Jakku. anyway, the First order (empire remnants) attacks a rebel base to get some star-map. The New darth Vader, Kylo Ren does something really cool.

A rebel shoots at him, and his arm whips up. And suddenly, the bolt just freezes in mid air. it’s rather eerie. It just seems wrong. doesn’t it? I remember someone complaining that magic doesn’t obey the laws of physics. I almost laughed. By it’s very definition, it is defying physical laws.

I oft have heard, but ne’er believed till now, There are, who can by potent magic spells, Bend to their crooked purpose Nature’s laws. — MILTON

I’ve been reading a very interesting book: Studies In Occultism. Now, I know the word occult has all sorts of negative connotations in this day and age, most of which are unfounded. Occult Simply means Secret. Or Secret Sciences. here is a snippet:

In our highly civilized West, where modern languages have been formed, and words coined, in the wake of ideas and thoughts — as happened with every tongue — the more the latter became materialized in the cold atmosphere of Western selfishness and its incessant chase after the goods of this world, the less was there any need felt for the production of new terms to express that which was tacitly regarded as absolute and exploded “superstition.”

“What do the words “miracle” and “enchantment” (words identical in meaning after all, as both express the idea of producing wonderful things by breaking the laws of nature [!!] as explained by the accepted authorities) convey to the minds of those who hear, or pronounce them? A Christian — breaking “of the laws of nature,” notwithstanding — while believing firmly in the miracles, because said to have been produced by God through Moses, will either scout the enchantments performed by Pharaoh’s magicians, or attribute them to the devil.

Well, I guess you get a little bit of an idea. It certainly wasn’t what I expected. But a fascinating read. Now, do you remember the Jedi Mind Trick? The User states Suggestion 62007467something that their target repeats, as well as waving their hand.

Now doesn’t this sound exactly like “hypnotism”? The Hand being used in lieu of a moving object?

But isn’t that purely ‘scientific’? No, not really.

Previously Known as Mesmerism (invented by Doctor Franz Mesmer), Or Animal Magnetism, Hypnotism is actually quite old. To think that they robbed Mesmer of his discovery and changed the name makes me sick.

Much like Nikola Tesla (Screw you, Edison!), who’s ideas were stolen (he was a bit odd as well), they both died destitute and heartbroken. And we all know tesla knew his stuff.

This creative and life-giving Force — denied and laughed at when named theurgic magic, accused for the last century of being principally based on superstition and fraud, whenever referred to as mesmerism — is now called Hypnotism, Charcotism, Suggestion, “psychology,” and what not.

In any case, when one does some digging, they find science rather wanting. it reminds me of someone sticking their hands in their ears and humming to themselves. In any case, They discuss Vital Fluids (Human Electromagnetic Fields/Aura) and their role in the process. There is too much to put in here. If you are curious, go have a look. I know reading books on-line sucks, but it’s  something. and that’s just the purely electrical. And now, They are being proved Right.human-energy-field

Q. Why should a bit of crystal or a bright button, throw one person into the hypnotic state and affect in no way another person? An answer to this would, we think, solve more than one perplexity.

ANS. Science has offered several varied hypotheses upon the subject, but has not, so far, accepted any one of these as definite. This is because all such speculations revolve in the vicious circle of materio-physical phenomena with their blind forces and mechanical theories. The “auric fluid” is not recognized by the men of Science, and therefore, they reject it.

science’s explanation is found wanting. Almost comically so. So, good news! The Force is real. 🙂 I just hate it when anyone tries to do something supernatural without any practice, training, or effort and complains that it didn’t work. and therefore it isn’t real. In real life people often devote their entire lives to developing these abilities. otherwise, you will get nowhere. just like the Jedi do. They have to lose everything for it. no romance, no attachment.

It isn’t fun. My personality still has leftovers from that sort of training. Now, What other abilities do the Jedi Have?

Precognition, Telekinesis. The former I possess to a degree. I don’t really think much of it. why would I? I was born like that. Sometimes I just know what  is about to happen.  it isn’t that special. in fact, most people possess it to a degree.

It is simply a matter of developing the skill. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to cross a road, and I just stop. And I look, and there is a car coming. Or I’ve been walking along, and my head just hones in on something. I don’t think about it, it just happens. And 99% of the time, there is something there. I didn’t hear it. I didn’t see it. I wasn’t even thinking.

But that 6th sense is there. We feel the ripples. I can actually feel my subtle body. It’s really weird when someone is drawing on your aura, and you can  actually FEEL IT. that is why I ‘believe’. but most people’s senses are not that developed.

Again, There is an art, a discipline to it. Everything has been  cheapened these days. There is a reason my Blog has so few views. I don’t use social media. I refuse to get into it. And I will not cave in.

These days they hold a one day workshop to learn something that used to take someone years. so how is that possible?

And I guess I should talk about the telekinesis. People can possess the ability, but it is really, really rare these days. and usually limited to small objects. on the other hand, it usually is possessed by people practising black magic. I remember my father telling me a story about it. He’s a Christian, so bear with me.

For some reason he needed to test his faith in god, so he went and invited a complete stranger in his home. turns out, he was into ‘black magic’. They ended levitating one of the eight-balls.  and according to my dad, he asked god to stop it. and suddenly, the ball dropped. Cowed, the man just ran off. I’m not sure if it is true, but I’ve heard many like it.

I have to wonder just what force my father called upon though. I can’t doubt it exists. I can doubt whether it is worthy of worship, however.

But too many people try and do these things without any effort. I’m reminded of this scene from the empire strikes back: Yoda teaching Skywalker (Faith) 

So Yeah, The Force Isn’t fictional. not to me, anyway. I just wish more people knew how arrogant modern science is, and how flimsy its founding is.

Copy pasting from: Collection of Articles from Lucifer, H. P. Blavatsky’s magazine, between 1887-1891.




One thought on “The “Force”: Fact or Fiction?

  1. Young Jedi, this force is strong within you. Not many are able to see as you do. Others are to comfortable to care. Think of it like this, force is our 14billion year old ancestor. Over that time, much of our inherited power has been diminished. Although only a fraction of a fraction remains in us, I believe it’s waiting to be rediscovered. But until then, our so called leaders are enjoying this part of the plan. It’s in our DNA to seek understanding, but taking credit for what nature automatically does, brings the eventual end to that existence. May the Force, be with you. #NOTHINGMatters, but You!

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