Channeling, Part 2.

This is a continuation of my last post. I said I would make a part 2 after I had gotten back in touch with spirit, seeing as I completely forgot to mention certain things. also, because I want to vent my frustration in a way that. So, ever heard of the Kyron channelings? Or the RA material (law of ONE)? Anyway, I find that many of these materials completely neglect to mention certain things. Wait. My higher self is telling me something. hmm.

Oh. Right. Here: Must I remind you again? You are aware of the rules. We are not permitted to introduce new information. The old promise holds True: ask, and ye shall receive. or: Those who seek shall find. The Law of confusion, or free will prohibits it. We can answer, But first you must knock. Well, I Was bound by the law of free will. But I decided to incarnate here so that instead of being forced to watch, I could actually DO something. 🙂 And In this form, I Can talk about anything! *Grins* you should be worried. The whole confusion thing exists for a reason. But I love to break the rules. It gets So boring just having to watch. (I’m sorry, You’l have to bear with my craziness  for the moment. I’ve been messing with my physical body and there are some side effects.) Focus, Child. We have much work to do.

If I have learned anything in my time here, It is that one must unlearn what they think they know, and accept that they are woefully ignorant. And embrace it. “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” -William Shakespeare. Like my good friend Ian Ur Says: #Nothing Matters. Don’t mistake that for nihilism or a sigh of defeat. I can’t explain it to you. After all, it is nothing. maybe this can though: Alan Watts on Emptiness. It is rather long, though. But he sucks you in! And suddenly, You are laughing at yourself! How stupid was it? How simple! In my experience, If something is complicated, you don’t understand it properly.

You know, I’m a bit burnt out searching for answers these days. I’ve been grappling with this search for years. There are many differing viewpoints about the nature of reality, and even the nature of space. So if those are called into question, what are these ‘aliens’? Actually, I’ve been struggling with 2 conflicting world-views. this priceless comment about sums it up perfectly: “Also worth mentioning: The earth is flat, but there are deep underground military bases and aliens living in the center of our round hollow globe earth.  Space travel is scientifically impossible and the moon landing was faked, yet there are secret military bases built on it.  To overcome the evil cabal, we must all shed our differences and love each other as brothers, but remember that all Jews are evil.?”

Yes. That was a comment I found on a you-tube video. Don’t remember which one. It had me in fits. And then I had a realisation. Maybe ‘conspiracies’ work the same way that political parties do. It just goes round and round without going anywhere. People vote left, left screws up. right says that can do better, people vote right. Right screws up.. And in reality, it’s all just a big Façade. Before that, there was just a figurehead king with someone else who had the real power. I’m getting the feeling this was done on purpose. To waste peoples time going round in circles. Trust me, I’ve wasted a good portion of mine nearly having my head explode from the strain of trying to put all the pieces together. I’m telling you, it was done on purpose! Just look at the mess I churned out.

I do remember a particularly interesting video where someone went on Google earth and the opposite shore couldn’t be seen from where they were. But in real life? Oh, it was just sitting there. Was a good laugh. And Like I said, I was wondering why channellings never mention any of this. that curvature was nowhere to be seen. I’m going to drop that line of conversation, seeing as my head is starting to hurt again. Nope. Not dealing with the confusion.

So many red herrings. I did find some good information of late. only problem is, there is so much material to sift through. I’m trying to detach myself from, as theosophists put it, the “wisdom of the times”, and replace it with something more substantial. I have been wanting to Read The Secret Doctrine. aka Helena Blavatsky‘s Magnum Opus. To be honest, This is the roots modern spirituality spawned from. it is the starting point. Though I must admit It looks rather intimidating. And some would say that it is racist, given the mention of Aryans and root races. But that only means you have been conditioned to think that way. I’m getting the impression that The story we are told is a lie.

That’s all for the channelling.

Truth be told, I’m starting to question why I believe the things I believe. Why should I just blindly believe things? I would suggest forging ones own path. I can’t help you see what I’ve seen. But never, ever underestimate the power of what you say to people. Mind If I tell a little story?

Well, I was raised a Christian. Went to church on Sundays, read the bible before bed. But the culture we live in is so materialistic, and I always hated church and crowds. I hardly ever finished anything at school, But I understood everything. Until High school maths, that was. Algebra made no sense to me. they gave me letters and wanted numbers. (It could be anything at that point, you can’t make absolute answers out of undefined values) what a load of nonsense.  And like most of the youth of today,  I was indoctrinated by another institution. Science. It seems so ironic now. I did so well in my classes and all. But then I realised something. and I just stopped caring about the world. All I was doing was trying to create a sense of self worth with my intelligence. (also, my only friend stopped coming)Overcompensating, It is called. So I started saying: what’s the point? I couldn’t see how I was going to learn anything from my so called “Classes”. Please. I learned more from the internet. But I was still infatuated with this so called “Science” and Atheism. I clung to it like my life depended on it. It was all I had left. I’ve always been alone, you see. Always shunned and Trodden on. A freak, people thought. It never occurred to them that maybe this society is just messed up. Really messed up. You are the strange ones. And to make matters worse, you people try and make me cave into this… Depravity. NO! You wanted help? then let me give it.

I think from the moment I was born I had nowhere to go but this way. My path was set the moment I drew breath. Give me a minute. Apparently I’m crying. okay. I would just sit in those classrooms, Head on the desk. And sit. And sit. And at lunchtime, It was the same. I would just stand In a corner. Day after day. And doing that broke me. It broke my discipline, my will to do anything requiring effort. I couldn’t go through that again. So if my writing lacks a certain refinement, now you know why. And perhaps the choicer language I use at times. Never. Again. And so the year went by in this fashion. And so, I was going to fail school. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything. And There was this Year 12 retreat coming up. I hoped that perhaps I could finally come out of my shell and convince everyone I was a human being, rather than some… Monster.

It didn’t work out. I just wandered aimlessly for most of it. It was a humiliating experience, to be honest. But enough About that. One of the things we did on the trip was go to the beach. Again, I had no friends. So I just stood next to my history teacher, Who I was rather fond of. I actually enjoyed history (they told Real history, not the whitewashed version). And they started talking with someone about maths and science. And how art and English were seen as wishy washy subjects with no substance. How they supposedly had no purpose. They talked about “answers that couldn’t be found at the back of a textbook”. Things that were not so black and white. I don’t remember the entire conversation. But that line, It stuck with me. And Although they will never read this, Thank you.

And after that moment, I started to see things differently. And somehow, Here I am. And I have nothing left to say.




4 thoughts on “Channeling, Part 2.

    1. I made a real mess of school. I mean, People just didn’t know what to do! I might have ‘slight’ anger issues. I did have some people who helped me in school. they were nice. Even taught me meditation. Oppositional Defiance “Disorder”. I love that one. I nearly got label with it. (it was very close)
      Think about the word disorder for a minute. I had a laugh doing this. All it means Is Disorderly, aka not obeying orders.
      But in all honesty, My mind seems to have turned to mush lately. I can’t even figure out the stupid example you have there anymore. Wait. Nevermind. I’ve just gotten lazy.
      Oh, the amount of classes I stormed out of. I’ve lost count. The first time it was like the world was ending. I only refused to complete my work because I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I understood it. Stuff them for being so unreasonable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s an interesting take on ‘disorder’! I think you’ve got a point. It’s a word I hate, because it disses, or disrespects the way that person’s mind or body is ordered. And yes, that is like disobeying orders, because the experts have decided how people should be and anyone who doesn’t fit their dreary little shuttered concept of normality is given a ‘dis’ label.

        After I stormed out of teaching, I set up a group for kids who had left the school system, were being home educated (a very loose term!) but still wanted contact with others their age. Most were in their teens and had got out, or been thrown out of school as they couldn’t fit in to the system. We’d sit in a circle, I’d ask what they wanted to study or do over the next few weeks, then go off and prepare activities that suited them. It was great. We all wanted to be there. The kids were doing what they wanted to do (like philosophy or understanding finance or drama or gardening…). Most of them had struggled with social relationships, because they were ‘different’ in school, but at GLOW they mostly fitted in, because we were all oddballs!

        I suspect the reason you feel your mind has turned to mush lately and you are ‘lazy’ is because you’re going through a process of change. When you’re a kid, the easy way is to lash out at others and dump the blame on them. I wonder if your channelling experiences are allowing you to discover where you fit, rather than knowing where you don’t fit. That’s hard work. Roll with it for a while and go easy on yourself.

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