Understanding Masculine And Feminine energy.

This might seem like a strange, antiquated notion to some of you. Or perhaps it is just common sense. I’m not here to tell you what you think. Perhaps I should explain what I mean in this context. Simply put, Masculine would be ‘positive’ energy and The Feminine would be ‘Negative’. Although I prefer to use the gendered terms. The former implies the wrong things. As we are all aware, The Brain is divided into hemispheres. Most people have a bias towards one or the other, and rarely is there a person that is balanced in any respect.

Now, Take this a step further. Are you familiar with the chakra system? it is a series of subtle energy vortices  that run along the spine, all the way to the top of the head and beyond. It is usually depicted in this manner (see right)chakras I just recently had a Reiki session done, and It turns out that the left side and the right side of my body were out of alignment. they said it was “off kilter” and lop sided. Big surprise, My masculine side is in a really sad state. I’m unmotivated and my attention can’t be held on anything for long. with the exception of writing this, of course. They didn’t fix it, sadly.

Now, that is not how the energy flows. Not at all. As I have said in previous posts, unity is divided on this plane. the only energy that would be unified would be found beyond the crown. Now, Have a look at these images. You won’t find those very easily. I seem to have a knack for finding the esoteric information. Sadly, It seems to be the only things worth looking at these days. I’m sure I’m said all of this before. But I’m more mature now.9586580

My previous statements were driven by nothing more than frustration and Anger. Why doesn’t anyone understand!? why can’t anyone understand me? Why won’t you listen? Where would you have me go? How far do I have to walk?…. and then of course, I start balling my eyes out. Naturally, I shouldn’t be telling you this. But my sense of self is broken right now (dissociation). People ask me about the people I know, and I just say: what is there to say? it’s all just fluff, window decoration. It doesn’t mean anything! 

So things are just slipping out left and right. and there is precisely the issue. I am one with everything in a strange sense. But it is out of balance. When I was younger I lived and breathed masculine energy. I was so rigid, So Obsessive, So Controlling. And It terrifies me! I don’t want to be like that again. but it is a part of me. Surely you can hear it in these words now. So why don’t I give you an example?

I could literally sit and read an encyclopaedia all day long, for months on end, front to back. Yes! that Bad. It wasn’t like I enjoyed it, exactly. But I have a tendency to obsess over things. I’ve been running away from my own nature. I don’t want to be this person! Is it so much to ask for a normal life? One where every waking moment is not spent contemplating some new facet of reality? But that’s a Lie! I crave knowledge. I thirst for it. But at the same time, I have feelings too. I’m not some kind of fact harvesting machine. I just don’t know how to reconcile the 2.

And Now is the thing that my mind has been churning over for the past week. I’ve talked with a many people about These metaphysical and spiritual topics. And eventually I hit a spot they don’t like me pointing out. And do you know what the response always is? “I think we should find our own truths” “Go with what resonates” “Believe in what feels right for you” And many others. How can truth be so subjective? this seems like a response that is overly emotional and wishful thinking. I listened to a wonderful lecture by the late Manly P hall A few days ago. It was about Spiritual powers and why one shouldn’t use them. I really needed to hear it. And I think many of you will enjoy it. Fair warning, it is almost 2 hours long. It is so down to earth and Filled with common sense that I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

And it seems that nothing has changed since he was alive. People are ungrounded, Supposedly receiving visions from above, and founding kooky religions from them. and nine times out of ten, they are just hopelessly deluded. But these occult figures seem to have a kind of balanced quality to them that no others seem to have. There is a rigorous discipline involved, in which the initiate is only taught these great secrets when they are mentally and physically ready for them. But these days? Forget it! The lady who did the reiki on me didn’t have any method whatsoever. And when I started talking about how helping someone can actually be harmful, and vice versa, they just said: I think “All that matters is that you have good intentions.”

As I have away said: Good intentions can only get you so far. That lecture I mentioned a second ago discussed in in relation to prayer. Say one prayed to get a raise, or to get more money. Where does that money come from? In magic everything has a price. Equivalent Exchange. or to put it in modern terms: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You get the idea. This is why Secret Societies have so closely Guarded their Arts. They understand the price of using them. And when they say that things like masturbation are abhorrent, they are not saying it from a moral perspective. I’ve not partaken in that particular practice for over 2 weeks now. And I feel much better!. Sexual energy is very powerful. Why waste it? You have to understand that the knowledge is from the descendents of the Survivors of ‘Atlantis’ (and other Civilisations). So when they talk about passing the torch of wisdom from generation to generation, the mean it.

I have also heard People Say things About reality that I find rather hard to swallow. A certain Blogger Was Saying that they could Nullify the negative effects of their medication on the grounds that this was their reality, Unless someone else mentioned the symptoms. And you can. But, I have to ask: Where do you draw the line? Can you Eat Cake and be healthy? Can you Just stop eating altogether and never be hungry again because it is your reality? Walk through walls? That’s Absurd! This information needs to be grounded in ones everyday life. Otherwise, it is useless to you. So when someone tries to tell me that I’m probably a :star child” and that I should look into what realm I’m from, I just find myself saying: I’m here now, and in all honesty I don’t have the luxury of pining for home. because I really, really hate it here on earth. All it will create is a longing for home. I don’t have the luxury of that. It has been so hard to adjust to earth as it is. Well, That’s All for now.

Thanks For reading.


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