Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

This has been bothering me so much that I won’t get any rest until I make a post on it.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new information and revelations about the world we live in. The revelation that observing an experiment can change the outcome, or that reality is highly determined by your beliefs. That matter as we know it doesn’t exist, and everything is energy, vibrations. Maybe those are alien notions to you. In that case, I would recommend you look up the double slit experiment. I’m not here to prove it to anyone. Quite the opposite, actually! Sure, you can do all sorts of things. You could eat an entire tub of ice cream at once. Or jump off a tall building. Should we still say: “Oh, It’s your reality, Peace, love, Namaste”? 😛 Yeah. I don’t think so. I guess you could say I’m going through a purge of all the nonsense I’ve accumulated from making the rounds of the net. Especially those awful spirit science videos. Especially considering the geometry they promote is perverted and they actually haven’t done a shred of original research. To make matters worse, they are trying to spread knowledge to the masses. It’s a terrible idea. You must seek it yourself. Anyway, I digress. I just find there is a decided lack of discernment and judgement on the part of the people promoting and assimilating this information without question. I know there has been a huge backlash against the scientific method and cold, hard logic. And yeah, it has gotten ridiculous. On both sides of the equation.

But that doesn’t mean we should throw it out the window. What is the source of the information? Do you have more than just the word of some ‘nut’ on the internet to back it up? Why should you believe them? And it is so easy to confuse intuition with what you want to hear, or what makes you feel good. It is a very easy mistake to make. I hear about the universal truth of love but not how one must guard themselves against becoming overly attached, lest they cling too tightly to the things they hold dear, and suffocate them. People have even used alternate realties and timelines as excuses as to why their predictions have not come to pass. (channeled information) It doesn’t matter if there is some truth to it, It’s a pathetic cop-out.

Maybe put some time into your research, instead of using relativity as an excuse to be lazy? So, enough about that. Here is what I want to say. Once upon a time, There was an art to this. You couldn’t just boot up your computer, google how we are all one or that the law of attraction can manifest abundance for you, and how the ancient gurus knew this and… “Wait, there’s more! For the small price of 29.99$, You too can learn the Secret!” No, I’m serious! I got sucked into it once. Mainly because I’m rather gullible. Let’s see if it will let me upload any of it. no. Alright, here’s a screenshot. Note that the year is 2014! Sooo…. Cut me some slack.

ExampleHeh. I ended up paying around 20$ for some stupid mp3 that just waffled on, and 110 for numerology readings that only served to infuriate me! I wasn’t going to get them. But they were all like: This famous astrologer said this about people born on your birthday, And I’m offering a special deal for you! because you are important…

Yeah. Total BS. so some would say you can forecast ones destiny with  numerology? Well, I think it is an awful idea! instead of going out and doing it, you sit and wait to see if it comes true. or try to make it happen. all in all, a total mess.

I ended up being driven half mad by reading those readings. and boy, was there lots of pages. I know people seem to have some funny idea that spiritual values are somehow no longer relevant in this day and age, but that simply isn’t true. Do you think people understood monks and the like in those times either? Just… what do you think the past was like? More to the point, Anything before 1000AD is mostly utter fabrication. The truth is so different to what we have been told. The evidence is just left buried on purpose, or hidden away in storage or private collections. Although if you know what you are looking for, google earth makes it clear as day. I better stop before I get too distracted though.

All I want from people is for them to admit that they don’t know as much as they think they do about the subject, and to please stop putting their heads in the sand when I try and inform them. I have spent so many hours looking into it. But it’s your choice. I just find that when you look between the lines, people are just telling me to shut the hell up! I’m trying to master the art of walking away. A lovely site by the name of Soren Dreier taught me that. 🙂 Forget connection with “Source”, Divine love and Oneness for a moment. What the hell does that actually mean? how can you apply it?

Can a tree grow tall without spreading its roots first? Say, how can you apply the teaching of the 7 chakras? I have no idea. honestly, it seems impractical. And where did It come from? I know people claim it comes from sanskrit writings, But nobody substantiates it. Would it not be better to describe the energy meridans, The nerve distributions? Heaven forbid it be Complicated. Oh dear. And require effort. 😛 Mind you, I’m having a go at myself as well. Don’t take it personally. I’m mostly just projecting my anger with myself onto you.meridianchart1

Oh, well I got rather sidetracked. I will follow this up with another post, I suppose. After all, My mind is still swirling with thoughts I need to express.


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