The Consequences of the interconnected universe. (Part 2)

This is a continuation Of My Last Post, This will probably make more sense if you read that first. Click here to do just that. 🙂 Also, this will be a long one. Get some coffee or something, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So, I may have gotten rather distracted in the last post I wrote. Sorry about that. I guess the simplest way to express how I feel about the current movements is that there is an explosion of new knowledge without any of the wisdom or common sense that It needs to be handled properly. Or you will become stuck in these higher realms and have no grounding in reality. I am reminded of one of the chapters of Studys in Occultism, (Yes, Again, I’m sorry. I get fixated on things.) by Hp Blavatsky . The Book was originally a magazine, you see. And people often wrote in and asked questions. And by the way, If you want to read ancient knowledge, go read ancient books (this one is from 1890). Don’t let some charlatan lead you astray. A little book, With no flash cover. Bought for a pittance at a market on a quiet saturday. forgotten, and unwanted. and I feel sad. I was drawn to it. And it, along with a few other things, gave me a stern wake-up call.


Anyway, That’s What started this train of thought. Yeah, I know. I’m being a sour puss. Well, Stop being so negative About negativity! Things simply are, everything else is just your perception of it. That’s why I don’t care for sweets and most worldly pleasures. Say, I remember an experiment a group of Researchers (can’t find a link though, Sorry) did. They Created a sort of spot the differences game, and Aired it in Australia. Nobody else could see it. people didn’t find very many differences. So they aired another one, and showed all the differences. But Only in australia. Nobody else saw it. So they went over to England and Did the whole thing again. And something happened. People suddenly just knew where to find them. I guess it is like that 100th monkey thing. Are you familiar with the notion of the collective unconscious brought forward by Carl Jung? When I was younger I pondered the idea myself having no idea someone had already thought of it.

So if that has that sort of impact, can you imagine what wishing for Abundance could very well create for someone else? Let’s Just call these ‘Positive affirmations’ by their original names. Prayers. And Didn’t anyone ever tell you prayers are not supposed to about granting Material Desires? Did you even stop and consider the other laws of the universe? Not just the one people have been making a huge ruckus about? Awareness if far more important.

I hear people talking about avoiding “Fear-mongering”. Sure, That’s a good idea, in theory. But Fear is a choice! Let me give you an example: I’ve had many dreams that would qualify as ‘nightmares’.  Strange creatures coming to my door and Kidnapping me, and I only barely escaped. But was I afraid? No. It just was. I was detached. I thought calmly and logically about it, and got away. So don’t give me that nonsense. The Only things that scare me are greys and real life. (hahahaha… *Sob*) And if you are aware of something, what are you going to do about it? So what if the government is spraying chemicals (chem-trails) on us like bugs? So what if they are poisoning our food and water? what are you going to do about it? maybe the world is run by a group of very powerful people who have connections to otherworldly forces? But so what? I had someone who taught me that. I guess I could call them like a second father, because mine never taught me a thing.

They Explained something simple. They drew a circle. These were the things you could control. and everything outside of it was out of your hands. And beating yourself up about them accomplishes nothing. Expand your field of influence first, and then worry about them. knowledge not used is like letting fruit rot on a tree. shameful.

I’ve only just started to piece this puzzle together. And from what I can see, the information nearly everyone has is total bullshit! How deluded you are if you think the internet contains all of the world’s knowledge. Come back to earth, my friends. Say, are you familiar with the idea of grounding? Well, I did something really silly a while ago. Some people make crystal grids in their rooms. I made rock grids. nothing special. Just ordinary, garden variety rocks. works like a charm. some under my bed, some under my computer, and voila! problem solved. It is almost an epidemic today. So many people are doing practices which make them terribly ungrounded. And it is dangerous.

Meditation will made you high as a kite if you let it. Take my word for it. The people pushing spirituality are making it unbalanced on purpose. They don’t want you to know the Masculine side to the Spiritual realm. There are rules, and Laws. Like the law of attraction. There is also the law of free will (Confusion), Law of karma, Law of awareness (which is far more important), and so on. Say, have you all forgotten Murphy’s law? the one where you just give up on something and suddenly it just appears for you? or when you want something you can never find it, but when you don’t really mind either way it just appears like magic? Those are phenomenon are also important to consider. Say, where did I get all this information? did I read a book? haha. No. My mind is like a stirring pot for ideas . they go round and round and simmer until they are ready.

Codsworth, that lovable robot that had me saying pish posh without meaning too. Oh, Come here! *hugs*

This is one of those ideas. Now I’d like to get to the meat of the matter. So if your thoughts change ones reality, just imagine what happens when people watch violent tv, movies, and all the rest of it? Say, for example the mass of shootings the american police have been performing of late. why? I would blame tv for it. In tv-land, you can shoot 60 bullets and a person is somehow fine. And people, without even realising it, are affected by it. “Oh, We can tell the difference”, people assure me. Yeah, consciously. how about unconsciously? It hit home for me hard when I was playing some video games. Suddenly, I started saying: “Pish posh” for seemingly no reason. And then I boot up fallout 4. And To my horror, realise that the butler robot says that.

So, it really does get inside your head. terrorism exists more in tv land than in reality. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. truth be told, I’d daresay that they have good reason to hate the west now. while we mourn the loss of 20 soldiers, they are mourning tens of millions. how rich. Peacekeeping? Try hostile occupation. The Hell does democracy mean? You all say it like it means something.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked again. I have discussed channeling before. Do any of you have any Idea just how damn dangerous it Have you ever seen a wooden door twist in ways that are physically impossible? Had “dreams” (they always do it that way) where you were talking with greys (the friendly ones, these are hybrids, I believe)? And people you recognise complaining and wanting to know when they can go home (and so did I). Eh, I was helping them with some project. still have an irrational fear of greys. not sure why. I have had but a glimpse of the possibilities. And I hope you never do. I really found this article to be very interesting. It discusses channeling and, and the history behind it. I just think it bears consideration.

So, If you insist on doing this, here is my advice: I would recommend some precautions. Create a space. Create a sort of rudimentary “Ward” or symbol of protection. recite a sort of affirmation of prayer of protection and what have you. And my favorite part: You see, there are rules that even ‘evil’ ‘negative’ beings have to follow. they cannot defy free-will. so they get around this by either manufacturing consent, or making you believe you are not in control. So they will try and scare you. State simply something along the lines of: I wish to speak with those truly aligned with The source, The ALL, and I do not give consent to be deceived. In the event that you do so, you are violating my free will and I demand that you leave.

it sounds rather odd, to be sure. Otherworldly, even. But that’s just it! so if the thing you are channeling doesn’t sound alien to you, then it probably isn’t. At the risk of sounding like a broken Me Insiderecord, The only channeled material that I have found that seems sincere is the RA channellings. Go read those If you want.

I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” (from session 4)

Alien Enough for you? Well, Not to me. it just is. Anyway, I’ll just leave you with this. Most of the people getting infatuated with these things are women. And to be honest, you are ignoring your reason in favor of intuition. this is my physical body.

and Yes, I am biologically male (apparently this was a big deal when I went to a psychic fair once). Mentally, I tend to swing wildly between different states, favoring androgyny. some people would call it genderfluid, I believe. but eh. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with it (yay for mental breakdowns). Gender is just another infuriating aspect of the forced division on this planet. it isn’t natural. And one last thing you all might find interesting: The secret behind the secret.

I suspect this will be useful as all the lovely pictures you add words to, like pouring sand into people’s hands. It is empty. You cannot teach others some things. They will taint it, Crush it, mock it. No matter how much we want to help, No matter how many profound quotes you find, it is hollow, empty.

Some of you might find all  of this rather scary or intimidating. That’s okay. All I want to say is up your game or go home. This information is dangerous if handled improperly.



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