What’s Gender Fluidity all about?

You know, This is one of those topics that isn’t on most peoples radar. Sure, You have all the rainbows and funny symbols and whatnot, But what does it all mean? (also, I’m going to callously talk about things considered taboo, so be warned.) Plus, Some of the names and Pictures are downright cringeworthy. “love has no gender” “There’s So many genders” “Oh, Gender’s Fluid” To these people, they have discovered a great new horizon, and there is so many possibilities.

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now. After years of soul searching turns out we were just a plain ol girl all along. 🙂 Anyway, I know this stuff. I’m no stranger to it. A Buddhist Saying comes to mind: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

Before you go any further, I’ve since made a far better post on this subject.

I’ve studied gender myself for years now. Pondering, thinking, exploring. Doing  so allowed me to see so many other things. False Dichotomies, Western logic being predicated on black and white, and so on. Gender is no different. So, I like to think of it this way. Take The Current way of looking at it. Someone is either male or female. anyone that doesn’t fit into this framework is considered a “freak”, Queer, And out to ruin society and stuff (oh, so evil!). though be honest , I’m not really sure what dying your hair and getting piercings has to do with it.

Tops is traditional gender model. Totally disconnected with reality. The other is more realistic. I like the grey area. everything else is too polarised. And I made this myself, So sorry if it’s a bit rough. I hope It gets the idea across.

If you want to express your personality find a creative outlet, Find a cool style of clothes you like, get to know yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to have a good laugh about something. Namely the symbols. Why have people gone and made new ones? Are they not aware of ‘Hermaphrodism’ and the history behind the Gender Symbols? Some people seem to have the strange idea that this is something completely new.androgyne1

Nothing could be further from the truth. People are making all these new words that don’t need to be made. “Genderfluidity” Is Basically androgyny With a new name. And For those who are not aware, the current male and female symbols come from astrology.

The Symbols of mars, and venus. Like most popular things, most people just run with what everyone else is doing. Well, Screw that! ♂ ♀ I’m starting to think there is a third gender. In greek mythology, women are from the earth and men descended from the Sun, then the chilren of the moon. They dared challenge the gods, and I’ve forgotten the rest. Split in 2 or something. I think wikipedia has this story. I’m getting into some really obscure western Esoteric Traditions and alchemy. As for why it is secret? I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the baphomet symbol. It has some pretty negative connotations in modern culture. This sort of thing tends to get misunderstood. The universal androgone become the devil.all_symbols

You see mars and Venus? This is what I was talking about. Now, The one I’m interested is the Symbol Of Mercury. Which is related to Hermes, and transformational

Modern Transgendered Symbol.

alchemy. aka the unification of opposites.

Symbol Of Mercury, (and hermes, by extention) The God Of Messages, Alchemy, Transformation.

Which in modern terms would simply equate to Transgender and the like. Now, this is what gets me. Notice how these are virtually identical?

funny how people remember, even unconsciously.

I propose that people start to use the old symbols that already exist, Because making new ones is rather inconsistent and pointless.


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