What’s Gender Fluidity all about?

You know, This is one of those topics that isn’t on most peoples radar. Sure, You have the rainbows and the sometimed cringeworthy prose, But what does it all mean? “love has no gender” “There’s So many genders” “Oh, Gender’s Fluid”

It’s empty, devoid of meaning. I want something more substantial.

A Buddhist Saying comes to mind: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.”

I’ve studied gender for years now. Pondering, thinking, exploring. Doing so allowed me to see so many other things. False Dichotomies, Western logic being predicated on black and white, and so on. Gender is no different. So, I like to think of it this way. Take The Current way of looking at it. Someone is either male or female. anyone that doesn’t fit into this framework is considered a “freak”, Queer, or what have you.


We often call call people like that pretty boys, sissies or in the case of women tomboys, butch, dykes or what have you. Yet people often deny that gender isn’t so black and white, in spite of knowing this.

Everything is a matter of degree. Things don’t just suddenly go from “cold” to “hot” instantly. They are opposite poles of the same thing: Temperature. In the same vein, is a macho bodybuilder equally as male as a slender, effeminate acrobat? Of course not!

Quite simply, each and every one of us contains a mixture of male and female attributes, reguardless of how we present ourselves. In Jungian Psychology every person has an opposite aspect to themselves- called the anima or animus.

Being gender fluid in my eyes is allowing the entirety of who you are shine through, regardless of the body you inhabit. To be honest the idea that there are only 2 binary categories for everyone to fit into is preposterous!

It’s simply a convenient way of looking at things. Every person is a mixture of male and female. It’s just a matter of which one is dominant. And when people sit somewhere in we call them androgynous.

Gender is a spectrum, and we all have our own unique mixture that makes us who we are. Be yourself. Don’t let yourself be limited by stifling and outdated gender roles.

Thanks for reading. Be well.


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