Who Said Women Can’t Be Warriors?


Say, I’ve Been looking at the trailers for some new movies. And Funnily enough, Most of them have female protagonists. Namely, the new star wars one. Rouge one, was it? It is a growing trend that has been gradually creeping up on us for a while now. Personally, I’m fascinated by it. And I wanted to share some of my own experiences with you. (warning, Rambling ahead. It may take a while to get to the point.)

I made the mistake of reading the comments. It certainly is baffling that some people say it is unrealistic or unfair or something. And if they are? I want all of you to take a step back for a moment. How is it considered normal that every movie contains a male protagonist? and generally speaking there is a token character who serves as the “heart” or love interest, emotional support, etc.

Now that’s just strange. Isn’t it? Why is that?  Why is that our normal? Well, Our ‘Western’ culture is Hyper-Masculine. Hyper Logical, Left-brained dominant. And there is a certain macho facade, To which I think needs to die a horrible death. Every man is expected to live up to an absurd notion of ‘Manliness’. But the whole thing is a farce, an act. Men don’t really act or feel  this way. Instead of crying, men often end up drinking or many other self-destructive behaviors. Now, here comes along ‘feminism’. And suddenly that macho pride is threatened. I remember that for a time if you wanted to play with blocks people would be like: “What, are you gay?” Because girls had started to play with them too.

That silly nonsense needs to die. It’s not strong. They are just as afraid as anyone else. but they just put on a brave face. Bravado. I see it all the time. Terrified on being seen as anything less than manly. Walking a thin tightrope. Does that sound strong to you? It’s like a giant game of poker or something. Now, something is going to crack this way.

So, What does that have to do with anything? One needs to dissect cultural nonsense from the real thing. I have no problem with masculinity, just the pathetic facade of macho nonsense. I’m tired of all this. And I think men are too!

And I’m even more tired of Everything being built around men and that facade (it is harmful for everyone!) they keep up. You can’t see how all-encompassing it is until you take a step back. I know I couldn’t. For those not aware, I was born male, and am now in the process of changing that. to say the shift in perspective was jarring would be a monumental understatement. There is lots of noise going round about this sort of thing, Egos being thrown around, Pride being hurt.

and so on. I want to cut through the cultural nonsense, and Explain something. Say I boot a video game up. The gear you start with is pretty cool. I like it. I even played world of warcraft, for Research Purposes. (bear with me a moment, I need to get this off my chest.) Made a female human Priest. Do you know what the first thing I notice is?

One, No Breast slider. Ugh. Too large. The robes are extremely sexualized. slightly annoyed. But I ignore it. The faces are all making provocative expressions. I find the tamest one. looks like a smug bitch though. So yeah. We start the game. Yay, Level 1. First thing we see is people spamming the chat with gold offers. Lovely. Great first impression, Azeroth. But I did play warcraft 3. so It’s more like revisiting.

So I’m put to work killing some poor wolfies. say, I have a staff. But am I going to use it? Nope. So there it is, sitting on my back. (I’m very heartbroken. I don’t know if you realise that. I miss my staff.) And to add insult to injury, you should have seen the casting animations. It’s suggestive, provocative, flirty. Say, I’m a priest! Gaaah! Maybe if I was a rogue or something. But a priest? No!!!! that is totally breaking any sense of character, immersion, roleplaying, etc. and pisses me off. I serve with honour. I took vows.

But again, It’s a fantasy world. I’m sure someone’s into that. (kinda like sexy nurses, right?) So I continue. yay, kill more stuff, Grrr, bad orcs. Grr, Bad bear skins. :). I wasted hours. thank goodness I was capped at lvl 20. So there I am, In stormwind, Capital of the alliance. no levels left to gain.

Hey Frostmourne. How It going? I think you are ugly (and impractical), no offence. But poor Athas.. 😦

getting majorly off topic. This is what I wanted to say: All of the end-game Gear in these games has an aesthetic I can’t stand almost all of the time! I can’t stand skulls and demons and all the rest of it! Or spikes or horns or bones..  And even then, nothing appeals to me. Yeah, yeah. ‘Transmog‘. I shouldn’t be forced to do that. Where is all the glimmer and gold at? Anyone? *cries in the corner* Gilded, Poised, Serene. Elegant. Like a Valkyrie Bringing judgement. I really don’t understand why it doesn’t exist. Also, jewelry. You can never have enough of that.

Sad story. This was the only image I could find that embodies what I was talking about.Credit goes to artist. 

Sure, It’s a game based off of Warhammer, And the 80’s Ultra buff Guys thing. giant shoulders. It is a particularly bad case of annoying. Yes, I am aware it is fantasy, and If I don’t like it I should leave. and screaming sexism is unfair to those who enjoy it. But, Consider this? What alternatives actually exist?

And more importantly, When did showing off the female form in such an exaggerated and sexual manner brazenly become so accepted? I just don’t get how anyone can consider or accept that people have let their sexual desires become so out of control. How can you let it rule your life? I found a movement highlighting how prevalent this phenomenon is. It is called the Hawkeye Inititive. Like many things, you can’t see it until someone points it out.


Let’s all take a moment to enjoy this delicious satire. Nom. This is the image that started it all. Love the look on black widow’s face in the right side. Priceless. “The hell is he doing?”

In the east this isn’t the case, but that’s only because it is the opposite. The east likes Cuteness and the like. So That is a different beast altogether. I’m not going to show images because they are rather inappropriate. Anyway, I’m getting to the good bit. Promise. So many of these ’empowered’ characters are just “fanservice”, even if they are kicking ass while doing it.

I wonder if anyone else relates so strongly to characters like superman? I know I can. Which brings me to my next thing of interest. The tv Show Supergirl. It is fairy new, And I’ve enjoyed it very much (You should see the grin on my face). Barring a few stupid things like leaving hair down when you go flying, and putting it up to do mundane things. oh, and the skirt. wouldn’t you end up flashing everyone? or is that the point?

But hey, we are making progress. The whole series could be considered “femininist” One of the thing that has me intruiged is the amount of people trashing it for being terrible. maybe it just isn’t your cup of tea? I suppose. It points out how women are expected to hide all of their negative emotions and smile sweetly. if a girl went and threw a chair across the room, the world would end. That’s just not how it is done. annoying, but true.

So Kara (supergirl) has lost her home, Krypton. She misses it terribly. She can’t stand being forced to be normal. she remembers her world. but the world doesn’t care. the world doesn’t know. the plot goes on, go see the attractive camara guy. bla bla bla.

Anyway, the military is testing this new android thingy. She goes to town on it, Breaks it, it flies off. Huge mess. She hunts it down. So there she is, face to face. blergh. look. just look at this.Supergirl-

This is a side to femmine energy that has been forgotten, feared, supressed. it is primal. Chaotic and of course, tremendously powerful! Depends on the way you look at it. I’m reminded of Mythology looking at kara’s expression. The Banshee, The Siren, Medusa, The Gorgon. It really does remind me of it.

It isn’t graceful, and it certainly isn’t nice to look at. This is the “dark side” of Femminity. A kind of primal energy that I think anyone would agree is something rather damn terrifying. I’m going to tell you a story now. I used to see a lady. We ended up talking about getting angry and all that.

So she tells me a story. Some kids smashed up her car, right? She wakes her husband up, he’s like: “We can’t do anything” And she’s like “Fuck that!” charming, I know. I don’t exactly remember what she told me, But She goes and yells at them! apparently when she gets angry She just ‘sees red’. No fear. none whatsoever.

so they are all smug and stuff. She’s fuming. so she goes over and grabs their bikes. And yells: “You Break my Car, I break your @!#$ing bike!” I mean, god. that’s scary. and her husband was too meek to do anything. Anyway, she continues. I live in australia, by the way. She used to work up in the northern territory in aboriginal communities. They called her the “crazy lady” (or something close). why?  Well, Apparently they solve feuds and arguments up there by just grabbing knives, and walking over to the offending party. Done. No passive aggresive nonsense. But add alcohol to the mix? Well, things get messy. She just barges in there, And Yells at them! I’m sorry. I just don’t get it. I’m gentle by nature. But My god! That is what I’m talking about. I like to think of it like this: You have the traditional idea of fire and water. Male and female. But then there is also air and earth. This is earth. Anyway, I’m getting tired of writing this.

Now, You can interpreret they mythology in many different ways. I’m not getting into that. I just said it reminded me of it. I hear people point out the strength difference between the sexes. In war, this isn’t actually that much of a factor as you might think. Also, you can use your opponents strengh against them. this is the founding principle of Akido. Another thing is that muscle is actually rather compact if built properly. the most iconic example would be bruce lee. ‘small’ (relatively speaking) guy, but incredibly strong.

so the same applies to women. they might look small, but looks can be rather deceiving. And from what I can gather female warriors overcame their shortcomings by using different weapons. like polearms instead of swords to make up for their shorter stature.Anyway, I think that will be enough. I’m done. I need a holiday. Why do I burn myself out? sigh.



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