Energy Healing beyond the chakras

There is quite a bit of ‘information about things like chakras, spirituality, angels, Ascended masters, and so on. But not so much about the actual practical use of energy and how it relates to ‘boring’ old normal life.

You hear about chakras and blockages, or grey, dead auras, but it’s often rather insubstantial. How can it relate to everyday life?

Have you ever wondered who popukarised the chakras? It was C.W Leadbeater- one of the members of the theosophical movement.

To be honest, I’ve since realised that the chakras and the endoctine system are linked. Each one corresponds to a particualar organ.

Much like how in medieval times people had no knowledge of anatomy or skeletal structure, much of this mystic information is simply forgotten knowledge from ancient times.

Take the kundalini channels, or the ida and pingula nadis, also known as the sun and moon channels.

Each side of the body is polarised, and associated with male and female energy. These need to stay in alignment or illnesses will manifest.

we’re rapidly realising these so called mystical ideas are actually real formations. In chinese medicine, the body is full of meridians or vital channels, which in order to remain healthy must remain open and flowing.

These too, are linked with various organs. I find it rather frustrating that people forget there is an entire body to fix, clear of blockages and realign, not just those 7 points on the spine. That is the center, sure. (and still important to be aware of)

More often than not, a certain area can become overenergised or underenergised, creating an imbalance. This will eventually lead to physical problems.

While I’m sure you’ve heard from some sources that energy healing such as reiki that healing cannot do harm, that the energy will go where it needs to go, nothing could be further from the truth.

Just like how doctors train for years in order to become qualified, energy healing is no different. Proper hygyine is essencial in both practices, as energy transfer is almost inevitable. In many cases a healer can cure a patient only to take the sickness into his own body.

I’d like to reiterate: energy healing should only be performed by a qualified person with adequate training. There are 3 main steps involved: Scanning, Cleaning, and Balancing.

I had the good fortune of finding a textbook at the library on pranic healing by master chok soi. It just made sense to me. It explained an overlap between indian and chinese traditions, and that medical qigong and pranic healing were one and the same.

People have gotten us so caught up in exotic sounding ideas that we’ve forgotten the simple truth that we are electrical beings.

Thanks for reading.

Be well.


2 thoughts on “Energy Healing beyond the chakras

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, thank you! I was born with kind of a lightening scar where the third eye lies, don’t know yet what it means but I feel this activity and vibration on it as well. You are one of the most authentic humans I met so far, even if I didn’t really hahah
    You can check out master of earth on youtube, he speaks out about interesting topics too!
    It’s actually so simple and obvious if we look at it and us and everything just as it is, no conspiracy just realizing the reality and how much options and ways to express and live there are. I’m still learning how to manifest as I am realizing how we really are creators and it all kind of a game, but more importantly live and be the source, I suppose
    Thank you

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  2. Oh, Suneyeh! You’re amazing! *hugs* You’re like my sister or something. Don’t know what I mean by that.
    A lightning Bolt on the third eye? That’s interesting. Psst: we can see things that they can’t. that’s all I know. I’d say you’re pretty authentic yourself haha.
    Oh. Thanks for that. Apparently I need to make even more changes to my life. I just started going off shampoo! Oh, You might want to check new earth out. It might help you understand more about the ‘game’ as you call it. oh, it is kinda disturbing. I’m not sure if we are here by choice. Oh, and a good dose of sarcasm too. can never have enough of that. I’ve been really enjoying it.
    Also, I wouldn’t put much faith in the idea of manifestation. But that’s just me. You can’t really change how you feel about something inside.
    Thank you for the suggestion. Truly.


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