Energy Healing beyond the chakras

Good News. I’m making a proper post again. (The Sage is back, Baby.)

You know, there is lots of ‘information’ (or noise, as I put it) about things like chakras, “Spirituality” (it is thrown around. what does it mean?) angels, Ascended masters, et cetera. But not so much about the actual practical use of energy and how it relates to ‘boring’ old normal life.

Or really anything substantial, really. I’m tired of reading words with no substance. So here I am. No books to quote, no teachings to parrot. Just my own words. gleamed from the silence where others can’t bother me. Also, I am Qualified for Reiki one. But I don’t let silly things like my rank stop me from things  It isn’t like this is my first rodeo. I’ve been gathering information for writing this for a while now. I hope you like it. Well, why not start  with the chakras? Pretty much everyone knows them pretty well. Of course, Nearly everyone forgets the Kundalini Serpents, Or Masculine and feminine energy channels that flank the Spine (Ida and pingala nadis). Those are incredibly important to understand. Why?


Well, The Entire Body is split into left and right. Mentally (yes, I know it is more complicated), The Right is ruled by the left brain and vice versa. The same holds true energetically. The Left side of the Body is Feminine, and The Right Masculine. and I hear you saying: So what? don’t worry, we are getting to that. People don’t know it, But the shoulders are very important. They are not chakras per se, But are important nonetheless. It really annoys me that people forget there is an entire body to fix, clear of blockages and realign, not just those 7 points on the spine. That is the center, sure. (and still important to be aware of)

The problem is that these Energetic,Subtle problems eventually manifest into physical, real things. have you ever heard the saying: “They carry the weight of the world on their 670250-colesshoulders?” or something similar? Well, My father Has worked in a management position at a retail company (Coles, If you are wondering) for about 30ish years now.

From the little he has told me, He had to deal with an absurd amount of nonsense. having over 200 people under you is hard. and all the bickering, nonsense. Scum of the earth managers who make life a living hell. People trying to get him fired. and he just maintained his integrity through hell and back

But it broke him. That responsibility has literally broken his shoulders. Arms are the way which we interact with the physical in a meaningful way. But the most interesting? His Left shoulder is much more broken than his right. Why? Because that’s the feminine side of the body. And he doesn’t have or use that energy. The idea of going with the flow is totally alien to him. that position he was working in nobody else can stay in it for long. the expectations are just absurd. nobody can shoulder that much.

That is something very close to home. I’ve started seeing all sorts of signs of energetic blockages and the like in people. like how my right wrist is injured right now. I tripped and fell, and injured my right hip and wrist. Why did it happen that way? Well, I was running around town in a state of hysteria desperately trying to make my problems go away. Aka, Energetic Imbalance. Avoiding responsibility. So that manifested physically.

I don’t hear people discussing any of this. I will give you another example. I went out to get some money from the government. (fun fun fun..) This time it went surprisingly well. But I did see something I found very interesting. One of the ladies at the desk had a sort of sore (like a little bump on their forehead). you know, where the third eye is. And it was fairly obvious just listening to them talking that they had no connection to the higher centres. They were, in a word, Blind.

Have Sharpened it to make it easier to see.

And it showed. A literal swollen bump on the head. Funny thing is, I have the opposite. there is a strange mark there. My mother tells me it is from chicken pox. I don’t really know what to think.

I know for some of you this is utter nonsense. But for me, Sometimes when I’m doing something or processing new information I start to feel a pressure on the brow. and I know my third eye is doing something. My eyes have been upgraded in the last year or so also. But I’ve gotten used to my new “astral eyes” as I like to call them. just has a nice ring to it. So I can see things. Though I still need to look after myself. If I don’t it all goes to waste. shame to not use them. One of these days I will go off sugar entirely.

Another thing that is ignored is the role of body hair and its function. As far as I can gather, it is an extention of the nervous system. speaking from personal experience. I tried shaving all my body hair off becuase it was ugly, and the results were rather shocking. I couldn’t sense things anymore. my 6th sense was gone. and I felt exposed, my skin had problems, insects were biting me left and right.

But what about The hair on the head? Well, that’s a little more complicated. To me, having it short is like missing a limb. a sort of self-mutilation. It is a literal part of the nervous system. I have no research to back this up, but I think in time they will agree. Think of it like a bugs antenae. I mean, why do you think that the hairs stand on end? it’s like your own personal motion detector.

I can’t tell you how many times my head has whipped around in an unnatural fashion to hone in on something. And there is always something. didn’t hear anything. didn’t see anything. wasn’t even paying attention. my neck just moves of it’s own accord.

And of course, the style you have it in isn’t just for show. First thing to avoid is having hair that covers the brow. this inhibits the pineal gland’s intake of sunlight. which will cause you no end of grief. (this gland produces melatonin and the things that make you feel good). and  If it is covered that can’t happen. Yes, it is annoying. The last thing is to not use Shampoo. I tried this for a while, but it smelled terrible. I felt much better. I hear you can make your own stuff. Never tried. would love to know how. and lastly If you have it to one side or the other, you create a bias towards the male or female polarity. (Disclaimer: these are just my educated guesses half the time. Take them with a grain of salt.)

So what does ‘Spiritual’ Actually mean? I’m no authority, but this is my thoughts on it. Wait for it… It has to do with spirits. huh. Okay, I’ll be serious for a moment. Listen, and Listen well.

It is the realisation that you are not your body, not your mind, you are not a human with a spirit or soul, You are a spirit inhabiting a temporary human shell, and all of the revelations and implications that go along with it.

There. that sounds like it could be from a book. No pinching! (I will find you…) love you too. I mean, people don’t like to talk about spirits. Why? well, it interferes with the love and light. after all, ghost and tormented souls trapped between worlds are just inconvenient to that little bubble.

Aceptance of The Entire Reality is the key. Not negative, Not positive. Just simply let it exist. Fear is a choice.

I don’t know about you, but ancient stories and legends, Myths, Folk tales all make mention of these phenomenon. But modern spirituality turns a blind eye. Apparently if you commit suicide to them you go back home and are greeted with the utmost love. that sounds great, really! but it also sounds like wishful thinking. First thing you have to realise is most of the information floating around on the net isn’t genuine. these people don’t have the foggiest idea what they are talking about.

And the worst part? they don’t even know that they don’t know! I know how little I know. And that’s the difference. I bring to the table what little I have to offer. positivity, affirmations, it’s all a lie. The truth is Enlightenment (to see) is about removing all filters and lenses. Not jaded, Not Rose-tinted. To see without distortion. To become truly disillusioned. that word is associated with being negative. that is not the true meaning. it means to dispel all that which is false and untrue.

To go beyond positive and negative. to transcend the physical. For many of you that is nor desirable nor achievable. you are not ready. Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy life’s ups and downs. The fleeting pleasures of the physical realm. But don’t pretend to be something you are not. People pretend the bar isn’t so high, that you don’t need to give it all up. Well, for some of us that is no sacrifice at all. I would love to do that.

No Sugar, regular practice of meditation, Abstaining from eating meat, these things are all part of it. And you will feel better if you do them. But If you are not ready to take that path, don’t. I only ask that you don’t pretend that it isn’t necessary.  And if you are not ready to let them go, you will only end up repressing your desires rather than transcending them. One only needs to look at the times when the church ruled to see what a mess that was.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my personal experience with all of you. Much Love.


2 thoughts on “Energy Healing beyond the chakras

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, thank you! I was born with kind of a lightening scar where the third eye lies, don’t know yet what it means but I feel this activity and vibration on it as well. You are one of the most authentic humans I met so far, even if I didn’t really hahah
    You can check out master of earth on youtube, he speaks out about interesting topics too!
    It’s actually so simple and obvious if we look at it and us and everything just as it is, no conspiracy just realizing the reality and how much options and ways to express and live there are. I’m still learning how to manifest as I am realizing how we really are creators and it all kind of a game, but more importantly live and be the source, I suppose
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Suneyeh! You’re amazing! *hugs* You’re like my sister or something. Don’t know what I mean by that.
    A lightning Bolt on the third eye? That’s interesting. Psst: we can see things that they can’t. that’s all I know. I’d say you’re pretty authentic yourself haha.
    Oh. Thanks for that. Apparently I need to make even more changes to my life. I just started going off shampoo! Oh, You might want to check new earth out. It might help you understand more about the ‘game’ as you call it. oh, it is kinda disturbing. I’m not sure if we are here by choice. Oh, and a good dose of sarcasm too. can never have enough of that. I’ve been really enjoying it.
    Also, I wouldn’t put much faith in the idea of manifestation. But that’s just me. You can’t really change how you feel about something inside.
    Thank you for the suggestion. Truly.


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