Hey, People With “Other” Genders are people too!

I’m writing this because I feel like it. Fair warning, this isn’t for those easily grossed out or squeamish. Also, It’s a bit of a mess! I hope you don’t mind.

Hi Everyone. Apparently there is quite a bit of discussion about gender, identity and all the rest at the minute. And Honestly, I can see the value in both sides of the argument. On the other hand, I have to ask all of you something. Is it your opinion, or just what the masses have decided? Did you do any research into the matter? Can one not speak candidly anymore? Must one filter themselves to such a degree? I Somehow ended up watching this video. Very interesting, to say the least.

I suppose there are a few ways of looking at it. Say a grown man says that “identify” like a woman. And one is expected to accept this without question. Some people blindly accept this, not because they are okay or understand this, but because society demands it. What I’m saying is that people are not necessarily okay with it, but rather just going along with the crowd. Sure, some people are actually decent people and are actually okay with it. But My God, If I hear “No Judgement” uttered again… I told some people exactly what I thought of that. Now, I really don’t care what label someone has or if they Identify as an attack Helicopter. (oh, that had me in fits. I know it’s insensitive, but you can’t afford to take yourself so seriously. I don’t like having panic attacks because my brain can’t process my appearance. that hasn’t changed, I just don’t give it the chance. (don’t look down, whatever you do)

It’s kind of bizarre, really. for the first 5 minutes you’re like: “OMG they’re gay” and then after that: Eh. They seem like a nice couple. and then after that, I’m like: “They’re so Normal and boring! I want more weird!” Ah you see, I spent the majority of my high school years in a ‘special’ class. I’ve Seen things. Disturbing things. haha. No joke. But anyway, I hated them at first. bunch of retards. Stupid, annoying, didn’t understand my sarcastic remarks. but after a few years, Something changed. They looked up to me. I would walk in and I could see their faces light up. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Oh, Hi Ellie! (that’s my female name. use it if you like.) I don’t really get it, But I guess I could something more than a bunch of autistic kids. I could see people, With hearts and dreams.

So what if their minds are defective? They felt, they bleed. they live, they dream. They hope. They FEEL. How can you forget? I grappled with this for the longest time. So If someone is gay, Transgender, Fat, Black, I won’t let that define them. I will take note of it, yes. But I will not let it define them. It just cracks me up that people are so superficial. Oh, we’re totally okay with it, as long as… the person looks like their preferred gender, and so on. I love the looks on people’s faces when I’m introduced with a female name but look male. they almost squirm in their seats. Mind you, these people are totally (supposedly) okay with the idea.

Oh, Exceptions? I see how it is. You’re okay with it, but wouldn’t date someone like that. Oh, If you can’t stand it just darn well say so! All this tip-toeing is stupid! Anyway, I’m getting off topic. My apologies. You see, It’s like we are not even people anymore to you. Just curiosities and Circus Freaks to be studied and used as a kind of shock factor. “OMG they’re trans! I really couldn’t tell!” Honestly, Stuff like that happens. people out them just to get a reaction from other people.

It’s like they forget that these are more than just labels, ‘Freaks’ they are people with lives! I know a trans man who always says: “I just want to be a normal dad, with a normal life”.  But maybe the most heartbreaking is that some people have gotten the absurd notion that some transwomen are trying to ‘trick’ straight men in some way. Did it ever occur to them that perhaps the world does not revolve solely around them, and perhaps they did this for themselves?

honestly, It boggles the mind. Honestly. And they take it even further. Some would even postulate that these people are mentally ill and need intervention or something. from what I can gather, such attempts to ‘treat’ gender dsyphoria generally result in suicide. You assume wrongly. You give the body credence over both the mind and the spirit.such a thing is simply absurd to even consider. the body is nothing but a shell. Brain scans have revealed that these people’s brains are actually wired as their preferred genders. (or in the case of transwomen, 50% male and 50% female)

Oh, and let’s not forget the people who are absoloutely convinced that there is only male and female, and anthing in between is simply nonsense. Tell that to Intersex people. And the ‘Corrective’ surgery forcibly done to them at birth. that often scars them for life.intersex

What I find the most interesting about intersex, is that in Theosophic literature, It makes mention of something very interesting regarding gender in the distant past.

Quoted: from Cosmic Memory (Prehistory of Earth and Man) by Rudolf Steiner

Much as the human form in those ancient times described in the preceding chapters differed from the form of present-day man, one comes to conditions still more dissimilar if one goes even further back in the history of mankind. For only in the course of time did the forms of man and woman develop from an older, basic form in which human beings were neither the one nor the other, but rather were both at once. He who wants to form an idea of these enormously distant periods of the past must however liberate himself completely from the habitual conceptions taken from what man sees around him.


Oh, and let’s not Forget Genitals. if you feel squeamish about this, don’t. What’s the big deal? I’m asexual, so it’s just anatomy to me. I don’t know if you are aware, but you can’t just go: Oh, I want a vagina. *ding* oh, that’s better. Good job! Truth be told, the process is rather barbaric and dare I say, unreliable. It really is just mutilation (In most cases. some doctors are getting very good at it.). it can get infected, you can lose feeling, have scar tissue. and at the end of the day, it will only be an imitation. you can’t reproduce, and you can’t have kids. Oh, and did I mention it will take months, if not years for it to heal?

Those are the facts. Like them, hate them, I had nothing to do with it. If you must know, It is the least important part of transitioning. Many people leave it alone for precisely these reasons. But to the layman it is seen as the only and most important part. so kindly, stop asking about it. I’m trying it in a different way myself. Provided it works, Which it has to a degree. I’ve had… oh, nevermind. I’m sure you can figure it out. maybe if i was less lazy it would be further along. some of it might seem impossible. and if you are assuming that matter can’t be changed by thought, then yes, it is. but otherwise? the world’s your oyster.

If any of you intend you use them, You need to be either sleeping while they play or meditating. also, drink plenty of water. otherwise they will not work. And they won’t work overnight either. it will take months. be patient. Now that will get you the real deal if it works. I’d honestly recommend playing it on repeat while you sleep. Oh, and be very careful what you listen too. It’s like they don’t even care how crazy or stupid what people want is. there is a hypnosis track for growing cat ears! what. *sigh* I rest my case. Knowledge without wisdom indeed.

Oh, I’m rambling again. Sorry. I’ve turned this into a study of the topic now. ha. Sorry. You should have learned to expect that by now. 🙂 Oh, right. This what I was supposed to say: Oh, yeah, people should totally be able to use a ‘bathroom’ (that’s what you americans call it. We call them toilets.)

Oh dear. what a mess I’ve written. I hope you don’t mind. I’l be going now. *runs off stage* It’s not fair! why do I make such disjointed posts?


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