About all these people following me.

Worried Woman Stalked by a Man

*Walks up to stage.* The Crowd is waiting. The Beaming, Expectant faces. What will the wise and powerful Snacking Sage say next? everyone holds their breath. What truths will he reveal? What secrets does he know? what advice can he give? *Takes a deep breath.* the room goes silent. Annnd, commercial break.

fooled ya! It’s not like Many people see my blog. (I’m not really sure what people want me to write about. Some things are kinda out there for most of you. Maybe I will just write what I feel like?)

You know, I’m pretty surprised that people ended up enjoying reading what I write. Even so, I’m not exactly having a huge following. I get, maybe 10 views on something at most. I’m not sure if that is normal, or because I’m stubborn. Screw you, social media. I’m not caving in. yet. In any case, I would prefer to stay anonymous. Why all the secrecy? Oh, It makes it much more fun. truly. plus, I’d swear I’m being followed sometimes… Some really weird stuff has happened. I’m out of the conspiracy game, but still. Sometimes cars just turn up when I’m walking around and just sit there and then leave. eerie.

It pays to take a little caution. But I wasn’t talking about that. I was referring to my little corner of the net. I mean, you read something I’ve written and you like it, right? So you follow me. Kinda like when I find information I like I bookmark it. But here’s the kicker: I never go back and read them. So does it actually mean anything? Yeah, It’s like glad-wrapping food and chucking it out a week later.

I’m the unwanted leftovers! that’s not really what I had in mind when I made this. say, does anyone know how to increase traffic? I guess I’m writing this because I’ve been pouring my heart out into some of these posts and so few people end up reading them. That is rather disheartening.

Also, I just want all of you to realise that I’m really strange. like, what I write is kinda otherworldly. honest. It probalbly doesn’t help that I write things that drag on for 1000 ish words rather often. I just want you to understand that I’ve delved into the occult, conspiricies, Esoterica, Chronology, Aliens, and so on. So don’t be suprised if I mention them in passing.

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say.


One thought on “About all these people following me.

  1. I love the anonymity I have here – and yet I have still found fulfilling and important relationships – it’s an amazing and fun duality 🙂

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