Female Beauty Doesn’t have to be sexual.

Hello. Everyone. I’ve been doing some thinking about something. And perhaps reading some things about the depiction of women and girls in media. and honestly, something occurred to me. Something doesn’t have to be sexy to be attractive. Some things just are pleasing to the eye, and anyone with a modicum of decency should be able to see that. I might start with something rather close to home. Ever played a game called Skyrim? I have. about 500 hours, in fact. But recently I made another character. And Modded it to the nines. Made if female friendly. Also, Hair physics! Game of the year! And MY GOD. The horrors of sifting through the skyrim nexus. Oh, but there was a lovely site called girlplays game to help me out. Thank you so much! (and I might just want to share my screenshots with you. shhh..)

Oh, and for those of you interested I can leave a list of the mods I used. Bwa ha hahaha…. Soon world domination shall be mine! *Ahem* So much fun. But so much work! It shouldn’t have to be that hard for me to make it enjoyable for myself. And I realised something. Something doesn’t have to be sexual to be appealing and attractive. So, back to what I was saying.

Take everyone’s favorite female superheroes. everyone knows they are hypersexualised. the question is whether this is okay or not. really, the outfits are not the main problem. it is the poses and camera angles. The Camera is the culprit more than anything. I’m not talking about making things boring and Realistic. Screw that! I want more pretty stuff. I want my fanservice, Dammit! you can’t have all the fun. is a perfect example of people completely missing the point. Practical Superhero Costumes. Boring. lacking in colour and imagination. Ugly. yeah. go away. I don’t want your stupid realism. the entire point is to have some fun! (see image on right) I’m using supergirl as an example cause she has a show I like. shush. đŸ™‚

And I certainly don’t want the one on the left. But hey, I found the ‘femminist’ one looking enhanced-buzz-7705-1364999265-8for the middle one. I was pretty taken aback by the lack of colour and all the rest. Oh, have a look at the rest of this person’s designs. they are amazing! Well, they are certainly a step up from what we have. looks so cool! Ninja!

Anyway, I was wondering what all of you thought of the look. And I don’t like all of them to be honest. but hey, they are better than the bikini look.

I will come clean with all of you. I’m Actually asexual. Sexual appearance doesn not make sense to me. And to me, When I see a woman with breasts that are spilling out of her shirt in an absurd fashion, do you know what the first thing I think is? Those are out of proportion with the rest of her body. Oh, and I wonder how uncomftable it is. It does not conform to the golden mean or Fibonacci. It is ‘wrong’. Curves cease to flow properly, and jut out at awkward angles. Astetically, it is ugly to me. If you look at greek statues they painstakingly made sure that every part was in perfect proportion. But these days that is lost. The romans made cheap imitations without understanding classical proportion. Mind you, it wasn’t just the Greeks. Just about any ancient Culture will display the same principles. Egypt, China, and many others.

Ah, But you say this body is unrealistic? Well, Man has fallen very far. Some people even consider humans to be nothing more than intelligent animals. And then you start acting like it. We are divine. Remember.

But I will let that be for now, and continue. So I guess my next question is whether or not any of you find these images appealing. After all, I gathered them with tremendous difficulty. You Can still be stunning without being sexy. I suppose the word is elegance.

Oh, and if you click on them they get bigger and stuff. True story. And yes, These appeal to my own personal tastes. That’s what I’m curious about. What do you all think of these images? And yes, they are not realistic. That’s the whole charm of fantasy and make-believe. you can do things that are impossible. and the more realistic womanly depictions freak me out.

So screw the people who want to make everything realistic. And Screw the people putting women in bikinis all the time. I want my elegance and grace. And I just wondered if anyone had considered that maybe there was a middle ground between oversexualisation and annoying boring and realistic. And maybe, just maybe I can get my fix without having to go to absurd lengths one day.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Female Beauty Doesn’t have to be sexual.

  1. Wow Mr. Sage thanks again for a great post! Have you read the post Daniel See’s Anime? https://seeanimeondaniel.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/new-anime-sucks-fueling-the-argument-both-ways/. I really liked what he had to say and he is very knowledgable when it comes to the history of anime. After I wrote him I commented (kindly) on two other blogs that seemed to question fan service but those folks turned quickly and defended the art. There was a clear difference in that they only knew the culture superficially. It is hard to open eyes. How are you doing with that these days?

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  2. I had lots of fun writing this hehe. I just looked through it now. It is rather sad really. Say, I wanted to order a plush of a certain cat from an anime I liked. ended up on a japanese site based in tokyo. It was rather disturbing to say the least. everything is cute to be sure, but there is a disturbing undertone I can’t quite explain.
    It’s really sad that anime used to be such a wonderfull form of expression but now you can’t watch most of it without finding some form of perverted nonsense. having said that, I’ve found a few I have enjoyed without it. that being because they are aimed at girls and the fanservice is rather different.

    And It isn’t just the fanservice. It disrespects japan’s own heratige. And the depiction of violence and fighting may as well be elaborate dances for all I care. nice choreography though. One show comes to mind that did this well. neon genesis evangelion. now that understood. Violence should not be done so callously. *deep breath* I might write about that too. I avoided it for a few months and suddenly it made me so sick to the core to see.

    The way I see it is that these things are simply symptoms of a much larger problem. and until that is solved, nothing can be done. both the east and the west are guilty of it in different ways. There is a sickness pervading humanity. we are not supposed to be this way.


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