Why I quit Being A Conspiricy theorist.

You know, I did say I would take a long break from all this. Partially because real life is doing some really cool stuff and I need to focus on that. Cause I’m terrible at real life. Yay for that. So What kind of reaction does that label elicit? That would be my first question to all of you. Some nutcase? A pedophile? some people actually act like that. That is one of the reasons I don’t use the word or label anymore. I am a seeker of truth. nothing more, nothing less.

Also, When I first got into all this stuff, I was pretty naive. I’ve matured and now I can see just how absurdly stupid some of it is. And also how absurdly clear that any other explanations in certain cases are just utterly absurd. Take the 9/11 twin tower attacks. these buildings collapsed from being hit by planes, right? they fell into themselves. why did they not fall over? an asymmetrical impact cannot cause a symmetrical collapse. and I don’t even need to get further into it. I could go on for pages explaining why. I love this little skit of it.

or the Kennedy assassination. there was supposedly only one gunman and in order to make it work they invented the magic bullet theory. I just feel sorry for the scapegoat they found.

I don’t even need to explain how absurd this is. Oh, and the bullet exited after doing all this completely intact. logic wins again. not.

That is just common sense. I rest my case. but then you have the disinformation and controlled opposition designed to make all of us look like complete-nut cases. and after all, the label was coined just after that incident for that exact purpose. And for all that stuff about some ultra powerful group controlling everything in the world?

Well, that’s a very complicated thing. It has layers upon layers and screaming: teh illumatis did it, they evuls. does not really give any of it justice. I have some bad news for you. Just about all the information on the net has been put there by the parties in question to incite fear in people. Wow. they are so big, so far-reaching, so powerful, so organised. What could any of us ever do against that? (here’s a hint: They are like pampered pooches.)

I will tell you that these supposed ruling families are just the tip of the iceberg, and that the freemasons are like the front line of it all. which brings me to something my father told me recently. You know how something always feels like it never affects your real life and you start to feel like you live in 2 different worlds? Well, those worlds came crashing into one another just like that.

He Used to live in Adelaide with a policeman whose name I can’t reveal. Anyway, He was always super serious. never relaxed at all. my father and his friend who he affectionately called ‘beachball’ used to play pranks on him. From the way he starts cracking up, they must have had a good time. But he ended up writing a paper on A certain organisation called the freemasons. what he wrote was ‘borderline’, as in he didn’t step over the line. But someone else used his research and took it way too far. suddenly he was an enemy of the state.

At one point they tried to declare him clinically insane and have him locked up in a mental asylum. and he was so close to having that happen. After that he was told he was to leave the state immediately or he was a dead man. naturally, he didn’t listen.

So they used some kind of ray weapon on him. Or so he swears. He said he barely made it out of his house alive. He sold his house, left everyone he knew, and just up and left. Wherever he went, federal agents were watching him. he told my father just talking to him he was at risk. so he gave him a bunch of documents so in the event something happened to him he would have something. And after that, he hasn’t seen the man since.

Apparently he took up diving and went to all these places around the world. To say I’m disturbed is an understatement. suddenly it is all so real. My father doesn’t really buy into that stuff mind you. and I have tried my utmost to not become paranoid either. But even so, each car that mysteriously pulls up outside the house for a bit and drives off does start to make even me suspicious.

So if any of you think this is cool or edgy or somehow a joke, It really, really isn’t. People go missing, commit suicide, end up in mental institution, and what have you. this is not a laughing matter. And I don’t like the term because people immediatly switch off when they hear it.

Also, I don’t know if any of you heard about the little flat earth debacle lately. my goodness, 4141074248_5cbc883f29_zwhat a mess! and the infighting and name-calling and complete lack of common sense by most parties involved. but that is because most of this stuff is just red herrings. word of advice: The best information comes from the plain-looking sites. like mine, now I think of it.

So take that image of the globe. it’s a total fake, no? Even I can see that. from memory on some of these the clouds even spell things like “fuck you” just to rub it in a little more. But they make critical thinking 101 classic mistake: assuming that if x is wrong y must be right. and that’s nonsense! there is a whole word of explanations to be had for something. Sure, everything NASA produces is either airbrushed, CGI (Animation), or made on those fancy planes that simulate zero gravity.

But that does not mean that space travel is impossible or that the earth is flat! from what I

Space Travel
By the way, Arera is me.

can gather, there is a secret space program behind the ‘real’ one. After getting involved with some questionable things in an online game, they told me they were working on this sort of stuff and it was top secret. (or they were trying to impress me, that idiot.) I wouldn’t put it past them. they wanted to be Emperor of the universe. Sigh. If only I knew what the E stood for in ERP before I accepted. oh, and from memory someone broke into a server and found a document listing “non-terrestial officers” along with ship names.

So that’s why I stopped doing that. But alongside all this nonsense there are reasonable people steadily working away at uncovering the real happenings. and they don’t like that. so they appoint absurd figures like david ickle and the like to talk about 12 feet tall interdimensional lizzards that control everything. They live among us! so scary. Eh. Whatever. I’m used to it. But honestly why waste your time on that?

If you want to look into earth’s shape look into the hollow earth. That is actually worth your time. Here is a video of a bubble in zero gravity exhibiting the phenomenon if you want to start somewhere.Hollow earth

I’m much more interested in earth’s real history. There are the nuts that yell about ancient astronoughts and annuaki and all that. But I found someone who was worth listenening to. They were basing their research on the work of those at the russian academy of sciences, and drawing from many obscure texts that fall under the cracks. I love what they had to say about the flat earth.

So To any of you who think consiricy theorists are nutcases, one: You are usually right. two: I am quick to assure you that there are decent people who are just genuinely curious about the world we live in and want to know more.

And that is why I no longer consider myself a conspiricy nut. I just want the truth, nothing more.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Why I quit Being A Conspiricy theorist.

  1. Well everyone is a conspiracy theorist in some way or another, even the kid who suspects there parents to be Santa Claus :D.
    But there are those who really want to know the truth and do the research needed and those who just want to belong to a group which is not mainstream who do not really care about or get fanatical about the “truth” at some point.
    But in the end there is not right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just like it is.

    I got my hands on a good german book about Alchemy, I’m looking forward to go into that topic further.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I guess so. I’m not really sure how I got into all of this haha. one day you wake up and realise you’ve been looking at the craziest stuff. But I got better. I never believed in santa claus, my parents gave us the presents :). Heh. No nonsense at my home, no thank you!

      It’s a sad thing that so few people actually want to know what’s going on. Heaven forbid there be effort involved! *shudders* 😛 It is what it is.
      Alchemy is a really interesting topic, I must say. It’s like the science of the mind. Just out of curiosity, what is that book called?


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