Why The Fear of Death?

You Know, Death is really swept under the rug in the west. You can’t tell children something died. They went to go live on a farm, or went to the retirement home. And even when someone is very, very old somehow it isn’t okay for them to pass on. It’s like, we have to save them! Why? Well, Because death is apparently something to be avoided at all costs. Even Christians don’t want to die. there is a saying among them (yay for being raised like that…). Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no-one wants to die to get there. they are afraid for some reason. the notion that heaven is boring seems to pervade popular thought. I don’t want to live eternity there, seems to be the sentiment.

I guess they don’t have as much faith as they claim too. It is rather sad, really. Most supposed religious people might as well be atheists the way they act, and what they believe. some won’t even acknowledge the supernatural. which makes little sense. I guess the simplest way to put is that whatever happens to us will fit the reality we live in. If there is no higher calling to existence, simply ceasing to exist seems almost kind.

After all, who wants to live forever an a place where everything is meaningless? I know I don’t. Children often wonder to themselves what dying feels like. Like going to sleep and never waking up. But we never remember sleeping. we are in bed, and suddenly it is morning. just like that.

So I guess death would be similar in that case. you just go to sleep, forever. so why not map out the possibilities that could happen?

  • 1: you cease to exist in a mundane and godless world.
  • 2: You Go to heaven
  • 3: you go to hell
  • 4: you end up stuck on earth as a ghost
  • 5: You Ascend to another place of existence
  • 6: you reincarnate on earth again in a new body
  • 7: you reincarnate on another planet
  • 8: you end up in an animal body on earth when you reincarnate

If I have missed any feel free to tell me in the comments. I just feel like each outcome matches the situation if it was true. if you went to hell then you deserved it. If you just cease to exist in a universe without a god it seems like a kindness. Say, In mythology many people are ‘cursed’ with immortality. some people raise their eyebrows and ask how on earth that can be a curse?

“And the LORD God said, “Now that the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil, he must not be allowed to stretch out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”1

I don’t know if any of you know the plight of Sisyphus (I know the name seems cringy, but leave you modern filters out of this) Anyway, in homer’s odyssey, while travelling the underworld, Odysseus encounters the man. He is cursed to push a boulder up a hill. and every night, it rolls back down on him for all of eternity. It almost seems too cruel. But suppose we reincarnated?

Why is it that we forget everything? and if we inherit karma from past and future lives (don’t mind the future part for now) how can it be fair if we forget what kind of mistakes we made? personally I don’t think that sounds conforting at all. but I have heard to many young people simply want to reincarnate because they are afraid of dying. that annoys me considerably. especially because the level of understanding of the forces involved are completly absent, but because they are afraid. if you let fear drive your actions you will always end up in trouble.

I hate the entire notion of a vicious circle of death. And From what I can gather, it is the most likey of all of them. I feel so angry about it. I mean, do you have any idea how many reports of out of body experiences there are floating around these days? it isn’t some isolated phenomenon. it is well documented and a legitimate area of study. one of these days I will master astral projection. that would be really cool. (though it is a very risky practice)

And the people reporting them are perfectly normal people who are not crazy, don’t hold bizzare notions about reality or anything of the sort. Even my grandfather was telling me about it when he was having surgery. he said he was just watching them from above. and he told them everything that happened afterwards. But these nurses and surgeons just put you in the loony bin if you say that most of the time.

and yet it is such a common occurence. And that is what annoys me about people who say they don’t believe in anything beyond the material world because the evidence does not support it. there is plenty of evidence and data, you just are not looking at it. do what you want. But at least get all the facts together first. I wasn’t sure for the longest time. But then I had an experience that just confirmed all of it for me. So, someone mentioned reiki to me off-handedly. I got interested. I contacted a master and met up with them. fast forward to the attunement. this took about 2 hours, mind you. it is quite the process.

it was kinda funny. apparently some people have some magical experences with it. I just sat there. and asked them if they knew what they were doing. anyway, I’m rambling. They finally finished. I was a bit embarrased and unsure of myself. I mean, did we just waste 2 hours on nonsense?

So they suggested I try and call upon the energy. and so I did, feeling rather foolish. eh, whatever. I suppose I’ll humor them. But the strangest thing happened. My hands started to heat up and tingle. and I could feel this energy coursing through me. I will never forget that moment. It’s like… I can’t describe it.

All my doubt, all my fears of being wrong, vanished. I must admit it is rather amusing for them to conduct experiments to disprove it when the technonology they are using can’t detect subtle energy. that’s like taking an x-ray with a camera and complaining it didn’t work. maybe that isn’t really very scientific?

So if the universe had no god and things are meaningless, I’d be happy to cease existing. If there is a god and I get punished, I probably deserved it or it is a false god, aka what the gnostics call the demiurge. and needs to be rebelled against and taken down.

Anyway, I guess that was all. I hope I expressed myself properly. Bye for now.


One thought on “Why The Fear of Death?

  1. I used to fear aging and death. A professor mine said, “Why? We all die. You don’t have a choice.” I suppose. But I fear it much less leaning on my beliefs. This helps the journey even if it turns out to be false. Which I recognize is an odd thing to say but faith requires a final leap.

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