My hair is getting long!

We interrupt your regular program to bring you this breaking news:

My hair is long enough to chew on. (lame!) Oh, don’t leave! It’s not like that… Guys? heh. why such a specific way of putting it? shut up, that’s why! *nom* ๐Ÿ˜› Anway, It is reallly exciting. whay a long journey it has been.

I mean, do you know how awkward I’ve looked while growing it? I had a feral looking mullet for the first few months, then graduated to what my brother calls “Clown hair”, and only recently have I graduated to beach bum hair. What an honour. lets all just take a moment to appreciate how understanding my brother is. Oh, and you should see my curls. they are insane! I think you call them ringlets. I would love to know how I can comb/brush my hair without getting rid of them. (anyone?) But they do come back soon enough.

Take care of it and it will take care of you. sometimes It makes it hard to see when it is in the way, but I doesn’t matter. what I lose in sight I gain in other ways. I know people tell me I can’t feel it and it is dead tissue, but that’s a load of nonsense. I can feel it right now. but I guess if you smother it with shampoo and conditioner it might as well be dead anyway. and yes, there isย  a ‘conspiricy’ against long hair if you want to put it that way. meanie.

But that’ not important right now! perhaps another time. I do want to totally tell you about natural ways of washing your hair though. You can make your own shampoo and conditioner. Baking soda (one tablespoon to one cup of water) is working really well for me so far. I have only been trying it for a week or so, and the difference is already apparent.

say I dip my hair in water and take it out again. it used to be all split and sorta splay out everywhere, kinda like an old paintbrush. But now? Brand new paintbrush, A fine point! ๐Ÿ™‚ So awesome! No split ends for me, so sir! hehe.

Oh, and I can tie it back as well. just not all of it at once. maybe in a few months. (either I tie the top and leave the back or tie the back and leave the front) or do both like a rebel. why not?

Anyway, that was all.



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