The Things they don’t tell you about transitioning…

You know, I’m full of it sometimes. “Oh, I’m composed, I’m a lady” *Remembers All the animal noises I’ve been making and running around the house sqealing like an idiot.* Riggghtt…. So I think the hormones are starting to go to my head. just a little. or a lot. I’ve always done it a bit, but it has gotten like 50 times worse.

It’s like puberty all over again, but worse. I only remember my horror at like everything people were telling me was going to happen. and being really, really depressed. I just closed up inside. But sage, you ain’t on those things yet. you are too lazy to even ring the stupid place up and make another apointment. Shhh… I lost the card they gave me. opps. oh, wait. *rummages around*. Here is the number! (but not the card…) not that you can see it or anything. nope. Oh, and did I forget to mention I have a disability that makes it nigh impossible to effectively communicate with people? yeah. so I’m sunk for the moment until I can find someone to con to do it instead.

Oh, and did I mention it is a 4 hour drive to Adelaide (the city) if I want to go?So If I ring them up it will end badly. and having an invisible disabiltiy makes me want to scream at people sometimes! Don’t you understand I can’t do that!? apparently not. And don’t even get me started on how bad I was growing up. I have made so much progress and gave way to people’s nonsense so many times lately and I have had enough!

So yeah. I’m not really sure how to handle it. plus me not getting enough sleep and eating sugar and you get a right terror on your hands. Anyway, I’m like a menace to society right now. hehe.

Oh, And I’m umming and arring about ordering women’s clothing online. I have like stuff in the cart right now, but I’m just making sure I get everything i want first. and not to mention the annoyed male part of myself just rolling it’s eyes. go away! Nobody likes you! And I am supposed to care? I do not. See what I mean? MEANIE! Meanie!

Ps: It doesn’t really happen like that. I just think it’s hilarious to make it seem that way. we get along just fine.



5 thoughts on “The Things they don’t tell you about transitioning…

  1. Wishing you joy on your path. Happiness in your heart. I have one or two invisible disabilities (depending on who you ask). I am fairly good at communication, if I fail at eye contract.

    I have been a lady all my life, and I have to say I’ve done my share of imitating animal noises. A lady doesn’t have to answer to the conventions of what a lady needs do.

    I was called a Tomboy in my youngest years. To this day, I hardly ever decide to wear make-up. I think being a lady is a choice. Despite what others may think of me… I know I am much of a lady as those seating around sippin’ tea with big hats and full dress… now I want tea.

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    1. Oh, I remember you. Right. I think you know what I mean about the disablities. there was a time when I didn’t say a word to anyone except 3 or 4 people. and even then I was very quiet. people have no idea how bad I was.

      I guess there is some truth to that but in my case It’s more that I’m emotionally stunted as a woman because I need to be something I’m not all the time. aka I’m acting like a child because mentally as a woman I still am.
      But I know what you mean.

      I know I would have been a bit of a tomboy myself haha. but also very girly too. also, the thought of Sitting round and sipping tea with a big hat and teddy bears just makes me laugh so much. :)…. sneh. Oh no mr snuffles! someone poisioned your tea? *dun dun dun*….
      Who could it be? And so begins teatime murder mystery. Was it sir Jefferson? he always had it out for mr snuffles. *sniff*.

      But on a slightly more serious note, I think something terrible happened to me in my past lives as a woman. I’m pretty sure I was “Abused”. I really need to go see one of those past life regressionists or something. Because It’s really bad. You shouldn’t freak out so much at certain things.
      I can’t go through that again.

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