Anyone else tired of the word “Depressed”?

Do you know the first thing I am tired of? the word. Depression. It’s like a bumpy hole in something. oh, it goes down here. It’s the same kind of ‘soft’ emotionally dead language that has become so prevalent of late. I don’t think I need to give any examples of that. And not only that, but you are treated like there is something fundamentally wrong with you and your brain for being sad.

“Oh, you’re malfunctioning. let us fix you. Just a few screws loose… there! all better. get back to work t5-86.”

There is a cultral myth around chemicals in the brain and seratonin levels that if one actually does their own research you will find little evidence to support this. Furthermore, The funding for the research comes from the companies that make the drugs used to “cure” people! how’s that for neutral and fair? (any negative result is usually not published)

But enough about that. I’m tired of the attitude of shunning anything that isn’t all sunshine and daisies. The idea that something must be wrong with you if you feel tired and unmotivated. or that if you start to question ones existence that your need help. What a load of nonsense! “Why are we here?” “What’s the point to it all?” “Are we just going round in circles?” Am “I just a biological machine?” “Will everything we do fade to nothing when I die? why bother?”

And many other questions. There is nothing wrong with asking any of them. nothing wrong with looking into the darkness and seeing what lies beyond. Nobody ever dared to answer those questions when I was a teenager. I don’t know if It would have made any difference. Eventually I came to the conclusion that all things were transitory, but another thing always takes its place. And would you really want things to last forever? it sounds stale and stagnant.

And this is the problem. We as a culture shield children from the “real world” and never tell them someone close to them had died, or that the dog didn’t go to live on grandma’s farm. Why don’t we tell them? I wouldn’t know. nobody tried to convince me that santa was real. I got presents from my mother. or any other kind of absurd nonsense we subject children to. “Oh, they shouldn’t see that” and why on earth not? So children grow up in these little bubbles. and suddenly they cross the magic line of adulthood.

gone is the rite of passage that once marked the transition to adulthood. And when these “adults” are hit with reality. having been shielded their entire lives, they are not ready for it. And most people end up with an unbalanced view of the world. Suddenly you can’t see the good anymore. only the bad.

And so It is the same with ‘depression’. People can become broken. but it is an ailment of the spirit and not of the mind. well, actually it is many things. let me break it down for you.

First is the Pineal Gland. the place where melatonin is produced. in most people it is “calcified” for various reasons. and not only this, but the sinus system is usually full of gunk in most people. and this causes depression and lethargy also. I know mine is playing up at the minute. my ears have been playing up for months now.


So what can you do about that? well… I present to you the nose kettle! (or that’s what I call it anyway) it is actually called a neti pot. it has been around for a long time.

But hey, it’s endorsed by science. The truth is that when our bodies are filled with all of this junk it affects us. Even malnutrition can make you depressed.

Eating well, Sleeping well, Getting enough exercise. Having good company. and most of all, not being afraid to be upset! There is nothing wrong with being sad. But I see so many people who look like they are about to burst into tears at any time. But they are holding it back.

In my experience, the vest cure for depression is to deal with your unresolved/supressed emotions.

When not dealt with, emotions create a great deal of strain on the body. and on the mind.

Mind you, everyone gets scared, sad and lonely at some point. gets sad too. But that doesn’t mean we are broken and need fixing. Flowers only bloom in spring, and winter has every right to exist. Maybe we just need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on?

Who knows? Keep well, all of you.

Much Love.

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