The Function Of form.

I mentioned in passing to someone that colours and shapes of things like clothing actually serves a purpose beyond aesthetic tastes. I suppose I should explain myself. And I should share some knowledge. I’ve been so self-absorbed of late.

People oftent assume that things like colours and pretty things are useless and are luxuries that serve no purpose. and that simply isn’t the case! Science is gradually beginning to understand the role of colour in psycology in the form of colour theory but that is still just a start.

For example they did a study on the classic red and blue teams and discovered that people wearing red won more often in matches. Why? Red is danger, red is survival. You are percieved as such and you feel more powerful. That is just how it works. But it isn’t just a mere psycological phenomenon. Truth be told wearing those colours has a profound influence on you and your biofield.

My journey to discover all this began a few years ago when I started to explore the metaphysical realm and subtle energy and the like. Eventually I stumbled upon what is called kirlan photography. I even still have it bookmarked. For those interested here it is. It is a way of photographing the human energy field. Which stubborn materialists will be quick to assure you is nothing more than  “pseudoscience”. But hey, They are not here right now. And they are so closed minded!

I started looking into the notion of chakra or energy nexuses as I sometimes call them. As it turns out the various centres can be stimulated by their respective colours. or so I am told. Oh, I suppose I should show the traditional energy structure of the subtle vortices.

9586580Okay, I lied. That is a more accurate version. But eh. I don’t like the simplified model. you really should show it. Okay, Okay! fine. stupid nagging.chakra_img

There. You happy now? Should I throw a chinese meridian chart in for good measure? Ps: I’m just having fun. I don’t argue with myself. but it is fun to pretend 🙂

Where was I? Ah. So the human body has a ‘subtle’ (less physical but still not quite energy) photo1aspect to it. there are many layers that gradually get less and less dense. Most call it the human aura. I would Imagine mine would look rather odd.

Now I always have scoffed at the idea of indulging in ornamentation and embroidery and lace and decoration because I saw it is a waste. I felt much the same way about emotions. they were not logical, after all and had no real basis.

See, I learned that isn’t actually true. I found a logic to my illogical desires that I never knew. A few years back I found a site Called bioresonant (I know It might seem cringeworthy at first but put aside that for a moment) which described the phenomena in which colours when used can stimulate and empower the human energy field. And they backed this up with testing with the aformentioned kirlan photography with test subjects.

Go and read the site if you are interested. Recently I ordered some of these bioresonant shirts myself. sure, they were expensive $50 each. Why? Because they refused to exploit some poor child in a ‘third world’ country and made them themselves. to me that is commendable and speaks volumes already.

I call that sort of thing the genuine spiritual movement. as opposed to the new age fluff that people love so much. Speaking of new-age things… Grounding and the like. Ever heard that some colours are grounding? Well, it’s true!

Red is literally on a different wavelength to purple. and has coarser waves

Naturally the visible spectrum is so small compared to everyting that is out there! So why do people ignore it?

I can attest to grounding being a serious issue. I guess I would liken being ungrounded to being drunk or high on drugs. It is a terrible feeling. Take for for example. Red is one of my favorite colours. Why? Well I’m starting to suspect it helps anchor me in the physical. Other people might be more down to earth, and need compassion and imagination. so they like blue or green or what have you. There really is a whole world of possibilities! But don’t for a moment mock the idea of coordinating outfits and colours and finding what suits you and the like.


It is serious buisness. Nourish your spirit. And why are emotions so derided in the first place? I hate the notion of practical and utititairian. Why can’t something be both pleasing and funtional? why must everything be subject to this duality that stains everything here? I hate the way people can’t see it. Neither is the answer. You don’t have to choose. they go together. and that goes for anything.

Ahh… Justifying Buying pretty things. It is fun, Isn’t It?



4 thoughts on “The Function Of form.

    1. Yes, it IS a great introduction. I can see the way you’re going with this and I love the gift you have for bringing together totally different fields of experience. Well done!

      (Also it kind of justifies the hours I’ve spent creating steampunk figures from basic miniature dolls over the last week or so – just so I can sit and admire them afterwards!! It lifts my soul and makes me feel good) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just the person I was looking for. It’s a bit silly but I’ve grown fond of many of you while blogging.
        Don’t quite know what you mean abou bringing different fields together though. I don’t make the distinction. Everything is connected. potato. and use metaphors. turns out female aspies love metaphors.
        Like, lots. Ugh. I’m not myself.

        Though I’ve hardly had any sleep might have something to do with it. Attempting to transition using biokinesis might be another. Makes me hungry. really hungry. and tired.

        Liked by 1 person

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