We Now resume normal programming!


Due to technical difficulties everyone’s ‘favorite’ sage (an introvert with a blog) Has been unable to connect to that troublesome thing known as the internet. So It has been a rather sobering and humbling experience to be honest. I’ve had time to think about what I’ve been doing and things people have said and made a few mistakes in the so-called real world. after all, I haven’t been able to stay in cyberspace lately.

I guess I have been rather self-absorbed of late. I know this. There are so many things I wish to make comment upon and yet I find myself asking the same questions over and over:

  • What difference will it make?
  • Is the world ready to hear these truths?
  • Do I know how the heck those stupid tags work so the right people read it?
  • Will I be able to express myself properly?
  • Will I be able to finish writing about something without going on a tangent and leaving only half an articulated thought?

It’s hard for me to articulate my thoughts. Even harder to express them so that they are not misunderstood. I guess I don’t know what people want from me. I hear of alan watts so wearily often from people commenting of late. Admittedly I’m somewhat guilty of the same thing and to be honest the man is brilliant in his chosen field. But do you know what?

The people listening to him are not as brilliant and I would suspect may only have seen him in little edited videos on the internet with pretty pictures and classical music.

I just get annoyed when people lecture me on subjects they only have a cursory understanding of. You want to lecture me on philosophy? Well, here’s what I have to say to that. So I hear about How everything is connected and we are all one right?

this is true. But it is a half-baked understand. all truths are half-truths. Everything on earth is stuck in duality and in order to truly understand a concept you have to find the opposing view and reconcile it. So take something that is a whole. The human body.

It’s one thing. But it is made up of parts. Legs, arms, heads, eyes, bones, organs, and so on. And even those are made up of cells. Which in turn are made of molecules which are made up of…. Do you see where I’m going with this? Everything being one does not discount the individual. You can be both part of a larger whole and also be just little old you.

Oneness doesn’t mean we are all the same. I guess I get bitter because So many people ascribe to what I like to call mc-donalds spirituality. it promises quick progress and spreads a healthy sprinkling of lies mixed with a few grains of truth so that still is believable. In alan watts case it is more that people take him out of context (heavily editied 5 minute videos) and miss the point of what he was saying.

Or that he in many of these lectures is merely toying with ideas aka the what if scenarios. if indeed such a thing can be done (which I believe it can). all of that is lost when you take it out of context. Perspective is everything. Remember that.


2 thoughts on “We Now resume normal programming!

  1. What is normal? It can be a difficult and very controversial question? In my own eyes I consider myself not quite normal, but then again, do I want to be ‘normal’?


    1. One term I have come up with as I grow older is radical wrinkly. I fail to conform to what a lot of folk consider to be normal at my age. I go hiking, skinny dipping and such things. No, I do not want to be considered normal, I am as I am and if I fail to conform, so be it.

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