Somewhere over in conspiricy land I hear chirping…

(this is probably going to be the most serious thing I’ve written in ages. not light reading.)  So why not start with a strip from a web-comic (I hope this isn’t considered stealing?

Strip From Xkcd. Great webcomic. Also explains my frustration with many people in this field.

So I used to look into conspiracy related topics in my teenage years. But eventually through a mix of boredom and mixed signals and misinformation and just utter chaos I pulled the plug. But it seems not everyone is like me in that regard (I’m world-weary and not interested in sensationalism). There some questions I always ask these days: What purpose does this information serve? “How can I apply this to my perspective on the here and now and the way I live my life?” “What Can I do right here and now to change things?” I’m just a little jaded.

I managed to alienate almost everyone I know by trying to tell them about what is going on. But most of what I was saying was utter garbage. useless. Nobody believes that stuff. And why should they? Illuminati? 1776? An all-powerful, all-knowing group of ‘Evil Satanists’  that pull all of the world’s strings? How on earth do they accomplish that? (It doesn’t work that way, mind you. it’s much more subtle. all they need to do is get the ball rolling and let fear, greed, and powermongering take root.)

There are people that lure you in with juicy morsels of truth to gain your trust and then shove lies down your throat. It’s really rather ingenious. Often these take the form of uunsubstantiated statements. like saying that all religions say the earth is flat (the latest craze) without backing it up would be a prime example of such nonsense. Or associating the lack of evidence for heliocentrism with it also. Reality is that geocentrism was never disproved its adherents merely died of old age and we carried on and starting teaching it as gospel.

And People then associate anything of this nature to that train of thought and ignore it. (perhaps rightfully so?) But we don’t have any evidence to prove many of the things we think are “true”. The real world is a strange thing. Just how strange? Oh, It would seem the world of ‘myth’ and ‘legend’ are not so far-fetched at all.

I find myself feeling it too much to bear sometimes. And people ask me questions like: “Like what kind of stuff?” “What kind of evidence?” I can tell you a little, but the tide of consciousness cannot be tamed. It is too much information to transfer (I fear it would send you mad all at once.). It is the result of years upon years of a gradual change of perspective so subtle I scarcely can believe how far I’ve departed from the norm. I don’t quite know if I can explain the feelings it creates. Like birds that could soar to the highest peaks with the greatest ease reduced to mere walking. Speaking of which, ever notice that the emblem of many science fiction militaries is that of a clipped eagle? They took it’s wings away. My pride struggles with it. I might live in the world of imagination but it seems the world really is an amazing place. At least before “they” came and laid waste to it. (I don’t know who they are, sorry.)

This is the sort of thing the world used to have (fairy forests are real):

All the trees we have now are just little twigs. It reminds me of the dreamtime stories the aborigionals have that I heard in school. Something about a tree of astromomical size that was broken and the branches became what we call trees today.

I wonder If people like me are the descendants of ‘elves’ (or were in previous incarnations). Arrogant, condescending (only to humans that deserve it!), Haughty, tall, slender? Stubborn and resistant to change? Pointy long faces and the like? I have to wonder what fregencies elven ears can hear? (someone should do a study on it? that would be really interesting.) Sounds like me. I could never relate to humans in fiction. Only the elves and advanced alien races (races like the Protoss in Starcraft, for example). They feel more like my kin. And It seems that fiction is closer to our real history than what we are taught. And People are concerned whether earth is a pancake or a ball and such things? (I wasted a good month or so torturing myself so no need to explain it to me. I already know the details.)

That isn’t relevant. Parts of the evidence is, for sure. But people miss the point. I’m a bit perturbed myself just now. there is a site I’ve been visiting for some time now Called Zen Gardner. Turns out some he was involved in some shady stuff in the past and now the entire alternate community is in uproar. Again, Pointing fingers and generally conducting themselves like children. As one site mused it will indeed seperate the wheat from the chaff.

I guess People are so quick to jump to conclusions and cast judgments after it all is done and dusted but you haven’t seen the things they have seen. You haven’t felt the things they’ve felt. Your world is not like theirs. I’ve seen some messed up stuff on the net. Even some depraved fetishes because of gender issues I have. Does that make me unclean also? And the saddest part Is I never lost my innocence. Maybe I should have. Now I’m using my understanding of reality to attempt to literally reshape myself. I only hope I am sucessful.

I have to wonder what kind of people will rock up to my little slice of cyberspace now? Hm…. Tag are confusing.


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