The pressure to integrate and conform.


I’ve been thinking about something for a long time now.I’ve always been a bit odd. As in ‘autistic’ and won’t eat anything other than a few things and won’t talk to anyone except one or 2 people. That was a long time ago. Oh, how far I have come! Right? Is it really something to be celebrated? I can’t but see the things I’ve lost along the way.Perhaps I also am too open and heartfelt for blogging with ‘mere strangers’. But so what? why is it the norm to hide your heart? why do people want to stab and skewer it with such glee? to hell with that! we can make the world better if only we believe it can be so.

But people don’t. they believe that the system is all reaching and cannot be fought. and that is simply not true.behind the big face of goverment is someone mother, or someone’s uncle, and so on. they are real people. and they really care about you. And they think it is wrong as well. almost all of them do. I’ve seen it. (and yet you all stand and do nothing. I try so hard but what can I do alone other than hurt myself?) So I’ve been tossed around the australian welfare system of late. make of that what you will, but I had no idea it was so bad. So they made up this strange scheme called work for the doll” for some strange reason so that anyone on welfare MUST apply for 20 jobs and MUST Attend their appointments with their job provider or you get no money and can’t pay your rent, and possibly starve if you are as stubborn as I am. (I’ve lived with NO money for years! people are horrified when they find out.)

I guess I’m really mad because I’ve fought the system every step of the way (If you had any idea what I’ve given up…) and now they just expect me to roll over and play ball their way. I don’t think so! But what can I do? I’m not quite sure. Is it so wrong to work? I… just don’t know. I guess when it comes to the real world I’m a bit lost. Really lost. everything has become so absurd and so twisted and they insist on blaming the youth for being lazy when in fact it is rather that every little thing requires mountains of paperwork or someone might get sued and oh god the economy is crashing and you’re dead weight even though money is an absurd concept that makes no sense in this day and age!

It is based on the idea of scarcity. everyone needing to pull together to ensure the survival of the community. But what Scarcity? People waste their wages on cheap junk and clothes shopping while supermarkets throw perfectly good food (about 50% gets thrown away and wasted!) It’s madness! We’ve outgrown the system. Grow up world. Honestly. With the advent of mechanisation making most jobs redundant, they invented pointless jobs to employ people among other things. The machines will pay for it. not the taxpayers. But as I sadly realised one day: The system isn’t broken. it’s working exactly as intended. The class system never dissolved. Democracy? America is a republic. Australia is a constitutional monarchy. not sure what you are on about. in any case the democratic process is mostly for show. only 2 parties ever get elected. I like this image.

This is the ‘choice’. same way the natives ‘graciously’ get some of their lands back. but it’s all desert.


The problem is that I’ve never been able to engage with anything I don’t agree with. It’s the bane of my existence. Might even be the death of me yet. I don’t know. I just don’t know. I hate the fact that the world doesn’t make sense. If it did I would gladly do my part.

If it made sense I should be able to make my living writing about things like this. I feel so frustrated. Why can’t I be a philosopher by trade without going off to university and getting the oh so vaunted piece of paper?


5 thoughts on “The pressure to integrate and conform.

  1. Oh,yes, yes, yes. Well said. We don’t have a democracy and we are not free. I can’t really comment on Australia, but we in the UK behave (rather our government, encouraged by (international) corporations, behaves) as if we were not one of the 10 richest nations. All power to those who are ‘odd’!

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  2. You’re right, and I wish I had some answers, or some solutions, but I don’t. If one of the ‘experts’ has examined you and signed a piece of paper to say that you’re ‘autistic’ (which is meaningless in real terms because it’s a spectrum, so to some extent everyone is) you may be able to get exempted from the application for jobs and attending interviews and so forth. It might make your life a bit easier, but it doesn’t – obviously – solve the problem of all that’s wrong with the way society works.
    Keep writing and putting the thought out and gradually others will do the same and the world may change. You are making a difference.

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    1. I hate that I’m right. If I was wrong it would be so much eaisier to bear.
      I have a piece of paper like that, but apparently that isn’t good enough. they say I’m fully diagnosed but not fully “stabalised and treated” aka not on medication or seeing people who they seem to think can magically make me ‘normal’ or something.
      But I think you know all that as well as I do.
      And now they are even trying to make it so you can’t get any benifits unless you or your children have been vaccinated. as in posioned with mercury, aluminium, and various other neurotoxins.
      not that it matters now. I’ve already had most of them.

      I guess I feel so frustrated and angry but maybe you are right. I really want to talk about earth’s real history soon. Mainly by examining common themes in fiction and seeing the correlation.

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