Dispelling Some myths about gender reasignment.

Hey there. I’m writing something literally no-one asked for. Unless you did.

You know, when people are not well-informed about something, their imaginations tend to take over. It can be rather hilarious in hindsight. usually when People do that I complain and call them idiots. but hey! Why not just fill in the gaps instead?

Hey, Why not tell you a little story?  I’ve self harmed in the past. It had to do with my gender issues. And oh boy! did some of those psychiatrists get some funny ideas. What, was I supposed to take a knife to myself and start making changes? I mean, do people even think? Just imagine all the blood… And I’d probably pass out. I know I do. plus my higher self always start to protest loudly... What? I’m not that messed up! Maybe a little… I’m just having fun here. So hopefully I’ve Managed to make a good introduction.

Never was any good at those. Anyway. I guess the first question I have for all of you is what do you think makes someone a man or a woman? Forgive me for being trite, but is it really what’s between your legs? If you ask me I have a different opinion. Look into someones eyes. What do you see? I have different states and when I look into those little windows I see different things. And Yes! I’m sappy and ‘lame’. And for those wondering what gender dysphoria is… Just look at my eyes here.


Um… What? That’s the least important part! I have news for some of you.Most of a persons transition takes place in their mind. chances are they don’t really look all that different at the end. It might be interesting, but the majority (as far as I am aware) of transgendered people do not get sexual reassignment surgery. Why? First of all, do you have any idea how darn expensive it is? You could buy a car or something with the money a transgendered person might end up spending on surgeries. (I mean, woa! look at these prices.. I bet those are super overpriced though. That’s mean.) Oh, and the waiting lists! welcome to the modern world! where everything is caught up in red-tape.

And that’s if you are on-board with the idea.Truth be told it’s rather risky and can leave you scarred for life! (though not always. I’m a bit of a downer sometimes) But there are many, many things that can go wrong. and they do. The post-op suicide rate is alarmingly high. As for why I’ll get to that.  Hey, Ever Heard of something called facial feminization surgery? Or Chest reconstruction surgery? (Called top surgery by trans-men) Those heaps of people get. Those are the important ones that actually matter way more than something most people never see.

I seem to recall that some Lawmakers seem to have gotten it into their heads that a “Pre Op” transsexual can’t legally be a man or a woman (I may be mistaken). So these geniuses making laws don’t seem to understand the reality of the situation. What you end up with is a one of 2 things:

  • A bit of skin grafted onto you that probably looks a little funny (I don’t know much about FTM. sorry.)
  • An inversion of the penis (only cosmetic surgery) that can get infected and along with mental and physical scarring plus a decent chance of loss of sensation.
  • Also Here is something interesting to read.

Some people put everything into those appointments, and raise such unrealistic expectations that have no choice to be crushed when faced with reality. Please! anyone considering any of these things. Don’t put unrealistic expectations of it making all your dysphoria go away. It will only end up hurting you.

Like when I go clothes shopping and try things on. I’m super excited until I see myself wearing it. Then I want to die. I feel lethargic and stiff. My shoulders drop. My voice takes on a monotone. That’s gender dysphoria. And Guess what? Can surgery make my hands smaller? My shoulders narrower? Me Shorter? Not really. The hormones may make slight changes but is that really enough? And I guess I have to wonder if people are really accepting of you. Nice to your face, sure. That’s how It has always been. I’d know all about that bullshit. @!#$ most people anyway. They are like that about everything. Sigh. So I’m starting feel justified in my earlier thoughts of just making the best of being a boy. the only reason I changed my mind is because I started toying with things like magic. Lot of good that did at first.

And Fyi? I don’t want people carving me up. Surgery is scarrry. I But I warn those wish to  do to realise they might not end up with what they had in mind. Sure, maybe you were born into the wrong body? So was I.

I suggest Changing your face if you want to be a woman. Or getting rid of your breasts if you wish to be a man. And for people not transitioning to realise that people don’t have to have it.


One thought on “Dispelling Some myths about gender reasignment.

  1. Am in agreement with you. I have known of people who have run of to places such as Thailand with a stack of cash, had a mass of surgery only to later regret it. Here in the Uk there are gender clinics and they can be very thorough. Having the reassignment op, which a lot of folk gasp “Oh wow you had THE OP”! For me, yes, I have had surgery, but overall it really is not that significant. It is the mind, the soul, what you are inside. It has been a long, hard journey and I have been to hell and back but hey, I am still me. Over on wordpress I am posting as solitaire285. So far I have only covered a small part of things. Hopefully folk will read it and realise that though bad things happen you can pull through.

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