Unraveling earth’s past through fiction.

This is going to be a really long post. make sure you have some free time (you will need time to process this). Grab a hot drink, curl up by the fire and listen. on another note, if someone (*wink wink*) feels the need to clean this up so it’s more readable feel free (My mind is a mess). Also keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg like anything I write. Real history, not what we are told is true. rather  work of fiction fabricated that suits those in power. That doesn’t even line up with archeological evidence or the stories of our ancestors. when examined is rather shoddy and is shown for what it is. A lie. I only have bits and pieces, But it is a very, very different world to the one we are told we live in.

Entire libraries burned (and history ‘corrected’), Great purges in the name of religion, Ruins get ransacked and ‘rearranged’ and ‘repaired’ to suit modern theories, countless artefacts  deemed blasphemous by missionaries and burned and destroyed. Entire races exterminated. Sites cordoned off by the military, sites hastily reburied. Entire languages are overlooked and their existence denied and it is declared to be “decorative art”. I could go on, but perhaps you get the idea. Someone doesn’t want the truth uncovered. If mainstream thought was to be believed then people who had yet to even discover farming or settle in one place went to the trouble of making giant stone structures that we have yet to discover how to replicate! Some techniques used would not be believable to most people today. I remember one such formation the natives said according to legend a magician made the stones fly into place.

How can such things be so? It would mean an entirely different worldview.

fascinating that this resembles concrete more than stone. also note the right angle and smooth faces.

Now we go back to the world of imagination and fantasy. A time when men were proud. Gleaming cities rising into the sky. Priests and magicians adorned with gems and staves in hand. Great crystals thrumming with Power.mythology this is called the Golden age. in hinduism it is called the Satya yuga. But despite Wikipedia’s (rather brilliant really) attempt to control people’s access to information, we still know a little.  I suppose that is why they don’t allow you to use it as a source at university.

But I’m thoroughly disturbed at how easy it is to make people believe that is all there is to know about something (nothing to see here folks, go home!). Search for alternate sources and you find most of them copy-pasting Wikipedia willy nilly and using images from google? (the only reason some people have them is because they went in person) It isn’t very helpful. It paints a very limited picture of the world.A world we are told is boring and mapped. No mythical creatures or gods dwelling on mount Olympus. As one student in my school’s history class one asked: “Why didn’t they go up and check to see if there were any gods up there?” And who says that there was none? Has anyone bothered to go check? I have no doubt they are long gone by now (read wiped out), but what did anyone ever find in the comfort of their cities?

Do any of us ever veer off the roads built by man and step into the wilderness? That safe little bubble created to assure us that we are indeed living a perfectly dull world. We are assured that man has explored all the mysteries. Mapped every continent. Or so they tell us. Even in worlds with monsters and mythical creatures and all sorts of wonders most never set foot past the known. We live in a little box. What lies beyond? I’ve read and watched countless articles and videos describing things that if current history was correct cannot be.. Even in the little town I live I go off the paths into the wilderness and find all sorts of interesting things. Pieces of masonry just lying around, rusted fences and many other oddities. Even a wooden cabin once. Never found it again though. We hear so wearily often about a few famous sites and how they were supposedly built to inflate some pharaoh’s ego on the backs of some unfortunate jewish slaves. This has no basis in reality. I’m not 100% sure what their exact purposes are but pyramids seem like powers stations or even structural supports for underground cities. (And some say there was a fourth, much larger pyramid at Giza. A person I knew said they distinctly remembered one.)

But I will leave the hard facts for the end.  it makes the information I’ve gathered over the years look like table scraps. I almost feel like I wasted my time scouring the net for answers when I could have waited for decent information to finally surface. Seeing as other people have already uncovered tons of tangible physical evidence, I’m going to examine the modern distillation of the collective memory. Though many writers these days seem to just like making nonsense up. Also known as fiction. to quote some theosophical writings:

“Works of fiction,” the various novels and romances are called. “Fiction” in the arrangement of their characters and the adventures of their heroes and heroines–admitted. Not so, as to the facts presented. These are no fictions, but true presentiments of what lies in the bosom of the future, and much of which is already born. page 37,Studies in Occultism, H. P. Blavatsky.

Why not start with Lord of the Rings? It could be called the grandfather of all modern fantasy and so called “fiction”. So I’ve been doing some digging into Tolkien’s work andjrr it seems he was a Oxford scholar as well as a world war 1 veteran. But more importantly, He studied Nordic, germanic, and celtic (european) mythology at university level. He actually learned their languages and if memory serves he made a translation of the epic poem Beowulf into english.  And it turns out Tolkien didn’t just write a story. He painted an entire world! So to put it simply Tolkien has 3 ages in his world. the third being when lord of the rings is set. The opening scene still haunts me. Gladriel laments the loss of the past.

The world is changed: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air…Much that once was is lost, History became legend. Legend became myth.
for none now live who remember it… (I’ve stitched 2 parts together)

And these great races (Númenóreans) came to middle earth from shores far away and taught the inhabitants many things. And after much time had passed, they faded into shadows of their former selves. It seems eerily similar to what I’ve been hearing about the real world. And the elves are much the same. Anyway, On to the next subject. I’ve been wanting to vent this for ages because It’s one of my annoying fixations to analyse movies and the like. So… You ready for this? Because this might seem dumb at first.

Ever watched michael bay’s transformers movies? and I know it’s an explosion fest filled with Megan fox and silly mechanical lifeforms designed to sell toys. But look past that for a moment. . Sigh. okaySo the transformers were nomads that consumed worlds suns to sustain  themselves. they made a rule that no sun with life got eaten. fallen guy broke it and tried eating earth’s sun. Good Prime transformers sacrifice themselves to stop him and seal the “matrix of leadership”.


so yeah. explosions happen, the ‘cybertronian’ language looks very much like Sanskrit (funny that). Eventually they come across this old plane transformer who takes them to egypt. To the “tomb of the primes” which also happens to be filmed at a real location. I realised this by accident. Say, do you notice anything about this middle eastern structure? Notice the classical architecture identical to ‘greek’ style? (in truth it is Aztlan/Atlantis style only the type of rock changes) Not just that, but look at the rock around it! Notice the Way a sort of rectangular incision has been made in the rock face? How on earth was that done by primitive means?

For comparison.

So this is where the tomb of the primes is in the movie. They go in. the door is large enough for a transformer (giants are real by the way) They can’t seem to find anything and the ruinTomb-Of-The-Primes-dynasty-of-primes-25239723-737-400 seems pretty normal and boring. some of the transformers end up fighting and wrestling themselves into a wall. And there it is! Something so alien, hidden just out of sight. It almost feels like a metaphor for what they have done in real life. Just over the corner lies fiction in the flesh.

So what happened to these highly advanced civilisations? It gets complicated because there is many, many civilisations, and many, many different times they fall. life has an ebb and flow. We know there was a great flood that caused many of them to become refugees that ended up becoming teachers and “gods” to tribal people. And I also believe that the poles started freezing so the ‘Hyperboreans’ had to leave also. But what happened to them after that? where did the “gods” Go? This is where it gets disturbing. There was a war. A terrible war. That made the very continents crack and tremble beneath those weapons terrible power. The thing called a desert is not a natural formation. This is why you can find dams in the desert on google earth (In Russian unfortunately). Actually you can even find the remains of ancient agriculture, airports, highways, you name it.

Who were we fighting? I don’t really know, so I turned to popular fiction. And it is rather interesting what you find. I’m going to start with warcraft because it is so popular (and I’m familiar with it)

“In every world, in every future, the Burning Legion strode, invincible, unstoppable, dooming the universe to eternal darkness in its wake. Behind it all, he saw the looming demonic figures of its leaders: Archimonde—who was believed dead by so many—Kil’jaeden, and above all others, Sargeras the fallen titan, once sworn to guard the universe, now bent on destroying it.” —The demon hunter Vandel, glimpsing the nature of the Burning Legion in a vision[6]

I am aware that warcraft makes people think of world of warcraft. but that wasn’t the first game set in that universe. And the backstory is what I’m interested in, not the game itself. This ‘burning legion’ intrigues me as it bears resemblance to the gnostic notion of archons.

The Great Sundering,[1][2] also known as simply the Sundering or the Cataclysm,[3] was a world event which reshaped Azeroth approximately 10,000 years ago at the end of the War of the Ancients. This was caused by the Well of Eternity imploding, due to it being too weak when Sargeras tried to enter through a portal fueled by the Well’s energies. The implosion of the Well created a vortex that began to consume the central landmass of Kalimdor, and by the time it stopped, the continent had been split in four. Prior to the Sundering, there was only one continent on Azeroth, referred to as Kalimdor. In the catastrophic explosion, eighty percent of the land mass was destroyed[4] leaving behind the major continents and scattered islands that are known today: Northrend, Kezan, the Broken Isles, Pandaria, the Eastern Kingdoms, and the remnant still referred to as Kalimdor.


As the Warcraft wiki itself States, this is a common theme found in many fictional works. Sounds very much like collective memory to me. After all, our own continents fit back together also. Pangea is what they call it I belive.  Though I find it amusing that it doesn’t really seem to take into account that sea levels would be very different in those times.Pangea_enoRiverPub_24

So I have to wonder. I have been lax in my studies of late and don’t really have as many answers as I would like. But it seems that many of these things happened rather recently rather than in some far away distant past as we are lead to believe.

Some great cataclysm happened about 10 or 12 thousand years ago. Mainstream science in agreement on this. But was whatever happened a natural phenomenon? That’s why I brought up that stuff about burning legions and demons invading through portals. As distorted as it might be, it is a near universal thing in high fantasy. And at least telling you I can put the time I’ve wasted to some use.

Another common thing in fantasy is giant ‘world trees’ or ‘mother trees’. I mention this because recently I stumbled across a video titled: There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up” (I think they added the flat earth part for attention because it makes no mention of it.) It’s a bit embarrassing because there I was wasting time and there it was in my suggested videos.-Edit I have since Found a better source and have decided that this information is faulty. Here is a much better video from the same person I have linked at the end.

I sorta wasn’t sure what to think until they started actually making sense. Lava does not form hexagonal pieces that curve up into the sky and then go straight. but wood does. Here in another interesting link.

Devils Tower
This is the “Mountain” the video uses as their first example.

Now The Native Boandiks where I live in south australia tell stories of such trees like this. And Norse mythology makes mention of the Yggdrasil, the world tree and such. And probably many more mentions all over the world. Take this “devil’s tower” or as the natives call it: “Bear’s Lodge” (thanks wikipedea *rolls eyes*)


There might actually be something to this theory after all. And then I wonder if some of these rock-hewn cities were actually more in the vein of elven tree-cities. But hey! remember the sign!

As in, don’t go and find anything unusual now! that would be bad.


But I guess this just makes me sad and angry. I mean, We didn’t just fall from grace all on our own. We were being attacked. It was genocide.

And when I look at modern history in a new light, all I see is more systematic extermination of the evidence of this great history. And the races that made all of it. Truth be told I beleive this is why germany was crushed in the first world war, among many other modern events. They never stopped doing things like this. This has been going on for centuries. Some people think White genocide is what’s happening. They lament the loss of a past that never actually existed. The roman empire with rome at it’s heart is a modern fabrication. If you have yet another hour free here is another video: The History of the ”Roman” empire, the ancient “Greek” “civilisation” and slavery

Historic Timeline Based on Historic Sites & Artefacts Instead of Blind Belief in the Quakademia

which covers some of the basics and shows the kind of sites actually found on earth. If you are going to look at any of the links I would suggest that one.



5 thoughts on “Unraveling earth’s past through fiction.

  1. Well done – some of your finest writing (in my humble opinion) and not in need of ‘cleaning up’ 😉

    Yes, you can start almost anywhere in fantasy-type literature/ film and find the same archetypes, the same storylines and the same struggles. They are etched into our collective psyche and into the depths of the planet, and they will emerge and force their way to the surface if they find an individual with the ability to use words and to free imagination. (Talk of using unlikely sources… my grandson recently introduced me to the Lego movie that came out a few years ago. It is stuffed with such references and sends them up/draws them together in equal measure quite brilliantly!)

    I LOVED the Historic Timeline video you put in as your final link. Just watched it in its entirety and found it truly fascinating and excellently structured. It links with some research I’m involved in in southern Spain, but more of that anon (maybe). Brilliant that they don’t attempt to date any of the structures and artefacts; we simply don’t have the technology to do that, despite what the experts say. I also enjoyed the Seth quote near the end, as I still consider Seth to be one of the most reliable sources of knowledge I have yet discovered.

    That’s an entire morning gone – but very well spent. Thank you, Sage, for sharing. I hope this surface will be scratched again before too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank goodness for that! I posted it and the day after I see literally nobody read it it and was feeling really dissapointed. My mind tends to run on tangents and get distracted and ramble is all.
      As in I might start with ice-cream and finish on goodness knows what! writing doesn’t work like mind transfers. Very very different kettle of fish.

      Ah. The lego Movie Is really choc-a block with so much stuff. yeah. I really liked it as well. Plus calling People Mainstream Penguins (with a russian accent to boot) was hilarious! anon? Another time you mean?
      I wonder if you could date them with Psychometry? That might work.
      I’m not familiar with SETH but my instincts tell me they are the real deal. SETH, RA, and a few others are genuine channelings (with acceptable margins of error). the rest are rubbish.

      I’m really glad someone enjoyed it. make sure you make some ripples for me. 🙂
      Something isn’t right with me at the minute though. I’ve not slept all night nor really been hungry and feel bursting with energy. Very fishy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm, the wafty people who live around here say the recent eclipse and huge solar storms are playing havoc with the metabolism of sensitive individuals. Could be what’s mucking you up??
        Yeah, it took me a while to get what she was saying, but I loved ‘penguins’!
        Psychometry, eh? maybe. Never used it for dating objects as such. We have been wondering whether we could use remote viewing in some way (did a six days in advance one yesterday and apparently it was as easy as present time viewings, so why not going back 1000s of years?)
        I’ve already emailed a link to your post to several of my friends, so hopefully they’ll catch up with it soon. That’s the annoying thing with blogging – you think you’ve just written something great and nothing happens. Early days, though. The right people will find it.
        Oh and Seth, yes – he was absolutely the real deal. Jane Roberts was channelling him in the 70s and there is science in there that wasn’t ‘discovered’ until decades later. definitely worth checking out.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh.. Solar Storms! That might be it. Now for shielding or maybe I just have to wait it out…
    I only mentioned psychometry because I saw my father watching a show called the dead-zone. Just with a touch he can see things. one episode he talks to a native american from 400 years ago by holding his knife. In ‘theosophical’ circles they certainly do use it in this fashion. And it works.

    Oh no… Now I’m embarrased. It’s silly that I don’t mind random people but when you know someone or they know someone they know it’s different. I’m so bad at introductions and people really do judge books by their covers. That’s just how it is.


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