Unraveling earth’s past through fiction.

It might sound strange, but our Real history has been hidden from us. What we have been taughtis nothing more than a work of fiction fabricated to suit those in power. It doesn’t line up with archeological evidence or the stories of our ancestors. And when you examine it closely, you see it for what it is: A lie. I only have bits and pieces, But it is a very different world to the one we are told we live in.

Entire libraries burned (and history ‘corrected’), Great purges done in the name of religion, Ruins ransacked, ‘rearranged’, and ‘repaired’ to suit modern theories, countless artefacts have been deemed blasphemous by missionaries and destroyed. Entire races exterminated. Sites cordoned off by the military, others hastily reburied. Even entire languages are overlooked and their existence denied, instead declared to be “decorative art“! I could go on, but perhaps you get the idea. Someone doesn’t want the truth uncovered. If mainstream thought was to be believed then people who had yet to even discover farming or settle in one place went to the trouble of making giant stone structures that we have yet to discover how to replicate!


I find it fascinating that this resembles concrete more than stone. note the right angle and smooth faces.

Now we go back to the world of imagination and fantasy. In the distant past men were proud. Too proud. Our Gleaming cities rose into the into the sky, thrumming with Power. In mythology this is called the Golden age, or the Satya yuga. Despite Wikipedia’s rather brilliant attempt to control people’s access to information, we still know a little.

It’s thoroughly disturbing how easy it is to make people believe that is all there is to know about something. Search for alternate sources and you find most of them copy-pasting Wikipedia willy nilly and using images from google. Those that don’t actually visited the sites in question. It isn’t very helpful. It paints a very limited picture of the world. A world we are told is boring and mapped. No mythical creatures or gods dwelling on mount Olympus.

Do any of us ever veer off the roads built by man and step into the wilderness? That safe little bubble created to assure us that we are indeed living in a perfectly dull world. Even in worlds with monsters and mythical creatures and all sorts of wonders most never set foot past the known.

We hear so wearily often about a few famous sites and how they were supposedly built to inflate some pharaoh’s ego on the backs of some unfortunate jewish slaves. This has no basis in reality. I’m not 100% sure what their exact purposes are but pyramids seem like powers stations or even structural supports for underground cities.

Although many writers these days like to create meaningless fantasy, folk tales and mythology contain the collective memory of our race. Why not start with Lord of the Rings? It could be called the grandfather of all modern fantasy. So I’ve been doing some digging into Tolkien’s work and


it seems he was a Oxford scholar as well as a world war 1 veteran. But more importantly, He studied Nordic, germanic, and celtic (european) mythology at university level. He actually learned their languages and if memory serves he made a translation of the epic poem Beowulf into english. So to put it simply Tolkien has 3 ages in his world- the third being when lord of the rings is set. I’ve always found the Galadriel’s lament rather haunting:

The world is changed: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air…Much that once was is lost, History became legend. Legend became myth.
for none now live who remember it..

And in ages past, great races came to middle earth from shores far away and taught the inhabitants many things. And after much time had passed, they faded into shadows of their former selves. It seems eerily similar to what I’ve been hearing about the real world.



Say, do you notice anything about this middle eastern structure? Notice the classical architecture identical to ‘greek’ style? (in truth it is Aztlan/Atlantis style only the type of rock changes) Not just that, but look at the rock around it! Notice the Way a sort of rectangular incision has been made in the rock face? How on earth was that done by primitive means?


For comparison.

Anscestral memory tells of the great deluge- the flood. It caused the ‘atlanteans’ to become refugees that ended up becoming teachers and “gods” to tribal people. the ‘Hyperboreans’ had to leave the polar reigion for similar reasons. also. Being one of the oldest versions, here is the account Utnapishtim (Sumerian Noah) tells to Gilgamesh about the deluge:

. In those days the world teemed, the people multiplied, the world bellowed like a wild bull, and the great god was aroused by the clamour. Enlil heard the clamour and he said to the gods in council, “The uproar of mankind is intolerable and sleep is no longer possible by reason of the babel.” So the gods agreed to exterminate mankind.

“Inurta the war-lord threw down the dykes, and the seven judges of hell, the Annunaki, raised their torches, lighting the land with their livid flame. A stupor of despair went up to heaven when the god of the storm turned daylight to darkness, when he smashed the land like a cup. One whole day the tempest raged, gathering fury as .it went, it poured over the people like the tides of battle; a imam could not see his brother nor the people be seen from heaven.

Even the gods were terrified at the flood, they fled to the highest heaven, the firmament of Ann; they crouched against the walls, cowering like curs.

‘For six days and six nights the winds blew, torrent and tempest and flood overwhelmed the world, tempest and flood raged together like warring hosts. When the seventh day dawned the storm from the south subsided, the sea grew calm, the, flood was stilled; I looked at the face of the world and there was silence, all mankind was turned to clay. The surface of the sea stretched as flat as a roof-top; I opened a hatch and the light fell on my face. Then I bowed low, I sat down and I wept, the tears streamed down my face, for on every side was the waste of water. I looked for land in vain, but fourteen leagues distant there appeared a mountain, and there the boat grounded; on the mountain of Nisir.

Every culture has some variation of the flood myth. Oh those days, in those ancient days..Gilgamesh! oh great king! You brought back a tale of before the deluge.

The earth was radically different not so long ago. This is why you can find dams in the desert on google earth (In Russian unfortunately). Actually you can even find the remains of ancient agriculture, airports, highways, you name it.

A great cataclysm happened 12 thousand years ago. Mainstream science in agreement on this.

One theory emerging is that a massive planetary shift and near colision was the cause. It’s quite bizzare, but countless cultures tell of a time before the moon. The works of Imanuel Velikovsky deal with the subject, though he is largely ignored in the scientific community as a fringe theorist.

When the Earth was moonless. To use one of his sources:

Apollonius of Rhodes mentioned the time “when not all the orbs were yet in the heavens, before the Danai and Deukalion races came into existence, and only the Arcadians lived, of whom it is said that they dwelt on mountains and fed on acorns, before there was a moon.” (3)

There is a rather interesting documentry made recently based on Velikovsky‘s work: Symbols of an alien sky.

And if you’re not completely burned out, here is a different angle from the archelogical evidence.

Historic Timeline Based on Historic Sites & Artefacts Instead of Blind Belief in the Quakademia

which covers some of the basics and shows the kind of sites actually found on earth.


4 thoughts on “Unraveling earth’s past through fiction.

  1. Well done – some of your finest writing (in my humble opinion) and not in need of ‘cleaning up’ 😉

    Yes, you can start almost anywhere in fantasy-type literature/ film and find the same archetypes, the same storylines and the same struggles. They are etched into our collective psyche and into the depths of the planet, and they will emerge and force their way to the surface if they find an individual with the ability to use words and to free imagination. (Talk of using unlikely sources… my grandson recently introduced me to the Lego movie that came out a few years ago. It is stuffed with such references and sends them up/draws them together in equal measure quite brilliantly!)

    I LOVED the Historic Timeline video you put in as your final link. Just watched it in its entirety and found it truly fascinating and excellently structured. It links with some research I’m involved in in southern Spain, but more of that anon (maybe). Brilliant that they don’t attempt to date any of the structures and artefacts; we simply don’t have the technology to do that, despite what the experts say. I also enjoyed the Seth quote near the end, as I still consider Seth to be one of the most reliable sources of knowledge I have yet discovered.

    That’s an entire morning gone – but very well spent. Thank you, Sage, for sharing. I hope this surface will be scratched again before too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, the wafty people who live around here say the recent eclipse and huge solar storms are playing havoc with the metabolism of sensitive individuals. Could be what’s mucking you up??
      Yeah, it took me a while to get what she was saying, but I loved ‘penguins’!
      Psychometry, eh? maybe. Never used it for dating objects as such. We have been wondering whether we could use remote viewing in some way (did a six days in advance one yesterday and apparently it was as easy as present time viewings, so why not going back 1000s of years?)
      I’ve already emailed a link to your post to several of my friends, so hopefully they’ll catch up with it soon. That’s the annoying thing with blogging – you think you’ve just written something great and nothing happens. Early days, though. The right people will find it.
      Oh and Seth, yes – he was absolutely the real deal. Jane Roberts was channelling him in the 70s and there is science in there that wasn’t ‘discovered’ until decades later. definitely worth checking out.

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  2. Ohhh.. Solar Storms! That might be it. Now for shielding or maybe I just have to wait it out…
    I only mentioned psychometry because I saw my father watching a show called the dead-zone. Just with a touch he can see things. one episode he talks to a native american from 400 years ago by holding his knife. In ‘theosophical’ circles they certainly do use it in this fashion. And it works.

    Oh no… Now I’m embarrased. It’s silly that I don’t mind random people but when you know someone or they know someone they know it’s different. I’m so bad at introductions and people really do judge books by their covers. That’s just how it is.


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