I need some (fashion?) advice.

Yeah, I know. I’m supposed to be a wise sage and all that. I’m also someone who just a little is clueless about day-to-day living. Or a lot. Actually, it usually is like that with us unworldly types. So I’m Transitioning, Right? (for those new here) From male to female. Or so I would like. It’s not as simple as just going oh! *ding* it’s ready! *mmmmnnn* yummy. Yeah. No.

Oh boy. So much work. So much money and tears. Anyway, I’ve been trying to acquire a new wardrobe. It should be simple, right? Just grab some jeans and a few tops and call it a day? Ugh. I looked in target and K-mart and a place called jeanswest and nothing really speaks to me. And those jean thingies! ever tried squatting in them? horrible. you get these awful red marks on the inside of your knees. It’s like they don’t want you to do that sort of thing or something. Anyone of you regulars remember me getting really excited about clothes from china? I mentioned they do custom tailoring so that you know, things actually fit people like myself?

Well… I’ve gone to the trouble of acquiring a measuring tape so we’re moving forward. Mind you, that was hard for me. In this god-forsaken town apparently finding anything is like some sadistic joke. I mean, you’d think a craft shop would having a measuring tape? So did I. Anyway, add in my overall aversion to human contact (can’t ask staff for help) and you get a rather stressful morning. But we have it! Bwahahahaha… We win. only took all morning. I guess I was wondering just how unusual my tastes actually were. As in, will I get weird looks? (also they make me gush and make funny animal noises so I definitely like them)

Oh, and what do you think about that one on the left? Pink or grey? I’m leaning towards grey but hey! Pink ya know? Arrgh! (get the grey you moron! goodness me.) I hate having lots of choices. And Even if I do like them, Am I just going to look stupid and ugly in them? I want to have someone elses perspective. Anyway, I was taking some measurements of myself and it seems like my shoulder width is only 41 centimetres. (give or take)

And if I’m going to measure my ‘bust’ should I be wearing padding? I mean, I don’t exactly have breasts. They are tiny and adorable! Like little pinpricks. One day they might grow up to be big and stong. Hehe. Oh, and I need boots! Hmm… I don’t really know anything about women’s shoes? Which ones are comfy? What do I want? Can I find some that are good in my size? What am I in mens? 10 and a half or something stupid.  This is starting to get old. But I’m not giving up. Oh hell no. The clothes I like are perfect for hiding literally everything so even my annoying male voice is in agreement. (tunics cover crotch yay.) And the most important detail: Woosh! My clothes are flowing and amazing! *flails arms*. And now for commercial break!

Oh, and feel free to tell me about you personal style (or not, it’s cool either way). I’m curious and intrigued.



6 thoughts on “I need some (fashion?) advice.

    1. Nothing wrong with being unfasionable! Mums are for being awesome and by looking at your blog I reckon you fit the bill. 🙂
      And Thanks! I needed to hear that. It’s a bit scary you know.


  1. I love the grey. (I think the pink adds some flare but it looks like the material is different and sheer, which gets easily ripped.)

    As a person who has a larger chest, you’d definitely want to measure while wearing the bra/padding you normally wear. Like your favorite one, optimally, because I always ended up gravitating to a specific undergarment out of habit. I always try to wear the undergarments that are most common when trying on clothes, that way I don’t get disappointed once I get home and it fits differently. :/

    I’d suggest Old Navy for jeans, they have great exchange policies and good sales. The quality is great too. 🙂 Old Navy gets me every time because of the different styles they offer year round, you name the fit they have it!

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    1. Oh, Okay. I think they are both sheer just the perspective doesn’t show it in that picture.
      Right. Got you. Isn’t that an american brand though? I live in australia so Shipping will murder me along with the exchange rate. (30$ becomes more like 43$ or something) But I will look into it anyways.

      I had a look at your blog as well. Brings me back to a few years ago. But as I say to anyone feeling ignored and abandoned: What would you have people do to help? What can anyone do? (Other than a big fat hug and some yummy food… Or a kind smile.) That’s the sad part. I know that male hormones will stop menstration that’s for sure. Something I’m not missing that’s for sure. I swear I still get moody as hell around every full moon though.
      And Really, autism. Heh. Some arbitraty set of characterstics medicalised by silly neurotypicals in cushy office chairs deciding they are the normal ones. It’s all just words in the end.
      Screw those guys.

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      1. Ah, ok. It’s hard to tell if something if sheer on the Internet. Both are really cute though. Old Navy is an American brand…I’m not sure how the international shipping is. I don’t even know if they have stores outside the US, but shucks if they don’t. I’ll ask around to see what brands my friends in Australia/New Zealand shop. You are kind to read through my blog, it’s basically just be rambling and complaining! I concur that doctors tend to over analyze (or grossly under analyze) their patients, so it’s more or less about understanding how I process the world. 🙂 Just labels and words.

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