The things you learn playing Video Games…

Runescape Lounging around*looks startled* Oh! Hi there! I’m not slacking off. What would give you that impression? Oh. Right.

I did say I was going to start taking this whole spiritual path more seriously. And I suppose I’m not doing the best job of it. Having said that, I seem to have the uncanny ability to learn things in the strangest places. You might think I’m wasting my days away on some grind-filled online game but in reality I’m gaining insight into the human condition. (and listening to stuff in the background. Very interesting lectures.) There. That sounded fancy enough. Not just any games though. A special brew called MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game)s. Also known as things like World of warcraft. They have real economies driven by players and people make friends and find the most efficient ways of doing things to reduce grind and on it goes. I just feel compelled to share it with you. Now this is Runescape. everyone at school used to play it when I was in middle school. it was the thing to do. A friend made me an account that I no longer know. So every time I boot the game up I think of him  Was my first friend. what can I say? I’m a sucker for sentimentalism.

I guess I have a strange way of seeing the world, don’t I? I see the profound in the profane. And it even reminds me of torturing myself over my gender in my adolescence. I was a boy back then, and It seems strange to remember who I was. my mind was a very different place. Logic was the rule. So enough about me though. Want to hear something funny? I know I want to tell it. So These games have player driven economies. Generally speaking there is usually a kind of place you go to do this. the name varies from game to game, but it’s the same gig either way.

And I guess in some way the aim of these games is to amass yet more money or gold as it happens here. I’m not interested. I have enough for what I need. But for those who buy into it some really wierd stuff happens. Like an item is inherently worthless yet is somehow costs absolutely astronomical amounts of money?Runescape Party hats

Let me explain: A player is ‘burning’ (or so they thought.) party hats. Which dropped from an event in 2001 (and only there) which obviously means that they are rather hard to come by. But here’s the kicker: They Are Worth Billions of coins! (I don’t even have a million for context) Worthless. Paper. Hats!  I guess sometimes I shake my head in disbelief at what people do. I mean, People don’t want something because they like it but because it is worth lots of money! What do they call those again? Oh. Right. A status symbol.

Do people do that in real life too? buy things they hate just because they are expensive to show off to other people? What?  I’m tempted to go an a rant but I suppose that won’t change how silly the way capitalism works. Anyway, People seem to like shorter posts So I’m going to split these into different parts.


4 thoughts on “The things you learn playing Video Games…

  1. I enjoyed this post! Takes me back to the days when I still lived with my family and used to endure hours of my sons playing those games on the family TV set. Kind of annoying, but compulsive too. But yes, truths turn up in the strangest places, and the analogy is strong.
    Hmm. Shorter posts. You’re right, people do prefer them. I suppose it’s just lack of time to wade through a long ramble. I need to cut mine back a lot, too – and get rid of some of the science/meta-science. It seems to be confusing everyone, or almost everyone. Went back to writing lightweight stuff this week and got far more likes and follows… Depressing, but still – blogging is what it is.

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    1. I’m glad someone did. I was playing this game and it suddenly hit home how utterly ridicolous capitalism really was. Another thing is that my sentence structure is very odd in this. I’ve not been well lately.
      Yeah. People’s attention spans are utterly hopeless these days.
      The meta-science you’ve been talking about I was sorta wondering why you hadn’t considered it before. Like, Have you never watched startrek before? (Me neither haha) But I recall from every prophet or seer in fantasy ever:
      The threads time of weave and flow, passing and forking every which and way. the future we will take, impossible to see. Many futures we behold.
      Say, I’ve been doing some really interesting research into all sorts of different things. I even have (for the month) ascess to ancient Eastern Sacred Texts. (collection called sacred books of the east)
      Well, 19th century translations. Ugh! The introductions goes for over 50 pages. I wasn’t aware that they were so utterly devoted to talking up such a storm.
      But even if nobody wants to listen I’m going to keep on talking.
      I made this blog for one reason only: so I wouldn’t go mad from not being able to express myself.

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      1. Yeah, that’s what my latest post (the lightweight one!) was about really – our need to talk, even if it’s only to ourselves. Nice to have a few others along for the ride though.

        Comforting that you get the time thing. I’m glad someone does.


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