It seems the world is beginning to change.


It’s no secret that the times we live in are not exactly the best they’ve ever been, despite what cynics would tell you. People often muse on how lucky we are to live in this age of such plenty. They remind you that things like chocolate are available to the masses where once they were only something the most privileged had access to.But most of it we get is watered down, probably only has about 30% coco in it, random additives, and goodness knows what else! Ever tasted homemade tomato chutney? (it’s to die for!) Homegrown strawberries? I’d love know what REAL Chocolate was like… we can have as much food, entertainment, jewelry, you name it, you can buy it. But suppose you want something that has life in it, or proper craftmanship? I looked really hard. They don’t even bother to make them anymore. I don’t need to explain what I’m saying. We all know it. It’s one of those unspoken truths.

But It isn’t forever. I’ve started noticing a gradual change. Be it shoppijng for groceries or seeing the change in  in other areas (like mental health) I’m seeing something shifting. It’s so sneaky, so gradual. And I suppose governments are also all the while tightning their grip on things as well but that’s another story.These things are never simple. I just can’t describe the feeling I get when I walk through the vegetable section of a supermarket and every single vegetable looks exactly the same. All shiny and round. And to my eyes devoid of life. Guess what they  have started selling where I live? Bags full of ‘Abnormal Vegies!’ How cool is that? And it says: Please take home I’m yummy too. Okay, I made that up. How am I supposed to remember?  We have some in our fruit basket. They are not perfectly round so apparently they used to throw them away. They look yummy to be honest. Heck, it’s nothing like those carrots I grew. some had 3 ‘tails’.  Why is that a problem?

Anyway, Do you know what else I found? Glass drinkbottles! And ceramic food containers. I remember asking why they always made everything out of plastic once. things placed in it are tainted by it, and it doesn’t last very well either (becomes brittle). I know these things might seem trivial, but it’s not like these things happen overnight.

Safe travels.


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