Ever wondered why I don’t show my face on here?

I know I said I was going quiet for a bit. Now, Remember that a “bit” is an entirely indeterminate amount of time that is subject to interpretation. Ergo, Shush! I wanna write so I’m gonna do that. Maybe I’m actually super ugly? You know like, covered in acne and stuff. Or I could be so darn handsome that the Internets would crash if it got a glimpse of my godly visage? Errr… Okay. I’m actually quite good-looking. But seeing as I’m transgendered, being handsome isn’t really what I want. (squee filled mirror watching not-withstanding.)

But that’s not the main reason. My blog used to be about completely different things. Mainly philosophy, metaphysics, and occult stuff. Often all three at once. And do you really think that people want to listen to some teenage upstart rambling on about that sort of thing? (ps: I’m not a teenager, I just look really young) What would they know? I wanted people to judge me on the merit of my words, not on my appearance. Though I suppose none of that matters now. I’m just little old me. And that’s something I don’t really like. I’m a dreamer. Stuck in my own little world. My imagination conjures up such wonderful worlds and ideas for my real self and when I come back to reality it really doesn’t compare.

nokia-c2-01But truth be told my phone is an ancient nokia c2 which does not have the capacity to connect with my computer. Or if it does I have no idea how to use it.

There is something that has been on my mind for some time now though. See you all round.


3 thoughts on “Ever wondered why I don’t show my face on here?

    1. Yeah, I ‘know’. But that doesn’t make it any easier. moreover,It sounds dangerously close to new-agers saying things like people in third world countries created their reality and manifested this for themselves.
      Or how hunger and cold are just illusions while they are well fed and cooped up in lovely little houses. *fume*… Yeah. That sound so rich…
      Oh, Dear me. I am fuming! Nothing to do with you though.
      I did get my eyebrows shaped recently though. That’s a big help.

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