It seems I was right…

Hello.I’m sure most of you have figured out I’m ‘transgendered’ by now. I’m not sure if you know I’m still living as male. We sadly haven’t made much progress in this area. Though we are starting to make some headway.I’m a little odd as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now. Some might even say I’m ‘reality impaired’. Or just plain delusional.

I said a few months ago I was going to try some things considered impossible by conventional wisdom. Like say, Changing ones bone structure. I decided to focus on my face because let’s be honest, that and your voice are more important to passing than anything else. So, Why Am I writing this? Well. Someone said something to me today, something I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. Okay, So I’ve had a pretty lousy week. I’ve been crying. I’ve hardly eaten nor slept. A lady that comes around every saturday (today) was understandably worried that I’d lost weight. And I’m like: “No, my shirts are always baggy, don’t worry!” But no, they said they meant my face. They said my face was ‘smaller’, that “the very structure had changed”. Oh, how long I’ve been wishing to hear those words. To be proven right! Sure, they trailed off about other things afterwards, but I heard what I needed to hear. Sure, I was fairly certain looking through photos and staring in the mirror, But I wanted someone who had absolutely no idea what I’m doing to say it. I’m starting to think I’m in a hilarous situation where I’m managed to feminize the bones (to a degree) but not the rest of it. And I’m worried about what it’s doing to my teeth. hmm… Like my complexion, fat distribution, and facial hair. etc. so I look a little strange. I did get my eyebrows reshaped though! Rather painful process, that is. Funny pink wax and all. Ps: I love my new eyebrows. hehe. The picture on the left is from 14/4/2016 The other one is from 27/12/2017. (I got a webcam so I could finally show you.) Hrt has interfered a little. Only 2ish? months though.

Old and new side by side 4

What on earth am I on about? Oh, sorry. Typical aspie.Perhaps you should go look at this older post of mine. I believe it will explain where I’m coming from. Sadly I’ve made a right mess of the process. What exactly is it? It’s a process that essencially is an offshoot from hypnosis.

Basically It’s an audio file with coded instructions for you subconcious mind that you consistently listen to in a trancelike state for a few months and then it finally gets the message starts giving instructions to the cells in the body. And they reorient themselves into new patterns according to those instructions. Because every cell has intelligence. Cmon, Look at the picture. You’re not going to tell me I’m wrong?


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