Ever feel like the ‘T’ Is missing in LGBT?


Well, This is a little different. And before someone points out to me that the actual acronym is much longer, this is precisely what I’m getting at! Yes, I’m completely guilty of not adding the rest. Though I have to wonder who decided that the world was separated into special funky rainbow people and boring black and white “normals”. And It never used to be there. Before it was just LGB. And before that? yeah. You guessed it. This stuff didn’t exist.

And I’ve been to support groups and monthly meetings of groups like this, and do you know what I find? I feel very, very unwelcome. And not just that, but ‘normal’ people are much more accepting and accommodating of what I am. Oh, I have to wonder If Anyone else feels the same way. Though I have heard the same sentiment shared by others. And at the end of the day, I resent the way in which people just assume I’m supportive of everything under the sun just because I’m a certain way. And why did they have to go and associate rainbows with this? I like rainbows. Now I can’t have one without people associating it with this!

Though to be honest just about all the homosexual people I’ve met were dreadfully boring. They were just normal people. And I’m not normal. Not at all. Mind you, I consider that a good thing! Though it does make life lonely sometimes. But Oh my goodness, I went to a group that now I think of it, exists solely because I came out and told people I was transitioning. Excuse me while I try and remember that only certain kinds of people come to these things, but oh my goodness! Shoot me now.

What. A load. Of Rubbish! “Bla bla blah… And I have ,I “sexually identified” as Lesbian for bla bla years.”         Gosh, can’t you just say: “Hey, I’m Such and such, and I’m a lesbian. Nice to meet you?”      My Special Snowflakes, I tell you!  Ugh. I never wanted to be special or different. I manage that just fine without trying. And in my opinion, the easiest way to stand out is not to try. Trust me. Just do your own thing and you will stick out like a sore thumb. At the end of the day, I say screw all of it. I’m me, you’re you, and we don’t need all this drama. I guess groups are not for me.


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