So I’ve Been Thinking About the Infamous “Boobplate” among other things…

I’ve been thinking about for a while. Sure, some people are going to leave in a huff.  I still wanna talk about it. After all, it’s my blog! you can’t tell me what do to… (and nobody is forcing you to read this, okay?) 😛 in all seriousness I just wanna have a ramble about something on my mind. Is that so wrong?  Where to start?

Yes, It’s skryim. And people recognise it. So I’m using it.

Well, I guess this is a horse that has been beaten to death (poor thing). I’m really tired of seeing people talk past one another and misinterpret the opposing postion in a way that could only be described as tragic. (also, being polematical is bad!) I honestly just want to talk about something because It’s on my mind. A

Why is this a thing?  Well, apparently it looks good? It makes women look more feminine?  For the life of me I can’t see it. Anyway, Let me explain something. Women are curvy and things flow and gradually go from one shape to another. This actually breaks that flow. Though in all honestly some people seem to equate femaleness with breasts and um…Rear ends? *ahem* (I’m sheltered, Okay!? Don’t be mean. Who would want to look at breasts anyway?)  Having a feminine body to me is about a few things like:

Warhammer 40K Space Marine


  • wider hips
  • Narrower Shoulders
  • Narrower waist and upper torso
  • Lovely curve in the back
  • Smaller hands

And so on. I mean, Have you seen the never-ending love of massive pauldron on male characters?  warcraft or warhammer (either one) would be the first that come to mind.  It’s almost hilarious to me now. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I do. It’s a very masculine trait. It is meant for someone else to enjoy, not me. Nothing wrong with that. I personally think it looks terrible. Also, Can I say something else? Realism isn’t an all or nothing deal. And I love feminine things! I love to look good and I don’t see why one can’t be attractive while doing these things. With all this talk of practicality I feel that people forget that history is full of stuff like ships with stuff like this on it and breastplates like this:


Also, I’m dangerously close to touching on psychological warfare here. Sorry about that. People seem to forget that ornamentation serves a purpose in warfare. It can intimidate and terrify one’s opponent. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Getting back to Skyrim, I want to show you some armour sets I found on the nexus, and some alterations to the existing sets:

Okay, Some of those have nothing to do with skyrim. But they do look really good! Yes! (also, these are obviously not my work, so feel free to yell at me to credit you or ask me to take it down you amazing artists! I just have no idea how to find you.)

First and second are skyrim mods, The rest are just art. Really cool art. Anyway, Before I go I just want to clear something up: Female and male armour does have to be different! Sure, it’s physically possible, albeit with great discomfort to the wearer. Here is a snippet from an article about body armour in the Us Military:

“It’s the latest step in a three-year effort to develop armor that “addresses the physical differences between the sexes.”     Female soldiers for years have noted problems with the standard-issue military body armor. Too-long plates, too-wide shoulders and too-square configurations of the vests lead to uncomfortable pressure points and potentially dangerous gaps.   Lt. Col. Frank Lozano, product manager for Soldier Protective Equipment, said in a statement that changes in the female body armor allow for a more customizable and secure fit, and more freedom for those soldiers to move their arms and shoulders.”

 And A Rather rare and usual Set of Female “Samurai” Armour. Feel free to disagree with me, As long as you actually have something to say. After all, I’m just offering my perspective.



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