When did the’Flower of Life’enter modern consciousness?

Ever heard of something called the “flower of life”? It’s a new age thing, I suppose. But It’s also found all over the world at various places.  I’ve discussed it in the past, although in a rather childish manner. But that doesn’t matter now. I only bring this up again because I’m noticing that most of my site’s traffic is related to this. And also because It turned up while I was watching Batman v superman.

Desert Scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Can find the scene on YouTube by clicking here. (about 5 seconds in)

You will find these sorts of symbols in just about every film made by hollywood and the like. It isn’t particularly surprising. So, moving on. How and why did this symbol explode into public awareness like it has now? Perhaps it would be the book: The Ancient Secret of the flower of life?   The author claims to be in contact with an entity calling itself (It claims to be.) Thoth who through a myraid of events revealed and led him to study it. Now, I don’t doubt that there was some kind of supernatural contact, I really do Doubt it was Hermes Trismegistus, “Master of masters, The Great Central sun of occultism”. Why? Because he founded hermetisism (along with most occult arts, supposedly.), and his book makes no mention of it. Moreover, the philosophy directly contradicts everything said in the book! But in the interests of time, Lets move on. (hermetically sealed, anyone? This is the etymology of the word. They like their secrets.)

And Does this alleged Thoth Like secrets? Oh heavens no! He wants Drunvalo Melchizedek to spread the amazing Merkaba ascending techniques to as many people as possible! that come to his workshops. For a substantial fee of course. Gotta exchange the energy, right? Do you see where I’m going with this? And don’t even get me started on the version of history he puts forward. By the way, you can’t find ruins of ‘atlantis’ and ‘lemuria’ (both terms coined in the 18 or 19th century) because it existed in a higher plane of existence! Also, If you want to look at their version of history just watch this spirit science video. And here’s the book in pdf Form as well. It’s bad. Really bad. . There is so much stuff you can find on google earth! Do these people even take the time to look or are they really that dishonest? Here’s a good place to check out if you want look into earth’s real history.   Although I suspect the time it takes to study the stuff in question will scare many people away. But I’m afraid that if you want to learn the truth you are going to have to make sacrifices. Namely, your time.

So that’s the way in which this piece of sacred geometry entered the consciousness of the masses. A worrying one at that.

Temple Of Abydos, Egypt.

It’s certainly from the old world, That’s not in question. But First of all, why is it set in a pair? I’ve yet to hear anyone make any mention of this, Ever. Is that not important? The 6/ tri based geometry makes my skin crawl for a reason I can’t quite describe. In fact, I tried making it differently. Something feels… Off. But I’ve already discussed this at length in the past. From my understanding it’s a perverted form of divine geometry that is designed in such a way so that it feeds off of genuine life.

So if that’s the case why is it featured in so many places around the globe? I’m not sure, to be honest. But I do know that the people talking about it clearly don’t understand earth’s history at all! They claim that the Atlanteans had to wait to rebuild society and that egypt was the first 4000 years and so on. But I’ve studied the subject at length, and I can tell you that isn’t the case at all! The old world didn’t just crumble into dust. It was attacked and slowly wiped out by a malevolent force.

How do I know that? Well, Entire cities don’t just disappear overnight (my goodness, It’s mind-blowing), or others we find today are littered with skeletons going about their daily business.  And while it was a golden age in some respects, nearer the end of the ‘Atlantean’ era some rather horrible stuff was going on. You know how many ‘gods’ were immortal? How do you think they did it? I can’t say for certain, but I would gather that it was by feeding off of other’s energy. Vampires. parasites. Our lifespans certainly have declined drastically. a mere 100 years now.

Or perhaps something else. The internet is littered with all sorts of alternating theories. Anyway, I just wish people would stop producing garbage designed to lead people astray. Speaking of which, It seems mainsteam researchers have finally found the location of atlantis. I watched a national geographic documentry and they were starting to excavate. Wether they found anything is anyone’s guess. Something tells me they will be in no hurry to tell anyone though (I can’t find anything with google). But this is great! No more rubbish for people to spout about things they know nothing about. See ya. Hope you found this interesting.


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